Deep Prayer for Grace (Say This Prayer When You Need God’s Grace in Your Life)

As we go into this prayer, pour your spirit into God and turn your heart to receive the immense blessing of God’s grace that keeps us where undeserving favor, great joy, and redemption in His presence are found.

Let us pray.

My Father in Heaven,

I stand before You with a soul filled with thankfulness for Your immeasurable grace and wonder at the depth of Your love for me.

As a sinner seeking Your grace and mercy, I lay myself before You, Lord, for I have gone astray and fallen short of Your glory.

My human heart has gone a separate way, Lord, and my flaws and shortcomings have led me away from Your presence, but in Your glory is where I desire to be.

I need Your grace, Lord, for it brings life back from death. Oh Lord, let it carry me to Your Holy place, for I long to be in Your presence again.

Father, forgive me for my sins, and by Your grace, may You align my heart with Yours. You have promised in Your word that Your grace, through one man, Jesus Christ my Saviour, will overflow to many.

Let this wonderful gift be unto me, Lord, so that I may receive Your healing and restoration in all areas of my life. Let Your grace fall on me like a mighty shower, for You are the one I praise and surrender to.

You are the one I give thanks to, for You gave Your son that we might experience grace through Him. Let it come upon me and wash away all sin and shame, that I may grow closer to You.

Let it flow through me, through my heart, into every corner of my life and soul, and the lives of others and those around me, Lord.

May Your word come true in my life, through Your grace, to take away my chains. I pray that You may continue moving me from grace to grace.

I thank You, Lord, for this precious love that You have given me, a love that I could never have earned but so freely given to me.

I thank You for the joy of salvation and redemption. How wonderful You are, Lord, thank You, King of kings. Let all praise and glory be to Your mighty name.

In Jesus’ name, I pray.


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