How do Mennonites make money (what do Mennonites do for a living)?

As a faithful Christian, I take an interest in the occupations of different religious groups. I was especially intrigued by the Mennonites since I heard that they are mostly farmers, and I decided to conduct more research on them. Since I was living in the US, I decided to move to Pennsylvania to learn more about their occupations and got a chance to interact with most of them. Last month, one of my college students was curious to find out what the Mennonites do for a living. Having lived among the Mennonites, I had all the answers at my fingertips. So how do Mennonites make money?

The Mennonites have been making money for centuries through farming and selling food. They also earn a living by working other jobs like managing factories, teaching, writing, publishing, creating music, painting, and selling furniture. Though they have accumulated a lot of wealth over time, they do not believe in showing off and use it productively.

In this article, I invite you to join me as we delve into how Mennonites make money. Keep reading to find out what they do for a living, why they are so rich, and much more!

Why are Mennonites so rich?

Despite being considered backward, the Mennonites have accumulated a lot of wealth over the years due to their hard work and thrift. According to a certain report, most Mennonites were already very rich before 1600. By the 1800s, the Mennonites owned millions of acres of land they had acquired from the Russian government and thrived in the Agricultural sector.

They have accumulated much wealth over the years from working in their farms, trucking firms, factories, and shops. Since the farms and factories that they developed have been providing employment opportunities for other Mennonites, they managed to reduce the poverty rate significantly.

What do Mennonites do for a living?

How do Mennonites make money
What do Mennonites do for a living? Image source: Pixabay

As we mentioned before, Mennonites depend on farming for a living. They sell products like vegetables and fruits to earn profit. Even those that work as tenants develop skills in animal husbandry and crop production. However, farming sometimes comes with some challenges, like falling prices and the land becoming more expensive.

When they face such challenges, the Mennonites adjust and look for other ways to earn a living. Therefore, they capitalize on trends and do jobs like selling cappuccino and sticky buns. Some Mennonites are also artists, patrons of social programs, and writers, while others thrive from selling furniture.

Do Mennonites have modern-day careers?

Yes. Though agricultural occupations have been the norm for Mennonites, some well-educated Mennonites have modern-day careers. For instance, some are civil engineers, research administrators, teachers, publishers, and doctors, while others are artisans, writers, textile merchants, and fishermen. Most Dutch Mennonites specialize in fine arts since some are painters while others are poets.

Some Mennonites also have church occupations like pastors and theologians. This is one of the most prestigious occupations among the Mennonites. Others make a living from music as they specialize in genres like Folk. Since Mennonites believe in making positive change, some engage in do-good occupations like activism and social work.

How much do Mennonites make a year?

How do Mennonites make money?
How much do Mennonites make a year. Image source: Pixabay

The amount varies based on occupation, education, and individual skill. For instance, those that work in Mennonite Home companies make an average salary of $795,000 per year in the US. The salaries range between $697,000 and $912,000 annually, depending on the department. They make around $383 per hour every day. The hourly wages range between $334 and $439.

On the other hand, the Mennonites that work in Summerford Nursing Home have an average salary of $856,000 per year. Based on the position, their annual salaries can be as high as $980,000 or as low as $751,000. This company pays the Mennonites an hourly rate of $412.

According to a study, the median household income for Mennonites in 1971 was $9608

compared to $8.583 for Americans.

What do Mennonites do with their money?

Though most Mennonites are wealthy, they do not flaunt their wealth. They use their money to send their children to expensive private schools. Since most Mennonites have moved from using horses and carts to vehicles, they use some of their wealth to buy minivans and SUVs. Additionally, they buy pickup trucks that can help them on their farms.

Since the Mennonites pay close attention to 1st Peter 4:10, they believe they should use their wealth to serve others. Therefore, they spend some of the money to give donations. These donations are sometimes used to expand their churches. They believe that their wealth is a sign of God’s blessing. Additionally, the Mennonites like spending their money on renovating hog or chicken barns.

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