How many times is Grace mentioned in the Bible? (10 Instances where Grace is mentioned in the Bible)

As a Christian and pastor, I like listening to podcasts from other believers since it expands my knowledge of the word of God. The other day, I heard the podcaster say God’s Grace is sufficient. This made me think about how the term grace is overused but under-defined. So, I decided to explore more about God’s Grace. One question that came to mind was, “How many times is grace mentioned in the Bible?”

The word Grace is mentioned between 130 and 170 times in the Bible. The exact number differs based on the Bible version you choose. For instance, while in some cases it is referred to as Grace, sometimes it is referred to as favor. A good example is Genesis 6:8, which mentions Grace in the English Standard Version. However, the term grace in the same verse is replaced with favor in the King James Version.

In this article, I invite you to join me as we delve into the topic of Grace. Keep reading to find out what the Bible says about Grace, where Grace is first mentioned in the Bible, instances of Grace in the Bible, and much more!

What does the Bible say about Grace?

 Instances where Grace is mentioned in the Bible
What does the Bible say about Grace? Image source: Pixabay

Grace is one of the main themes thoroughly covered in the Bible. The Bible says that Grace is God’s character. We can learn this from Hebrews 4:16, which describes God’s throne as the throne of Grace. Psalm 103:8 also describes the Lord as gracious and merciful.

Additionally, the Bible says that it is by Grace that we have been saved. Ephesians 2:4-5 reminds us that even though we were dead, Christ took away our sins, and we receive salvation by Grace.

While this verse shares the same message as Ephesians 2:8-9, the second verse adds that Grace is a gift from God. It is not something that we can accomplish by ourselves. God gives Grace to us without expecting anything in return. However, it is not free to God since he had to bear the expense of sacrificing his son for our sins. That is why many Christians speculate that the word Grace stands for God’s Riches at Christ’s Expense. Additionally, the Bible also tells us that Grace gives us good hope and eternal encouragement in 2nd Thessalonians 2:16.

What Is God’s Grace?

Christians believe that God’s Grace refers to his decision to bless mankind rather than curse him for his sins. It is closely related to God’s benevolence, mercy, and love. According to the Bible, sin made us unworthy and undeserving of God’s forgiveness. Psalm 51:5 reminds us that we were all born in sin, while Romans 6:23 tells us that due to our sin, we deserve death.

However, God was willing to forgive our sins and continues blessing us despite our imperfections. God’s Grace refers to him giving the least deserving the greatest treasure. It is him giving acceptance to the unacceptable and blessings to the unworthy.

In the Old Testament, Grace is believed to have come from a word that means loving kindness. Therefore some people define God’s Grace as his loving and kind nature. God’s Grace does not end when he forgives a sinner; he continues showing us his Grace through his continuous blessings and love.

Bible Verses About Grace

2nd Corinthians 12:9-10 records the words of Paul, who says that God’s Grace is sufficient to him and his power is made perfect in weakness. The words “is sufficient” denote the ever-present sufficiency of Grace not only for Paul but also for every believer, regardless of their circumstances.

The word Grace is also used in Exodus 34:6 to describe the nature of God. This verse says that God is full of mercy and Grace and does not get angered easily. The Bible also mentions that God’s Grace was manifested in Jesus Christ in John 1: 14-17. According to this verse, the word of God was converted into flesh, and it became Jesus.

This verse shares a similar message as Romans 5:15, which tells us that the gift of God’s Grace came through Jesus Christ and overflowed to many so they would no longer die from their sin. The concept of being saved by Grace is also mentioned in Acts 15:11, which tells us that we are saved through the Grace of our Lord Jesus.

The first mention of Grace in the Bible

The term grace is first mentioned in Genesis 6:8 (King James Version). This verse says that Noah found Grace in the eyes of the Lord. The passage is about how the earth was filled with wicked men who displeased God. God decided to destroy man due to their sins but spared Noah. He was the only one that walked with God (Genesis 6:9).

