Does Heaven have houses? (what does the Bible say?)

As a Christian, I am highly interested in what Heaven looks like. As a Theologian, I decided to study the idea of Heaven and the mansions Jesus talked about. On that note, early this year, I delved into in-depth research and study about the possibility of Heaven having houses. I read the Bible deeply and keenly and consulted with other Theologians and Pastors until I came to a conclusion. So, last month, a member from our online Christian forum asked if he would have a personal house in Heaven. He referenced the words of Jesus about Heaven having many mansions. There were many responses; some were getting it, while some gave the most conflicting information. After answering the member, I wrote a detailed article that covered the same topic. So, does Heaven have houses?

Many theologians explain that Heaven does not have literal houses as many believers may imagine. The house that Jesus talks about could be referring to a family of God that believers will have in Heaven. The family will be together in the presence of the Lord.

So, join me in this article as I write about what the Bible says regarding houses being in Heaven. I will also write about whether the number of houses in Heaven matters. Read on to find out more.

Does the Bible say there are houses in Heaven?

Although the Bible directly talks about Jesus telling His disciples that His Father’s house has many mansions, it does not mean to say that there are literal houses in Heaven. The word house used in the Bible by Jesus is believed to mean “abode,” which is considered to be closely related to the word “family.” Therefore it means that the Bible talks of the family of God in Heaven.

Where in the Bible does Jesus talk about his Father’s house having many rooms?

Does Heaven have houses? 
Jesus talk about his Father’s house having many rooms. Image source: Pixabay

In John 14:2, Jesus talks about his Father’s house having many rooms. This verse forms part of Jesus’ farewell discourse, where he purposely prepares his disciples for when he leaves them on earth. Jesus had told His disciples previously that He was going to leave them and He couldn’t go with them in John 13:33. Later own, He talks about preparing a house for them in His Father’s home so that they should not worry about their fate and their separation from Him is just temporary.

Will We Have Our Own Homes in Heaven?

Many Christians believe that we will not have our own homes in Heaven. There is nothing like a residential area in Heaven because all of Heaven is prepared for believers who are all Children of God. It means that there will be no private ownership of homes because it is one home for all children of God. When Jesus takes over the house, it is believed that He means that Heaven is spacious enough to host all children of God, each one getting a place in Heaven. Therefore, we will not own any home in Heaven because believers will be one in a family of God, living together.

What kind of home will we have in Heaven?

As mentioned before, the home that believers will have in Heaven will not be literal homes, but being in the presence of God as part of his family is the kind of home in Heaven. The family of God, made of believers, will reside in His presence forever. According to 2 Corinthians 5:1, this home is created by God and is eternal; it cannot be compared to a home built by human hands. It is a welcoming home where Christians will not have to be scared that they might not be welcomed or fit in. It is a perfect home!

Do we receive mansions in Heaven?

Does Heaven have houses? 
Do we receive mansions in Heaven? Image source: Pixabay

Many theologians explain that Christians will not receive literal mansions in Heaven but a family of God. According to John 14:2, Jesus says that in His Father’s house, there are many rooms that are commonly mistaken to be literal mansions with rooms. However, different bible versions use Mansion in place of the room, like the KJV. The word “House” in verse is believed to have been translated from the Greek word that should mean an “abode,” which by extension could be “family.”

The version that uses “mansions” in place of “rooms” translated the word from a Greek word that means “to stay or to reside.” Looking at all this Greek translation, Jesus could have meant that, in His Father’s home, Heaven, there will be multitudes of people forming the family of God because they will be abiding as together. Christians will live together in God’s presence, meaning that Jesus went to prepare a family and not literal mansions and rooms.

Will it matter if there are many houses in Heaven?

Many Bible scholars believe it will not matter if there are many houses in Heaven because what matters is that believers will be in the presence of God, and Jesus will let them through the door into Heaven. The most important thing is that the faces of believers in Heaven will illuminate the Holiness of God. If you think about the houses, you are thinking from a worldly point of view where believers are all stuck in sins of pride, greed, and fear. However, the Bible says that no one with sin will enter Heaven. It implies that once you are in Heaven, you no longer perceive things with pride, selfishness, and greed since you are a new person. Therefore material things like the number of rooms will not bother you as long as you are finally in Heaven, in God’s house.

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