How do I know if my husband is in heaven? (Where is the spirit of my departed husband?)

As a devout Christian and Bible scholar, it makes me happy to think I will go to heaven after death. My joy is, however, cut short by the thought of being in heaven without my loved ones. When I spoke to several Bible scholars and clergy about it, the concept of heaven and the afterlife became clearer to me. One minister helped me analyze various scriptures on heaven and how we can ensure our loved ones make it there. Last weekend, we learned that one member of our bible study group lost her husband. We visited her home to comfort and pray with her. Unfortunately, she was in no mood for prayer. Since her husband was not an avid churchgoer, the grief-stricken widow was worried about his afterlife. Since I had acquired some specialized knowledge on this subject, I took the opportunity to answer her main question; “How do I know my husband is in heaven?”

The Bible does not provide specific methods to know if your loved one is in heaven. However, one can analyze various scriptures to learn more about the afterlife. A great example is Philippians 3;20, which states that all believers will have citizenship in heaven. In Matthew 17:3, the disciples were allowed to see Moses and Elijah during the transfiguration of Jesus. Since Elijah and Moses were devout servants of God, it would make sense that they are in heaven. Similarly, we can know if our loved ones are in heaven by taking an inventory of their actions on earth.

In this article, we will discuss some of the questions grieving people ask about the afterlife. Join me as we try and answer these questions based on scripture and Christian theology.

How can I know my departed husband is in heaven?

How do I know if my husband is in heaven? 
How can I know my departed husband is in heaven? Image source: Freepik

You can learn about your loved one’s final destination by reading scripture and praying. As a Christian, the word of God should be your primary source of comfort in times of grief. In 2nd Corinthians 5:8, Paul explains the concept of death as it pertains to believers. The apostle said that once the soul leaves the body, it is immediately reunited with God. This, of course, applies to people who die in Christ. If your late husband was a believer, there’s a good chance he is in heaven. If you are unsure of your late husband’s relationship with Christ, you can always pray about it. After all, 1st Corinthians 7:13 says that a Christian woman married to an unbelieving man should not divorce him. The BibleBible proposes that the unbelieving husband may be purified through his wife’s faith.

Does my husband in heaven remember me?

Theologians believe that people in heaven can remember their loved ones. Believers are aware of the prospect of reuniting with their families in due time. When David’s child died in 2 Samuel 12:22, the king acknowledged that one day he would get to see his son in heaven. This suggests that people will remember their loved ones in the afterlife. A great example is the rich man and Lazarus in Luke 16; 19-25. The rich man catches a glimpse of heaven and recognizes Lazarus. Based on this parable, it is safe to assume that people in heaven can remember the people in their previous lives.

Can my husband in heaven communicate with me?

Where is the spirit of my departed husband?
Can my husband in heaven communicate with me? Image source: Pixabay

No, there is a barrier between the physical and spiritual realms. Deceased loved ones cannot communicate freely with the living. Christian doctrine teaches that God has to approve communication between the living and the dead. One might get a dream shortly after losing a loved one. However, the BibleBible forbids people from contacting the dead. These rules are mentioned in Leviticus 19:31.

Can my husband hear me and see me from heaven?

The BibleBible does not give a clear answer to this question. However, some people believe that our departed can see and hear us from heaven. Christians who belong to this school of thought cite Revelations 6: 9-11 as proof. According to this scripture, the souls of martyrs will look upon earth to ask Christ when their oppressors will get the punishment they deserve. That means souls in heaven can see, hear, and remembers us from heaven.

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