Protestant vs. Non-Denominational: How are they different?

Protestant vs. Non-Denominational

Many people do not know the difference between protestant and non-denominational Christianity. This is not surprising since the latter emerged from Protestantism. The main question pondered by society is; what is the difference between Non-Denominational vs. Protestant? The term protestant refers to a church or a person that has broken away from Catholic practices and … Read more

Is Catholicism a religion or a denomination (is Catholicism a separate religion from Christianity)?

Is Catholicism a religion or a denomination

Catholicism generally has similar beliefs, practices, and historical ties with other Christian denominations. However, the Catholic population easily outnumbers Christian denominations worldwide. Catholic beliefs on issues such as sufficiency of Scripture, papal pre-eminence, salvation, and what happens to someone immediately after they die are also so different from those of Protestants and Evangelicals that one … Read more

Who is Jesus’ dad (Jesus’ earthly father)?

Who is Jesus’ dad?

When I was a theology student, I spent most of my free time studying the Gospels. I found thestory of Jesus’ birth quite interesting. The Bible states that Joseph is Jesus’ earthly father. However, before Joseph married Mary, she had already been pregnant by the Holy Spirit. Beinghuman, Joseph was confused about whether he should … Read more

Is Jesus with me? (What does the Bible say?)

Is Jesus with me?

The hallmark of Christian living is the belief that Jesus is always present in the life of a believer. The Bible also reassures believers that they are not alone and that God always provides peace despite life’s challenges – even though He is not physically present. This raises some critical questions among many people: How … Read more

How was Jesus born (what does the Bible say)?

How was Jesus born?

Jesus’ miraculous deeds while on earth are still a wonder to many believers today. While celebrating Christmas, Christians try to understand how his inexplicable conception and birth occurred. Since Matthew 1:18 suggests his conceiving was extraordinary, many believers wonder, ‘How was Jesus born?’ Jesus was born in a manger in Bethlehem. According to the scriptures, … Read more

Who do you say Jesus is (what does the bible say)?

Who do you say Jesus is?

As a pastor passionate about God’s word, I like preaching about Jesus’ ministry on earth. TheBible says that Jesus had 12 disciples who helped him navigate and control the crowds thatused to gather around him. As a student of the Bible, I understand that the disciples followedevery rule that Jesus gave them, and believing in … Read more