How many times is Father mentioned in the Bible? (What is a father according to the Bible, Biblical references about Father + Bible verses about Father)

As a born-again Christian, I like to keenly read the Bible. I have been reading about the character of God as a Father. Recently, I noticed the name Father is repeated severally, with most instances referring to God.  While I have always known this word exists in the Bible, I have never taken keen interest on the number of mentions. This repetition made me question, “How many times is Father mentioned in the Bible?”

The number of times the word Father is mentioned in the Bible varies depending on the version of the Bible. For example, in King James Version, the word Father is mentioned 979 times, in New American Standard Version, it is mentioned 1131 times, in New International Version, 1082 times, and New Revised Standard Version, 1008 times.

In this article, I invite you to join me as we explore the topic of the mention of the Father in the Bible. We will also uncover answers to questions such as what a father is according to the Bible, the origin of God the Father, and why God is called the Father. We will also learn Bible verses about the Father, so read till the end.

What is a father according to the Bible?

According to the Bible, a father is someone who has compassion for their children. According to Psalm 103:13, the Bible implies that just like a father is compassionate to their children, God is also compassionate to people that fear him. Christians learn from this verse that a father should show concern for their children. Therefore, a father is someone who takes care of their offspring and provides for them just like God takes care of those who believe in Him.

Also, according to the Bible, the Father (capitalized) is God. Many Bible verses refer to God as the Father. For example, in Philippians 4:20, the Bible implies that glory is to God, who is the Father. God is said to be the Father because he is the creator of everything here on Earth and Heaven, as it is indicated in Genesis. Also, he is the Father because He is the provider and protector of his children.

What is the origin of God the Father?

What is a father according to the Bible?
What is the origin of God the Father? Image source: Pixabay

Creeds in the Eastern Church, which was before the first century, began their belief in one God. They almost always expanded their faith by saying that God is the Father Almighty because He is the maker of all things. In the first century, Clement of Rome repeatedly mentioned the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. It even liked the Father to creation, as indicated in 1 Clement 19.2 

Therefore, since the second century, the Western Church has an affirmation of God the Father, which refers to God as the creator of the universe. The belief also includes God as the Father of Jesus Christ and the believers of Christ.

When was God first called Father in the Bible?

The first time God is referred to as the Father is in Deuteronomy 32:6. The Bible implies that God is the Father and the creator who made and formed us. These are words from the song that Moses recited to the Israelites. He told them to take to heart the words that he told them and to teach their children what he tells them for them to live long.

However, this is not the first time that God’s fatherhood is seen in the Bible. The first time God shows his fatherhood is in Exodus 4:22-23 where he was referring to Israel as his Son. The Bible implies that God told Moses to tell the Pharaoh that Israel was His firstborn Son, so the pharaoh should let God’s Son go and worship him. The Bible also suggests that God says because the pharaoh refused to let God’s firstborn go, God killed the pharaoh’s firstborn. Though God is not mentioned as the Father, his fatherhood is seen in these two verses.

Biblical references about the Father

How many times is Father mentioned in the Bible? 
Biblical references about the Father. Image source: Pixabay

Jeremiah 31:9 explains that God is the Father of Israel and Ephraim, His firstborn.

Isaiah 64:8 mentions that God is our Father, for we are the clay, and he is the potter, and through his hands, we were created.

Matthew 6:6 explains that when we pray, we should go to a private room and talk to our Father privately.

Isaiah 63:16 mentions that even if Abraham forgets us and Israel does not acknowledge us, God is still our Father, and He lived forever.

Matthew 6:26 says that the Heavenly Father feeds the birds, yet they don’t own any grain. Therefore, human beings should know they are more valuable to the Father.

Jeremiah 3:19 implores that they shall call God the Father and not run away from Him.

Philippians 4:20 says Glory be to God the Father.

Malachi 1:6 elaborates that a son honors his Father, and all servants fear their master.

1 John 2:15 says that those who love worldly things do not love the Father.

Malachi 2:10 mentions that we have one Father and one creator.

Why is God referred to as Father in the Bible?

God is referred to as the Father because He gave life to all creatures on Earth. In the book of Geneses 1, the Bible implies that God created everything there is on Earth and in Heaven. He is the life-giver of all human beings; hence he is their Father.

Also, According to Theologians, God is referred to as the Father because of his interest in Human life and all creatures on Earth. Just like a father tries to take an interest in their children’s lives and ensure that they are following the right path in life, God also takes an interest in our life and guides us to do the right thing. God has given us the Bible, where we learn how to live accordingly to his will. Also, he has given us a means of communicating and connecting with Him.

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