How Many Times Is Gold Mentioned in The Bible? (What does the Bible say about Gold?)

As a young teen, I decided to try and study the Bible cover to cover, and one of my church tutors casually mentioned to me that Gold was one of those things mentioned liberally in the Bible. It is mentioned in the first book of the Bible and appears in the last book of the same. Gold holds a lot of significance in Bible teachings, which is why it is mentioned by many critical people in numerous stories. So, how many times is Gold mentioned in the Bible?

Gold is mentioned 417 times in different accounts in the Bible. It is recorded 361 times in the Old Testament and 26 times in the New Testament.

In this article, we are going to delve into the mentions of Gold in the Bible as well as the significance it holds in various accounts. Join me as I try to find answers to such questions as how Gold was used in the Bible, how much it was worth in Biblical times, the meaning of Gold in Hebrew, and others.

What the Bible Says About Gold

As said, Gold is mentioned a good deal of times in the Bible, meaning that it bore, and still continues to bear, a lot of significance. During the times around which the Bible is set, Gold was associated with God’s blessings and favor. It was believed that if any person received Gold from God, He was expressing His desire to bless, protect, and prosper the individual. For this reason, they would be regarded as highly favored by God.

Apart from symbolizing blessings and favor from God, Gold was also seen as a thing of beauty and value. Being that it was created by God, it was considered highly valuable, beautiful, and a commodity to be held in high regard. For instance, Genesis 2:12 suggests that the Gold in the land which God had created was good and that aromatic resin and onyx could also be found there.

Bible Verses About Gold

What does the Bible say about Gold?
Bible Verses About Gold. Image source: Pixabay

Below are a few verses related to Gold from the Bible;

Exodus 28:11In this verse, God instructs Moses to have the names of the sons of Israel engraved on two stones in the same way a gem cutter would engrave a seal. He also tells Moses to mount the two stones in gold filigree settings.

Exodus 37:4, Exodus 37:6-7These three verses describe in detail how Gold was used in making the Ark of the Covenant. It had two acacia wood poles that were overlaid with pure Gold, its atonement was made of Gold, and it also had two cherubim made of hammered Gold.

Matthew 2:11Here, the wise men arrive in Bethlehem to visit and pay tribute to baby Jesus. They bring with them gifts which include Gold, frankincense, and myrrh. It is considered the highest honor when a person was gifted Gold in Biblical times.

Matthew 23:16-17In this verse, Jesus addresses the Pharisees and rebukes them for placing more value on the Gold in the temple than the temple itself.

1 Peter 1:7Here, Peter suggests that true and genuine faith is worth more than pure Gold.

How much was Gold worth in Biblical times?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to declare how much Gold was valued during Biblical times. However, because of its rarity and association with blessings, favor, wealth, and royalty, it was considered the most valuable currency of trade at the time. Only royals and extremely wealthy people had Gold with them.

In addition, Gold was considered one of the purest things found in nature, and acquiring it meant going to great lengths.

The meaning of Gold in Hebrew

What does the Bible say about Gold?
The meaning of Gold in Hebrew. Image source: Pixabay

In the Hebrew language, Gold is referred to as zahav. It is pronounced zaw-hawv. It is believed that the word was coined from the phrase ‘zayin-hey,’ which can be lonely translated to mean ‘this.’ It is said that Gold was given this name because it is shiny and sparkly and draws attention to itself, hence the name.

It is also believed that the word zahav came from ‘zayin-bet,’ which means ‘flow’ because, as Gold is purified, it tends to melt away from impurities easily.

How was Gold used in the Bible?

To make sacred objects – Gold was used to make objects that were used in the temple, such as chalices. It was also used in the construction of monumental things like The Arc of The Covenant.

To make payments – It was considered a form of high-value currency for large transactions among the wealthy.

For adornment – The wealthy wore jewelry made from pure Gold.

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