How many times is Cup mentioned in the bible? (What does my cup mean in the Bible, Biblical references about cups + bible verses about cups)

Recently, I held an interesting discussion with my pastor about the Bible’s reference to the word “Cup.” I learned that this word has been used metaphorically to relay different messages to Christians. I also noted it is repeated severally in different verses. This repetition sparked my curiosity, and I began to research the meaning in-depth. However, before going into detailed research, I wanted to know the exact times this word occurs in the Bible. So, how many times is a cup mentioned in the Bible?

The number of times the word cup is mentioned in the Bible varies from 59 to 69 times depending on the Bible Version. This word is mostly used in the book of Genesis, Matthew, and Psalms. The first verse where this word is mentioned is Genesis 40:11, and the last verse is Revelations 18:6.

In this article, I invite you to join me as we delve into the topic of the mention of the cup in the Bible. We will also learn the meaning of the cup according to the Bible, the way the word has been used in the Bible, and different Bible verses about a cup, so read till the end.

What does my cup mean in the Bible?

The words my cup are used in Psalms 23:5 to mean blessing. The Bible implies that David said that God has prepared a table for him in the presence of his enemies and anointed his head with oil, therefore, his cup overflows. According to Theologians, when David said my cup overflows, he was talking about the abundant blessings of God. God is the provider of all things and he supplies all the needs of his people. He not only gives his people what they need but more than they need. Therefore, David used the words my cup to show that God is his provider and had supplied him with abundance even in his difficult times for his enemies to see.

How is the word cup used in the Bible?

Biblical references about cups?
How is the word cup used in the Bible? Image source: Pixabay

The cup is used in the Bible to show God’s wrath and judgment over his people. According to Isaiah 51:17, the Bible implies that Jerusalem had drunk from the cups of the Lord’s fury and terror. From this verse Christians learn that God was not happy with Jerusalem; hence, he judged them and was ready to let his wrath fall on the people in this city. The cup in this verse is used to show God’s punishment for those who sin against Him in the Bible.

The cup is also used in the Bible to represent suffering. According to Luke 22:24, the Bible implies that before the crucifixion of Jesus, Jesus prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane for Go to take the cup away. Jesus was praying for God to take away the suffering he was facing. Jesus was about to be crucified for the sins he had not made; hence, he was terrified of this. However, Jesus said that the will of God be done, and since it was the will of God that Jesus be crucified for the redemption of human beings, Jesus endured all the suffering. God did not take the cup away; hence, Jesus faced all the suffering before he died on the cross.

What Does the Bible Say About Cups?

The Bible says that the followers of Christ shall drink the cup that Jesus drinks. According to Mark 10:38-39, the Bible implies that Jesus gently rebukes the disciples for asking whether they would one day drink of his cup, however, Jesus answers by saying that they shall get to drink of his cup and be baptized with his water. Christians believe that Jesus told the disciples they would get to drink from his cup because He knew that they would suffer for following him and teaching the Gospel. Therefore, Jesus was referring to the cup of suffering that he was to experience during the end times of his mission.

Biblical references about cups

What does my cup mean in the Bible?
Biblical references about cups. Image source: Pixabay

Psalms 11:6 implies that the portion of the cup of those who are unrighteous will contain horrible tempest.

Psalms 23:5 suggests that God has made my cup overflow.

Psalms 116:13 says I will call upon the Lord and take my cup of salvation.

Isaiah 51:17 speculates that Jerusalem has drunk from the cup of God’s fury.

Jeremiah 16:7 implies that men shall not give their cup of consolation to the mourners.

Luke 22:17 suggests that Jesus took the cup, gave it to his disciples, and instructed them to share it amongst themselves.

Revelations 16:19 says that God remembered the great city of Babylon which made him give out his cup of wrath.

Mark 10:39 implies that Jesus told the disciples they would drink from his cup.

Luke 22:20 speculates that Jesus took the cup and said it is the New Testament blood.

Luke 22:42 suggests that Jesus asked God to remove his cup of suffering from Him.

What are the 7 cups in the Bible?

The 7 cups or bowls in the Bible are the final judgments of God during the tribulation period. According to Revelation 16:1–21, The Bible implies that there will be 7 bowls of God’s wrath that will be poured on earth during the judgment day. This will be the most severe judgment that the people who are leading an unrighteous life will face. God’s wrath will be upon those who do not do according to his will.

What Is the “Cup” That Jesus Wants His Father to Take Away?

According to Luke 22:24, the Bible implies that when Jesus was praying in the Garden of Gethsemane, he prayed for God to take the cup away. The cup that Jesus wanted God to take away was the cup of suffering he was about to face during his crucifixion.

In the Old Testament, “Cup” is used to represent human life which can have blessings and salvation as shown in Psalms 23:5, or God’s wrath and terror as indicated in Isaiah 51:17; Ezekiel 23:33. Jesus was about to face judgment because of the sins that human beings had committed. Therefore, he was talking about the cup referred to in Isaiah 51:17, which is the cup of God’s wrath and terror. Therefore, Jesus was sacred and turned to God to help him. However, He said the cup to disappear if only it was God’s will.

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