An inspiring prayer for business (Bless your business with this powerful prayer)

Every business deserves to improve and grow despite some of the challenges they may encounter. Talking to God through prayer to bless your business can have a major impact on the growth of your business.

Take this time and talk to God to bless your business.

Let us pray.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I come to You this time and appreciate all that You have done for me and my business. I thank You for the progress my business has reached so far. I trust Your hands to bless my business partners, customers, and suppliers.

I pray dear Lord that You bless the work of my hands so that anything I touch in my business may turn into a success. I call in Your name God, to cover the growth of my business in Your arms.

I call upon You to send Your holy spirit to guide and advise me to make good decisions in my business. I trust in Your leadership to give proper direction for my business to continue realizing profit.

I know that it is because of You that my business is what it is. I pray that You continue giving me the knowledge of knowing new things to strengthen my business.

I accept the changes that You have made to my business and I believe in them because You are a good leader. I pray that whatever Your magic hands touch in this business may grow and expand.

I come to You dear Lord that You help me accept and correct whatever trials I may be doing in my business. I know that in Your name, any trials I may be conducting in this business will succeed.

I again thank You Jehovah for allowing me to run and operate this business. Help my business to offer a ground to help other people in society.

By Your grace, every door of opportunity will open for me and propel me forward.

I present my request to You to bless the plans that I have for this business. In Your hands, I know that my business will triumph over every obstacle that my enemies have put in place for me.

Inspire me with integrity, fruitfulness, and honesty to give my business a good direction to continue building wealth. I pray that in Your name my business will never be the same again but change forever.

In Jesus’ name, I pray.


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