Meanings of the royal birthmark (meaning and superstitions)

Back in theology school, I once found an intriguing article about personalities claiming to have a royal birthmark. That was my first time hearing about the concept, and I decided to look more into it.

I took some days to read articles and history books to learn more about royal birthmarks, and the information was fascinating.

Coincidentally, a member forwarded a similar article to the group last week in my Christian online forum. Everyone had different opinions; some admitted to hearing it for the first time.

I used the information I gathered in theology school to guide the group. So, what is the meaning of the royal birthmark?

Although the scripture does not mention the meaning of the royal birthmark, different cultures have their beliefs about it. Most are of the opinion that the royal birthmark is a sign that one belongs in the royal lineage and is highly favored.

I invite you to join me in the article below as we look at the meanings of the royal birthmark. Also, we will delve into the characteristics of persons born with a royal birthmark.

Not forgetting the superstitions and folklore on royal birthmarks. Read on to find out more.

What is the royal birthmark?

The royal birthmark is a unique physical attribute people believe to be passed down through noble or royal family lineage. It is a concept that has been used since ancient times, which people believe to have been over 300 years ago.

People use the royal birthmark to identify someone who belongs to a royal or noble heritage. In the 17th and 19th centuries, Russians used royal birthmarks to identify royal family members. The royal birthmarks on their bodies showed their royal status.

The birthmarks are unique as they come in different sizes, locations, and shapes. There are specific characteristics that people believe those with the royal birthmark have.

Some are graceful, commanding, physical attractiveness, and confident personality.

However, it remains a superstitious belief since we cannot ascertain that royalty determines birthmarks. Since the royal birthmark is widely contrasted, numerous folklore and superstitions surround the concept.

Characteristics of a person born with a royal birthmark

Meanings of the royal birthmark 
Characteristics of a person born with a royal birthmark. Image source: Pixabay

A unique birthmark

People believe a person from noble or royal ancestry has a unique birthmark. It could be a mole or birthmark that one is born with.

Artistic and creative

People believe those who bear the royal birthmark are often artistic and creative. They are likely to succeed in creative fields such as painting or singing.

Good looking

Another characteristic of a person born with a royal birthmark is physical attractiveness. People believe such people have beautiful attributes, such as good skin and symmetrical faces.

A graceful nature

Most suggest those born with the royal birthmark carry themselves with a sense of elegance. People believe that they can maneuver any situation with dignity and grace.

A domineering presence

Most people believe that those with the royal birthmark have a strong domineering aura in their talk, demeanor, and body language.

Aristocratic mannerism

Some believe that a person with a royal birthmark is aristocratic. It means the person carries themselves in a manner associated with royalty, such as grace, posture, and poise.

A confident personality

Most people believe that noble or royal people exude a confident personality. Therefore, they believe those with the royal birthmark showcase such a personality.

Physical traits from noble or royal families

People believe certain physical traits or characteristics get passed down through the royal and noble family. Hence, it identifies a person who belongs to the royal family.

Graceful and a sense of poise

Most people associate royalty with grace and a sense of elegance. They believe those born with the birthmark carry themselves gracefully.

An ability to instruct or command respect

Most people believe that those with a royal birthmark have a unique ability to get respect from the rest. People believe those with the mark can attract attention when they want also to create a noticeable impression on people around them.


One believed characteristic of people with royal birthmarks is that they are likely tall and slender.

Superstitions and folklore on the royal birthmark

Meanings of the royal birthmark 
Superstitions and folklore on the royal birthmark. Image source: Pixabay

Folklore on royal birthmarks

There exists various folklore on royal birthmarks. One of the exciting folklore was about a young girl born with a dragon royal birthmark on the wrist, which the tale suggests meant that she could talk with dragons.

She went on adventures alongside dragons forming a link with the magical world.

Another instance is the famous story of the prince born with a crown-shaped royal birthmark on his shoulder. Based on the story, the birthmark implied that the prince was a sign of his future kingship.

The legendary story narrates how the prince went after his kingdom through the birthmark’s guidance.


Divine favor

Some cultures believe that royal birthmarks signify a person has divine power from a higher power.

Sign of reincarnation

Some think that royal birthmarks are evidence of past lives. They suggest that they connect with a historical past or figure, and the mark has been carried over from a former incarnation.

Sign of good fortune

Some think that royal birthmarks harbor destiny depending on their size, position, and shape. Most people associate the royal birthmark with good fortune, which may come as blessings, good luck, protection, and guidance through life.

Indicates royal lineage

Most people believe that those with the royal birthmark signify that the person belongs to a royal lineage.

Harbors ancestral legacy

People believe the royal birthmark can unravel hidden secrets of a family’s lineage. Some go to the extent of studying these birthmarks, which they suggest carry cryptic messages from the past.

Fewer heartbreaks

Another belief is that those with the royal birthmark will encounter less emotional turmoil. Some believe these people are emotionally strong or cold-hearted and can bounce from any situation, such as heartbreak.

God’s favor

Some suggest that those born with the royal birthmark are God’s favorite. That God will guide, protect, and bless them. They insinuate that these people will be pardoned for all their sins.

Also, they believe that God will communicate with them.

Wealthy family

Others believe that those having the royal birthmark belong to wealthy families. The idea dates back to ancient Egypt, where they recognized wealthy families from the royal birthmark.

They insinuate that despite harsh beginnings, the person will eventually locate better living standards that their tables will turn. However, remember this is only a superstition that should not stop one from working towards their goals.

Society’s savior

There is a superstition that those who bear a royal birthmark will likely be powerful in saving society. It may not exactly mean they will be superheroes, but they suggest these people would change the community.

It could be they bring reforms, bring people on the right path or fight for justice. Some suggest these people have a bigger purpose in their lives.

Can anyone have the royal birthmark without being of royal blood?

The belief that a royal birthmark certifies that one is of royal blood is yet to be established. It is because this is a superstition that was more famous in the ancient period.

Therefore, it remains controversial and may mean that anyone can have the royal birthmark without being of royal blood.

However, with the technological developments in the world, one can certify their claims.

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