Since God was pleased with Noah, he showed him Grace and saved him from destruction. The Bible demonstrates how God showed Noah’s Grace by instructing him to build an ark to shield him from the floods. After Noah constructed the ark, God destroyed the earth through floods.

Christians believe that even though Noah found Grace in the Lord’s eyes, he was not righteous enough to earn this gift. However, God gave him Grace anyway, and to show gratitude, Noah continued obeying God.

Instances of Grace in the Bible

How many times is Grace mentioned in the Bible?
Instances of Grace in the Bible. Image source: Pixabay

Romans 6:14 says that we no longer live under the requirements of the law but under the freedom of God’s Grace. Therefore sin does not have dominion over man anymore. This bible verse reflects on the passage of Eve and Adam, where God placed them the freedom to stay in the Garden of Eden. Though they sinned against God, He showed them Grace, by still looking after them, clothing, and feeding them. This story shows how God demonstrated his Grace despite the two being undeserving.

Though Genesis 4 does not directly mention Grace, it is another instance where God demonstrated his Grace. This chapter tells us how Cain killed Abel. God showed him Grace by sparing his life. He told him that he would be a wanderer of the earth and put a mark on him to prevent him from being attacked.

2nd Timothy 1:9 reminds us that God saves us because of his Grace and not our good works.

John 1:17 demonstrates that while the Old Testament was about the law, the New Testament is all about Grace. Romans 3:24 tells us that God makes us right because of his Grace.

Additionally, James 4:6 says that since the proud do not see their sin, they do not see any need for Grace. On the other hand, the humble are aware of their sin and see the need for Grace.

Jesus demonstrated Grace to many sick people that he healed. For instance, Mark 2:11-12 records the story of him forgiving and healing a paralyzed man. Though the word Grace is not directly mentioned here, this story is an example of God’s Grace.

Acts 9:3-4 tells us of how God, through his Grace, saved Saul despite him persecuting Christians. It was through the Grace of God that he called him and changed his name to Apostle Paul.

We can also see Jesus showing Peter grace despite denying him. In John 21:15, Jesus tells Peter to feed his lambs. Even though Peter denied Jesus, Jesus showed him Grace and allowed him to feed his sheep or lead other believers.

In Judges 10:16, we learn how the Israelites rebelled against God repeatedly, but God showed them Grace and rescued them.

How many times does Paul use the word Grace?

Christians have often referred to Paul as the apostle of Grace because he was a living example of what God’s Grace can do. (1st Timothy 1: 16) Paul used the word Grace 101 times. He used the word Grace to show God’s favor towards mankind as he preached about salvation. The concept of Grace was quite important to Paul that he began his letters with a grace statement and ended them with a grace farewell. For instance, he said Grace be unto you, in Romans 1:7

Additionally, Paul used the term grace to emphasize that Christians were free from the Mosaic Law. Due to his regular use of the term grace, it was used to identify his unique ministry. Paul also associated the word Grace with thanksgiving (1st Corinthians 10:30)

Examples of God’s Grace in everyday life

How many times is Grace mentioned in the Bible?
Examples of God’s Grace in everyday life. Image source: Freepik

We sin daily and disobey some of his commandments, but he forgives us and gives us a second chance. Every day, God allows us to begin again despite our mistakes rather than punishing us. (1st John 1:9)

God’s Grace is also evident in how He accepts us back and welcomes us to have a relationship with him. When we repent, he calls us part of his family and his children. We can also see God’s Grace in everyday life through his presence in all situations. God promises to always be with us even when we face challenges and watch over us even when we don’t deserve it. (Hebrews 13:5)

God’s Grace in our everyday life is also portrayed in how He enables us to do what we are called to do. He gives us the strength and power to achieve our goals. His promise of full restoration is also another example of his Grace. God promises that there will come a time when we will be restored, and we will get a chance to worship in his presence.

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