Meaning of auras (meaning of common and rare auras)

As a staunch Christian and a theologian, I have taken it upon myself to research and write about topics on beliefs from religion and culture. I have taken great interest and significant time in researching auras.

My first encounter with auras was in high school when I read “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Auras” by C. Alex Lukeman. Since then, I have independently conducted more than ten comprehensive studies focusing on different auras.

I also chose this topic as one of my main projects when completing my doctorate. During my last session with my theology students, one of the students asked about the meaning of the red aura.

I realized that most of them had little information about auras and decided to provide it through this article. Having read numerous books and conducted research on the subject, I have excellent knowledge.

So, what is the spiritual meaning of common and rare auras?

Many religious and cultural beliefs say that the spiritual meaning of auras is the energy surrounding a person’s body and reflects the person’s emotions, spiritual and physical states. It is believed that the color of the aura indicates such states. Others believe that the auras are indicators of the connection between the physical body to the spiritual and emotional states.

This article will delve into the spiritual meaning of auras and how you can know your aura. It will also discuss the common aura colors and their meanings. To know these and more, continue reading.

What are aura colors?

Aura colors are believed to be a form of energy produced by the vibration of particles because of energy produced by a person’s body. It is believed that depending on the type of energy, the aura takes different colors.

There are numerous aura colors, but the most common ones include red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, and indigo.

Other colors believed to be less common include turquoise, violet, light bule royal blue, and dull red, among others. The most uncommon aura colors are believed to be black, grey, brown, white, and rainbow, among others.

How can you know your aura color?

You can know your aura color by believing in your intuition and using a mirror and a white background. Some people believe you can see your aura by placing a mirror in front of you and a white background at your back.

They say that when you focus your eyes on the middle of your forehead and look around your head and shoulder without moving your head, you can see the color of your aura.

It is also believed that you can see the color of your aura through meditation. Meditation is believed to help you increase your spiritual awareness and intuition.

Through meditation, it is also believed that you will increase your energy, making it easier to see your aura.

Can you see other people’s aura colors?

Meaning of auras 
Can you see other people’s aura colors? Image source: Freepik

It is believed that you can see other people’s aura. According to science daily, some researchers found individuals who can see other people’s aura.

It is also believed that one of the ways to know your aura is through observation from friends. Common aura colors and their meanings

Red aura

Some believe the red aura means leadership, passion, energy, and temper. It is believed that individuals with a red aura possess excellent leadership qualities.

Such include charisma, confidence, and resilience. They are believed to be goal result oriented and committed to achieving their goals.

They are, however, believed to have negative emotions, such as a range.

Others believe the red aura means physical activeness, strength, and intimate relationships. The color red is associated with the sun and fire, the known great energy sources.

As such, those with a red aura are believed to possess the same qualities. They are believed to express such physical energy in sports; hence, most sport’s men are believed to have a red aura.

Additionally, individuals with red aura are believed to express emotions much more intensely. Bram says those with a red aura can express their emotions more intensely.

For instance, when joyful, they will infect everyone around them with joy. However, such strong expression of emotions is not always good because it is true even in negative emotions.

For instance, when angry, they express their anger strongly. People with road rage are believed to have a red aura.

Blue aura

It is believed that the blue aura means objectivity, wisdom, tranquillity, and spirituality. It is also believed that people with a blue aura are excellent communicators, persuasive, good listeners, empathetic, and emotionally balanced.

Blue aura is associated with calm and tranquillity because blue is interpreted as calm and tranquil. Such could be derived from the beautiful blue sea color when calm.

Such calmness is believed to emanate from their inner peace and collectedness. Remaining objective may also contrite to their ability to stay calm.

Such people are believed to be persuasive and good communicators. These traits are excellent in educators, nurses, and doctors who need great communication skills. Being good listers is also an added advantage because it enhances their communication skills.

Although they are believed to be emotionally collected, they tend to express empathy strongly, which is good. This quality is believed to make them come out as caring and can bring people closer to them.

Green aura

Green aura is believed to mean service to others, empathy, love, deep devotion, and harmony. Individuals with a green aura are believed to be compassionate, forgiving, self-aware, appreciative, and possessing healing energy.

The green aura is believed to be associated with the heart chakra, which is associated with compassion, healing, and love.

Some people believe that those with a green aura can care for those troubled emotionally by first drawing them closer with compassion, love and applying their healing capabilities.

It is believed that their loving nature enables them to forgive more easily. This quality is also believed to enable them to maintain their emotional balance.

Their appreciative nature is another quality that enables them to express love more readily. They are believed to be full of gratitude even when over small favors.

Finally, green-aura individuals are believed to be significantly self-aware. Most people believe that they understand they have emotional intelligence and are in control of their emotions.

They are also said to have a deeper spiritual awareness due to their strong connectedness to nature.

