How many times is Andrew mentioned in the Bible? (Who Was Andrew the Apostle, what does the Bible say about Andrew)

On Tuesday, during our Bible study, we talked about Jesus’ twelve disciples. We stumbled upon the name Andrew referred to in some scriptures. We wanted to know the significance of this character in the Bible. Although Andrew is not among the most recognized biblical figures, his importance in founding Christianity must be considered. This raises the question, how many times is Andrew mentioned in the Bible?

The Bible makes 12 references to Andrew. These references are seen mainly in the New Testament. He first appears in Matthew, Mark, and Luke’s Gospels, where he is identified as a member of Jesus Christ’s twelve disciples. Andrew’s personality and lifestyle are not fully described in the Bible, but it is evident that he was a committed disciple of Jesus. He is identified as a disciple implying that Jesus thought highly of him and that he helped in the spreading of His word. The book of John introduces Andrew as Peter’s brother.

In this article, I will examine Andrew’s personality in the Bible, the occasions he is connected to, and the importance of his role in the Bible. We will look at several bible scriptures that refer to Andrew. By reading this article, you will better understand Andrew’s significance in the growth of Christianity during biblical times. Read further to discover more about the importance of Andrew in the Bible.

Who Was Andrew the Apostle?

Andrew was among the first disciples that Jesus summoned, but his brother Peter, who also served as a disciple, frequently took the attention away from him. The Bible suggests that Andrew was the first person Jesus asked to be His Apostle. Andrew was also the first person to declare that Jesus was the Messiah. He was a devoted follower of Christ and led others to Him by preaching His word.

Andrew the Apostle was also a fisherman, just like his brother Peter. Andrew’s first encounter with Jesus was fishing in Galilee’s sea with his brother, Simon Peter. This can be seen in Mark 1:16-20 and Matthew 4:18-20. In John 1:35-42, John’s Gospel claims that Andrew was first the disciple of John the Baptist, and he introduced Peter to Jesus. The book of John also refers to Andrew as “the first called” because he followed Jesus before anyone else did. The Bible suggests that Andrew was born in a village close to the Sea of Galilee, Bethsaida.

What does Andrew mean in the Bible?

The name Andrew stands for strong or manly. It can also be interpreted to mean persistent and courageous. The meaning of his name can be reflected in his actions when he chooses to follow Christ and spread his word to everyone while alone. He also wins over many people, including his brother, into being Christ’s followers. In John 6:8–9, we learn of Andrew’s contribution to feeding five thousand people. This verse demonstrates his strong will to lend a hand in any way and his belief in Jesus’ power to work miracles. Andrew is the first Apostle, which shows he was courageous and strong-willed.

What did Andrew do in the Bible?

Andrew preached to people and spread the word of God. He proclaimed Jesus to be the Messiah in the open. He also called people, including his brother, to be followers of Christ. Andrew helped Jesus feed five thousand people by bringing the boy with two fish and five pieces of bread to Him. He also went with Jesus to the Mount of Olives. Before becoming a disciple, Andrew was a fisherman who fished in the Sea of Galilee with his brother and others.

Biblical references about Andrew

How many times is Andrew mentioned in the Bible?
Biblical references about Andrew. Image source: Pixabay

Acts 1:13 – mentions the names of the apostles in the upper room following Jesus’ ascension. Andrew is among the Apostles, said.

John 1:40suggests that Andrew was a follower of John the Baptist and eventually became Jesus’ follower once John revealed who the Lamb of God was.

John 1:44suggests that Andrew was Peter’s brother. It says that Andrew went to inform his brother about Jesus as soon as he met Him.

Matthew 4:18talks about Andrew and his brother Peter being a fisherman. Jesus spoke to them while they were throwing their nets and urged them to go with Him, promising to turn them into fishermen.

John 6:8says that Andrew was present while feeding the five thousand people. Andrew took a boy carrying five pieces of bread and two fish to Jesus.

John 12:22says that Andrew was among the disciples who learned from Philip about certain Greeks interested in seeing Jesus.

John 1:41says that Andrew took his brother, Peter, to the Messiah.

Mark 1:16 – talks about Andrew and Peter being the disciples of Jesus after being summoned by Him. It says that the two were fishermen before becoming disciples.

John 1:40-42says that Andrew was John the Baptist’s disciple and later followed Jesus. Andrew also introduces Peter to Jesus.

Mark 13:3says that Andrew was among the disciples who questioned Jesus about the end times and some signs to look out for a while seated on Mount Olives.

Why is Andrew called the first called?

The Bible refers to Andrew as the first called since the book of John implies that he was the first person to follow Jesus before the others did. This can be seen in John 1:35-42, where Andrew follows Jesus after being a disciple of John the Baptist. The book Mark 1:16-20 also suggests that Andrew was there when Jesus called four other people to join Him. The term is used in Mark 3:13-19, where Andrew appears first on the list of disciples. Andrew gained the title of the first called because he was among the first disciples chosen by Jesus, and he led Peter to follow Him.

Facts about Andrew the Apostle

Who Was Andrew the Apostle?
Facts about Andrew the Apostle. Image source: Pinterest

According to Matthew 4:18, Andrew was Peter’s brother. He was also a professional fisherman before becoming a disciple, as seen in the scripture. He was among the twelve disciples Jesus chose, as suggested in Matthew 10:2-4. Andrew was there when Jesus fed five thousand people, as seen in John 6:8-9. In the same scripture, Andrew is seen to be the disciple who took the boy with two fish and five bread to Jesus. According to Matthew 26:20, Andrew attended the last Supper. Lastly, Andrew was in the upper room while the Holy Spirit came down, as seen in Acts 1:13-14.

Characteristics of Andrew in the Bible

Andrew was a fisherman before receiving the calling from Jesus to join Him in preaching the word of God. Andrew was a person with faith. This can be seen when he brings a boy with two fish and five pieces of bread to Jesus to help feed the multitude. He is a modest and quiet person. Andrew isn’t outspoken and does not take on the role of a leader like Peter. Lastly, he is a messenger for Jesus. Andrew leads people to Jesus, including his brother Peter.

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