A mindful prayer for anger (Address your feelings of anger with this powerful prayer)

Before we pray, remember that God solves all issues, and your anger issues are not bigger than Him. All you need to do is calm down and, listen to His voice, and welcome his comforting words in your heart.

Open your heart and let Him teach you calmness. Let us pray.

Heavenly Father,

I come to you at this particular moment to thank you for life and all the blessings in my life. Father, I am not at peace with how anger controls me and leads me into sin.

I repent of all the sins that I knowingly and unknowingly did out of anger. Father, forgive me for acting out of what your word has taught me; keep me calm, dear Lord.

Dear God, I seek your help, for I lose control of my anger so quickly; I pay attention to my emotions and become so deaf to your voice.

Father, today I pray for spiritual hearing; I pray to hear and listen to your voice of truth whenever I am angry. Father, your word instructs me to be quick to listen and not quick to anger.

I pray for the power to listen to you even when I’m pushed past the edge.

Father, I pray that from this day going forward, I shall not go to bed angry because your word says that staying angry is giving the devil a foothold.

I rebuke all spirits of anger that have chained me in the mighty name of Jesus. Grant me, oh Lord, wisdom to act right amidst all forms of frustration that can make me angry, for your word says that anger is for fools; the wise listen more.

Father, I pray that you replace my anger with the fruits of the Holy Spirit, self-control, peace, and patience.

Dear Lord, I cannot win this battle without you because negative voices remind me of all the times I tried to work on my anger and failed.

I need you, Lord, to walk with me on the journey of getting rid of anger. Remind me that you have everything in order, dear Lord, and that everything happens intentionally for my good.

Let me remember that I should always leave vengeance to you when I am about to react. Let me hear your sweet voice when I’m about to be angry; calm me and make me still.

Keep me composed, dear Lord.

In Jesus’ name, I pray.


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