Presbyterian vs. Roman Catholic Churches: What is the big difference?

Presbyterian vs. Roman Catholic Churches

Presbyterian and Roman Catholic churches share much in common. However, they differ in beliefs, values, and practices. Roman Catholicism vs. Presbyterian churches is one of the most debated topics in Christianity. Most people want to understand whether there is a big difference between Presbyterian and Roman Catholic churches. The major difference between Presbyterian and Roman … Read more

Roman Catholic vs. Protestant: Are they really different?

Roman Catholic vs. Protestant

Roman Catholicism and Protestantism are sects of Christianity. Roman Catholicism is based upon the teachings of early Christianity. Conversely, Protestantism is a reformed sect of Christianity that is based on reformed teachings rather than those of the early Christian Church. As the Roman Catholic vs. Protestant debate continues to rage, what most people want to … Read more

Pentecostal vs. Baptist: A detailed comparison

Pentecostal vs. Baptist

In the Christian sphere, there are numerous branches of the faith depending on the interpretation of the Bible, with the Baptist and Pentecostal movements being among the most well-known groups. However, not many know what makes Pentecostals vs. Baptists different from each other. While Pentecostals and Baptists adhere to many similar views of protestant Christianity, … Read more

Why do some Christians not Celebrate Halloween (can you celebrate Halloween as a Christian)

Why do some Christians not Celebrate Halloween

Halloween is one of the most popular festivals that is widely celebrated around the world today. Marked on the 31st of October every year, the primarily non-religious festival entails wearing masks and costumes, having pranks, and generally having fun. Despite having fun not being prohibited in Christianity, some Christians have reservations about participating in the … Read more

9 Symbols of Protestant Christianity (Christianity symbols)

Symbols of Protestant Christianity

Christian religions have used symbols from ancient times to express their faith in God and Jesus Christ’s values. But with splits in Christianity, Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Protestant churches, it might be challenging to understand the many symbols. With symbols of Protestant Christianity not as widely known or understood, many wonder about the main Protestant … Read more