A Heartwarming Prayer for Holy Spirit (A Simple Prayer to Invite the Holy Spirit into Your Life)

Our gracious Father in Heaven has given us the gift of a Helper to be with and guide us in all our endeavours. Before we begin this prayer, take a moment to open Your heart to the gates of Heaven and the glory of God’s Spirit.

Lift Your eyes to Heaven, and let us pray.

My God in Heaven,

I humble myself before You and Your throne that You may hear my prayer. Shed Your light on my heart and blow Your Spirit in me.

I pray, oh Lord, that You may cleanse my spirit and create a pure heart that I may receive from the cup of Your Spirit. I am thirsty for more of You and Your Spirit and love.

I pray for all evil to flee from my soul and for Your Holy Spirit to take Your place in me. My Father, may You remove anything in me that might hinder Your presence from flowing in my life.

I give myself entirely to You, Lord, and I lift my heart and soul for the everlasting river of Your Spirit to pour into me.

Holy Spirit of God, move like a great wind into my soul and let Your presence take charge. Let my life be filled with Your grace and mercy. Quench my thirst for You, Spirit of God, like a stream in the desert.

I surrender to You, my Lord, that my mouth may speak Your words, let my tongue sing Your Spirit’s song of love and grace, and let my thoughts be the thoughts of Your Spirit.

Dear Holy Spirit, dwell in me and enrich my soul with Your gifts and a fresh fire. Have Your way in me, Holy Spirit, as I pray to You and speak Your word in me.

I stand in awe before You, Lord, that Your Spirit of Salvation may fill my heart. May I be connected to You, Holy Spirit, now and for all eternity.

Renew my faith and strength in You, Spirit of God, and let Your anointing fall on me.

I thank You, Almighty God, for hearing my prayer; I thank You for opening Your gates to me and for the gift of Your Spirit. I thank You, Holy Spirit, for coming down on me.

You are welcome in my heart now and forever more. In Jesus’ name, I pray.


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