Did Nicodemus follow Jesus (Gospel according to John)?

Did Nicodemus follow Jesus

When the topic of being born again arises among Christians, the name Nicodemus is usually mentioned. He comes up in the Bible as the man who asked Jesus Christ what he meant by being born again since it seemed like an impossible phenomenon. After he had received a satisfactory answer from Jesus Christ, the Bible … Read more

Advent hymns and songs (Advent playlist)

Advent hymns and songs

Advent hymns and songs are melodies composed and performed mainly for Advent, the four weeks leading to Christmas. These hymns typically convey messages of hope for a Saviour, the prophecies of Christ’s birth, and the celebration and gratitude for Jesus’ arrival on Earth. With the festive season comes endless play time of classic Advent hymns … Read more

Our Father Which Art in Heaven: The Lord’s Prayer

Our Father Which Art in Heaven

The Lord’s Prayer may be brief, but it is a powerful prayer many Christians have memorized. This topic is worth discussing since it can help Christians understand what Jesus taught through this prayer. Read on to find out what Our Father Which Art in Heaven means. ‘Our Father which art in heaven’ is the opening … Read more