Does Heaven Have Streets Of Gold? (What Does The Bible Say?)

At theology school, I was interested in different Christian beliefs and doctrines. I was especially entranced by the concept of heaven and the belief that the streets of heaven were made of gold. During my research, I visited several churches nearby, interacting with pastors, priests, catechists, and Rabbis, even as I spent months studying the Bible. Earlier this week, my theology students asked me to explain why the streets of heaven would be made of gold. Most could only imagine gold streets in video games. However, based on my research from church leaders, religious texts, and the Bible, I was able to answer their questions comprehensively. So, does heaven have streets of gold?

Yes, heaven has streets of gold. According to Revelation 21:21, John wrote about the great streets of heaven that were made of gold that was quite brilliant and transparent, just like transparent glass. It’s further noted in Revelation 21:15 that in addition to the gold on the streets, the walls of heaven were made of jasper, among other precious stones and jewels. It adds that the city of New Jerusalem was made primarily of gold. 

In this article, I’ll share more insights into the streets of heaven and the use of gold on the streets. Keep reading to learn more. 

Where did the concept of heaven having the streets of gold come from?

The idea of the Bible having golden streets is from the Bible. The concept of heaven streets being lined with gold comes from Revelation 21, which talks about the New Jerusalem that will be presented to humankind during the Second Coming of Jesus Christ when God will come to judge the dead and the living. According to this chapter, the City of Jerusalem doesn’t just have golden streets but also walls of jasper, precious stones, and pearls on the gates.

The Bible notes that the streets of heaven contained gold that was as pure and transparent as glass. As a result, the city of Jerusalem was illuminated for God’s glory. 

Does the Bible say heaven has streets of gold?

Does Heaven Have Streets Of Gold?
Does the Bible say heaven has streets of gold? Image source: Pixabay

Yes. Although the streets of gold are mentioned only once in the Bible in the Book of Revelation 21:21, this reference points to the truth of the streets of heaven being beautiful and a sign of great opulence because of the presence of gold along the streets of this heavenly city.

In addition to gold, the Bible adds that heaven, called the New Jerusalem, was also made of gloriously beautiful design elements, with the walls and the foundation of the city made with all kinds of precious jewels. Revelation 21:19-20

Bible verse about heaven streets of gold

Revelation 21:21 is the bible verse that talks about the streets of heaven being made of gold. According to this scripture, heaven is a beautiful place where all the beautiful souls will ascend and eventually spend eternity with God. In the description of heaven, this verse mentions that the streets of heaven would be made of gold. 

Does Revelation 21 imply that heaven is a city with streets made of pure gold?

Does Heaven Have Streets Of Gold?
Streets made of pure gold. Image source: Pixabay

Yes, Revelation 21 implies that all the streets of the city of heaven would be made of pure gold, which is bright, pure, and glistening like glass. In this chapter, John gives a description of how heaven will look like at the time of Christ’s Second Coming.

This chapter paints an image of the most glorious spectacles in heaven on Judgement day, and all the beauty and splendor of the heavens is believed to assure believers of the happiness and luxurious state that will be experienced in heaven. The mention of gold in the description of heaven is also believed to represent God’s glorious presence.

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