A deep prayer for rain (pray for rain with this deep prayer)

As you present your intentions to God remember, that water is life and the presence of rainfall is a reminder that God loves us and cares for us.

Drought is a disaster that can cause a lot of destruction therefore, you can recite this deep prayer for rain to overcome drought and its hazards.

Eternal and Everlasting Father,

All my trust is in you for you are my provider and protector in this life. You created the earth so that your creatures can be sustained. I acknowledge that you are a God of seasons dear Father.

Your creatures are in dire need because drought has struck and destroyed the land. Animals have been starved to death, crops have failed and the streams have dried up.

I turn unto you with faith and hope, let your showers fall on the land once again for your creatures to be able to sustain themselves.

All your promises are true. Who am I to doubt you? Every promise that you ever made has been fulfilled through your only son Jesus Christ.

Do not let anything sway my faith in you for I want to have steadfast faith in you always. Just as you fed your mighty prophet Elijah in the wilderness through the raven, do the same miracle on our land and bring rains that are anticipated to bring forth a good harvest.

Almighty Father, you always forgive the wrongdoings of your creatures. I pray for forgiveness for all sins that have been committed on this land. Please have mercy and give us another chance for you are a God of second chances.

All our sins were washed away by the blood of your only son Jesus Christ. Cleanse us now and guide us on how to live in a way that pleases you, Dear Lord.

Do not allow anxiety to overcome us for your word says that we cast all anxieties and worries unto you for your care.

Your mercies are unending and I believe that you will open your floodgates and bless the land with sufficient rains that can quench the thirst in your people and enable the land to bear enough fruit.

Even in this waiting period may you give us the grace to be good custodians and stewards on earth.

I pray this believing and trusting.


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