Yellow aura

A yellow aura is believed to mean mental alertness, logical reasoning, and intellectuality. It is also believed to show a level of self-esteem and inner happiness. ­­

Many believe those with a yellow aura are playful, have high self-esteem, are spiritual, are overthinkers, and tend to enjoy mental challenges.

Those with a yellow aura are believed to have excellent mental capabilities. They are mentally alert and can handle mental challenges with ease.

Their logical reasoning and intellectuality make them better scholars, educators, writers, and inventors. They are said to be knowledge-hungry and hence increase their knowledge continually.

Yellow is also believed to signify happiness, joy, optimism, and hope. It is believed that those with the yellow aura exude joy and happiness.

Some believe that when you are around individuals with a yellow aura, you will stay positive due to the hope and optimism they exude.

Purple aura

The purple aura is believed to mean wisdom, peace, and gentleness. Those with this aura are believed to be naturally wise and thus make decisions after careful consideration. Due to their inner peace and gentleness, they are believed to be calm and easily handle stressful situations.

Some people also believe that the purple aura means one is creative, has excellent intuition, and is spiritually connected.

Some people believe t those who excel in the creative and artistic industries may have a purple aura. They are believed to be good at imagining and creating things and thus make good artists, writers, and musicians.

As mentioned, they are believed to have excellent intuition, spiritual awareness, and connectedness. Therefore, they are said to have psychic abilities and a better understanding of the spiritual life. They are highly drawn to spiritual practices.

Orange aura

The orange aura is believed to mean happiness and a good relationship with friends and family. It is said that individuals with an orange aura are jovial and value interaction with their loved ones.

They care and nurture relationships because it is one of their great sources of joy and satisfaction.

Others believe that orange aura means sexual energy and creativity. Individuals with this aura have a creative mind and are attracted more to careers that enhance their creativity, such as music, writing, drawing, and acting, among others.

Their sexual energy is directed at forming better relationships, especially with their spouses.

Rarest aura colors and their meanings

meaning of common and rare auras
Rarest aura colors and their meanings. Image source: Pixabay

White aura

Although white as a color is not rare, it is believed that white auras are hard to come by. The white aura is believed to show divinity and is often interpreted as purity and strong spiritual connection and awareness.

Individuals with this aura are often special religious leaders and individual with various spiritual giftings.

Some people believe that individual with a white aura tend to be perfectionists. Although they produce excellent results in their work, they are believed to be hard to please, and their perfectionist trait make them hard to work with.

Most people believe that individuals with this aura are compassionate and have a kind heart. Due to their compassionate nature, they are believed to care for others deeply and are ready to help, especially where spiritual guidance is needed.

Black aura

Many people believe that a dark aura means built-up anger, resentment, and grief. In most religious and cultural contexts, black is associated with darkness and bad things.

Such could have influenced the interpretation of the dark color aura. People believe those with dark auras should be handled with care to avoid triggering their anger, pain, or grief.

Additionally, some people believe that a dark or black aura means fatigue and physical diseases. Most people say that the dark aura is a reflection of what is happening in the physical body.

For instance, when one has overworked and is exhausted, they produce little energy, which is reflected by a dark aura. It is the same case when someone is sick.

Rainbow aura

Many believe that a rainbow aura is an indication of strength and ability to produce all forms of energy. It is often seen as a sign of great confidence and willingness to share all the goodness with others. Having all the energies is seen as a sign f being balanced in every aspect of your life.

Some believe that the rainbow aura is a gift and an indication of true blessings. They say that it is rare for a person to possess all the energies and to have them in a balanced form as the colors of a rainbow are.

Individuals with such an aura are believed to possess some of the greatest qualities, such as healing, therapeutic care, and can have conventional medical treatment.

Do aura colors change?

It is believed that aura change colors and such is caused by emotional and physical health. It is believed that the color of your aura can change depending on your emotional state.

For instance, a person with a black aura due to anger and grief may have the color of the aura change if they become happy and joyful. In that case, it is believed that the color of their aura can change to yellow or orange.

It is also believed that the color of the aura can also change depending on the physical health of an individual. Since the aura and its color is believed to emanate from the energy created by the body of an individual, it is likely that a sick person may produce less energy.

Due to sickness and pain, their aura may have the colors of aura that represent such. For instance, a sick person is believed to produce a dark aura; if the person gets well and acquires joy and calmness, their aura may change to turquoise.

Can someone have multiple aura colors?

It is believed that one can have multiple aura colors in what is known as the rainbow aura. The rainbow aura is believed to have all or most of the colors of the rainbow.

It is, however, believed to be a rare occurrence and is often believed to come about as a form of a gift rather than the ability of a person to produce all those energies.

Although the beliefs on aura are widely accepted in many cultures and some religions, there is no biblical or scientific proofs of their existence.

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