How many times is fear mentioned in the Bible? (Bible verses about fear)

My work in ministry involves a lot of counseling. Recently, I’ve been talking to a 35-year-old lady who has lived in fear since her teen years. You see, she lost her mother at 16, and her only brother succumbed to surgical complications 10 years later. Although she is happily married with 2 kids, she cannot enjoy her family due to a paralyzing fear of loss. As a minister of the gospel, it pains me to see my fellow Christians tormented by fear. I know the Bible uses the words “do not fear” several times just to assure us. During our last session, I asked her, “How many times is fear mentioned in the Bible?”

There are different opinions concerning how many times fear appears in the Bible. Most people suggest that fear comes up between 300 to 380 times in the Bible. Others claim that fear is mentioned 500 times. It appears that these figures are different for each bible translation. It also implies that the word of God contains numerous references to fear.

In this article, we will tackle the topic of fear and its impact on our lives. This is your chance to find out how often fear is mentioned in the Bible and learn how to overcome it.

What does the Bible say about fear?

Bible verses about fear
What does the Bible say about fear? Image source: Freepik

The Bible talks about two types of fear. The first and most important type of fear is the fear of God. In this case, fear means a deeply rooted respect for God and His might. The Bible urges Christians to be in awe of God because there is no other like Him. While His love is unconditional, God’s wrath towards wickedness is unmatched. According to Proverbs 1:7, the fear of God unlocks all kinds of blessings, such as wisdom, knowledge, peace, and joy.

The second type of fear is known as the “spirit of fear .”Life is full of uncertainties and danger. When the “spirit of fear” is present, we tend to dwell on everything that can go wrong in our lives. King David’s ascend to the throne was not easy due to the opposition. Many powerful people plotted to kill him, which gave him many reasons to be afraid. In Psalms 56:11, we find David urging himself to shake off fear and trust in God.

Where does fear first appear in the Bible?

When Adam and Eve sinned against God, something within their spirits changed. They found out the difference between good and evil, a concept that terrified them. Adding to the fact that they had disobeyed God, one can understand why they hid from Him. These events happen in Genesis 3:10, where Adam told God that he was afraid to come before God naked. Genesis 3:10 is the earliest mention of fear in the Bible.

Why does God encourage Christians not to fear the Bible?

God urges Christians to overcome fear because the enemy uses it to torture and mislead human beings. He counts on the weak-minded nature of most Christians. In Adam and Eve’s case, the devil used the fear of missing out” to convince them to disobey God. The serpent told Eve that she would miss out on deep knowledge if she doesn’t taste the forbidden fruit.

If we have courage as Christians, the enemy will have no power to deceive us. On many occasions, God quoted Isaiah 41:10 saying to the Israelites; “fear not, for I am with you”. God is encouraging the people of Israel during a very stressful period in their lives.

Earlier in Genesis 15:1, God asks Abraham not to be paralyzed by fear even if there’s looming danger. In this scripture, God promises to shield Abraham from his enemies. These examples are proof that God is aware of our inclination to fear. Fortunately, our heavenly Father promises us His presence and protection from all kinds of evil.

What should you do to overcome fear?

How many times is fear mentioned in the Bible? 
What should you do to overcome fear? Image source: Freepik

Be self-aware

Being self-aware means that you are cognizant of the things that trigger fear within you. Negative thoughts are the main reasons people live fearful lives. That’s why overcoming fear begins starts in your mind.

Be prayerful

Once you are aware of the thoughts that trip up fear in your life, you need to tackle them head-on. The best way to do this is through prayer. You may benefit from writing down all your fears and presenting them to God as a prayer. It’s important to remember that God is always ready to answer the prayers of the righteous, as illustrated in James 5:16.

Read the word of God

The Bible reveals the true nature of God. When we spend time reading scripture, it gives us the tools to stand against the lies perpetuated by the enemy. That is why John 8:32 teaches that there’s great freedom in knowing the truth. The truth is that God is omnipresent and omnipotent. He has the power to protect us regardless of the evil coming against us.

How many times is fear mentioned in the KJV?

Studies suggest that the word “fear” appears more than 500 times in the KJV. There is no doubt that fear is among the most discussed emotions in the Bible. Some Bible suggests that the phrase “fear not” appears 365 times in the Bible. The Christian community is yet to determine the exact number of times fear appears in the KJV and other translations.

10 Instances of Fear in the Bible

Bible verses about fear
Fearful Joshua. Image source: Pinterest

2 Timothy 1:7

The enemy instills fear in Christians to hinder them from fulfilling their God-given purposes. That is why 2nd Timothy 1:7 reminds believers that God created them with a spirit of love, self-control, and power. None of these things go hand-in-hand with fear.

Joshua 1:9

When Joshua was about to enter the promised land, the idea of facing giants terrified him. In this scripture, the Lord commands Joshua to show courage and strength as he prepares for his next quest. God urges Joshua not to allow feat to overtake him.

Psalms 23

Most Christians are familiar with this encouraging verse in the book of Psalms. David’s life was in danger multiple times. When he wrote these words, he showed a sense of self-awareness. David knew that the threat of death was always nearby, but he vowed to avoid fear. He was confident that God would guide him and protect him.

Psalm 27:1

In this uplifting verse, David speaks about the benefits of relying on God. He explains how leaning on God means nothing, and no one should make you afraid.

John 14:27

Where there is fear, there is no peace. Christians should try and tap into the kind of peace that Jesus talks about in this scripture. He urges his followers not to allow fear to creep into their hearts.

Psalms 91:4-5

The world is full of things that can harm us. For example, conflicts between governments can expose innocent civilians to violence. David experienced combat for most of his life. This is why he confidently states that he will not fear man-made weapons or darkness. David refers to God’s faithfulness as a shield and buckler.

Genesis 50:21

Joseph was a compassionate and forgiving man. When his brothers realized how powerful he was, they started to fear him. However, Joseph told them to be scared because he would cater to all their needs.

Deuteronomy 3:22

The journey toward the promised land was full of obstacles. The people occupying the land were not ready to give it up. This is why God commanded the Israelites to take the land by force. Since they were not experienced in battle, the Israelites and their leaders were afraid. God assured them that He would fight for them as long as they obey His commands.

Matthew 6:23

Jesus talked about the fear of God on many occasions. In Matthew 6:23, He teaches us not to be afraid of human beings who can only hurt us physically. Instead, he encourages believers to have the righteous fear of God, who can destroy the body and soul of a sinful person.

1 Chronicles 28:20

Solomon inherited one of the most powerful thrones from his Father, David. It was up to Solomon to build the temple to completion. This kind of tasking can be daunting to any young man, and Solomon was no exception. David discouraged fear in Solomon by reminding him that God would be present throughout the construction of the temple.

Genesis 32:7

Jacob famously tricked Esau out of his birthright. Years later, Jacob was still afraid that Esau would seek revenge. The Bible says that Jacob was “frightened and worried.”

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