Is Heaven hotter than hell? (What is the temperature in Heaven?)

One of my teachers assigned us a research project in theology school about Heaven and Hell. He wanted us to specifically research and compare the differences in temperatures. At first, we thought it was an impossible topic to dive into. However, we collected substantial information after a weeklong research consulting theologians, scientists and religious scholars. Recently, one of my theology class students was curious to find out the average temperature of heaven in comparison to that of hell. Given I had researched this while in theology school, I has the right answer in my fingertips. So, is heaven hotter than hell?

There are different opinions on whether or not Heaven is hotter than hell. Scientists imply that Heaven is hotter than hell. They argue that Heaven receives radiated heat from the moon. In their opinion, the moon’s heat is seven times that of the sun.

I invite you to join me in the article below to discuss the temperatures in Heaven and hell. In the write-up, I summarized the average temperature of Heaven and hell and made a comparison. Also, you will discover the scientists’ and religious scholars’ stand on the topic. Read on to find out more about these and more.

What is the average temperature of Heaven?

The Bible is not specific about Heaven’s temperature; hence people make assumptions about its average temperature. Scientists are more vocal about this topic, and according to them, the average temperature of Heaven is 525°.

Scientists use certain clues in the Bible to conclude Heaven’s temperature. They believe that Heaven receives radiated light from the moon. In this regard, they refer to Isaiah 30:26, which mentions that the moon radiates light that is seven times seven the sun’s. They use that information and Stefan Boltzmann’s formula to calculate the average temperature of Heaven, which is 525°

What is the average temperature of hell?

What is the temperature in Heaven?
What is the average temperature of hell? Image source: Pixabay

The Bible does not mention the hell’s exact temperature. However, it gives a clue that we can use to approximate the average hell’s temperature.

Revelation 21:8 says that the fearful and unbelieving shall burn in a lake that burns in fire and sulphur. Scientists use sulphur’s boiling point to approximate the average temperature of hell, thus arriving at 444.6°.

Do scientists believe that Heaven is hotter than hell?

Scientists believe Heaven is hotter than hell based on the clues from verses in the Bible. The scientists use Stefan –Boltzmann law to arrive at Heaven’s temperature and use a hint given in the Bible. In Isaiah 30:26, the scripture mentions that the moon’s light is similar to the sun’s but seven times seven. Using Stefan –Boltzmann law 4th power law and Earth’s absolute temperature, they arrive at 525° as Heaven’s temperature.

On the other hand, they refer to Revelation 21:8 to determine hell’s temperature. The verse describes the condition in which those designated to hell will burn; a lake that burns in sulphur and fire. Scientists use this information to average hell’s temperature, which equates to sulphur’s boiling point of 444.6°. Using the two approximations, Heaven’s average temperature of 525° is higher than hell’s of 444.6°.

Does the Bible mention that Heaven is hotter than hell?

The Bible does not mention that Heaven is hotter than hell. Readers of the scripture refer to Isaiah 30:26 and Revelation 21:8 in comparing Heaven’s and hell’s temperature. In this regard, Heaven is hotter than hell. However, we should remember this is only speculation as there is no substantial evidence.

In Mathew 25:41, the Bible describes hell as having eternal fire and, in other verses, called a lake of fire and sulphur. It would be impossible to picture Heaven hotter than a lake of fire and sulphur in hell. Hence, the subject remains debatable as the Bible does not distinguish which of the two is hotter.

What do religious scholars believe about the temperature of Heaven in comparison to hell?

Is Heaven hotter than hell?
Temperature of Heaven in comparison to hell. Image source: Pixabay

There are not as many religious scholarly works comparing the temperature of Heaven and hell. It may be because the scripture does not mention which of the two is hotter. Scientists use clues from the scripture to arrive at the average temperatures.

They base their arguments on scientific theories. Also, religion talks about the uncomfortable conditions in hell to guide people to behave according to God’s will. It may contradict this teaching if they support the concept that Heaven is hotter than hell.

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