How often do nuns go to confession (do nuns go to confession)?

Growing up, I thought nuns were blameless women of virtue. I was amazed at their discipline and ability to maintain austere lifestyles. At theology school, I learned that nuns go to confession just like other Catholics. Since nuns live such pious lives, I wondered what they had to confess compared to normal Catholic faithful who are constantly exposed to sin. I decided to do some research which led me to speak to several professors about confession. These scholars helped me understand the sacrament of penance based on Catholic doctrine. They referred me to a local priest who also gave me some great points about nuns and confession. During our weekly inter-denominational discussion, we decided to continue our analysis of nuns and their ways of life. One member wanted to know if nuns are required to confess as frequently as other Catholics. Having researched the subject, I was ready to answer his main question; how often do nuns go to confession?

Nuns go to confession as much as they need. Most monasteries make it mandatory for nuns to go to confession once or twice a month. Apart from that, nuns can go to confession at their discretion. The rules are the same for all Catholics concerning the sacrament of penance. This includes bishops and women religious such as nuns and sisters.

In this article, we will discuss the habit of confession among nuns. Join me as we discuss how frequently nuns go to confession. Keep reading to find out why nuns need to confess like other Catholics.

Do nuns go to confession like regular Catholics?

do nuns go to confession?
Do nuns go to confession like regular Catholics? Image source: Freepik

Yes, nuns are members of the Catholic Church, which means they are required to go to confession. According to Catholic doctrine, the sacrament of penance should be enjoyed by everyone. This includes members of the clergy, such as priests, and the laity, such as nuns. Catholics teach that confession is a good way to clear your conscious and make peace with God. Every Catholic, including nuns, deserves that gift.

How often are nuns encouraged to go to confession?

The number of times a nun goes to confession depends on several factors. First, a nun may choose to confess as frequently as they wish. Second, convents arrange meetings with confessors to ensure nuns confess at least twice a month. Convents such as the Dominican Monastery of Our Lady of the Rosary employ the services of two confessors who visit the institution every two weeks. Nuns who need to confess more than once every two weeks can do so with the permission of the Chaplin.

If nuns are living according to the laws of God, do they need to confess their sins frequently?

How often do nuns go to confession?
Do nuns need to confess their sins frequently? Image source: Freepik

Yes, nuns are human and liable to sin, just like anybody else. Most recently, victims of abuse perpetuated by nuns have come forward to condemn this sin. These survivors demand justice from the Catholic Church leaders. Their heartbreaking experiences reveal the imperfect nature of some of the nuns. Even nuns get caught up in sins such as sexual abuse. Therefore, confession should be a part of every nun’s life.

Is there a law in the Catholic church that restricts nuns on how much they should confess?

No, the catholic church does not have restrictions on the type of information nuns can confess. Nuns can confess as much or as little as they want. However, Catholic doctrine states that every believer should go to confession at least once a year. This canon law applies to everyone under the Catholic umbrella, including nuns. Catholics are encouraged to confess immediately after committing a mortal sin. If a nun finds herself in such a situation, the same rules apply.

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