A powerful prayer for nighttime (End your day with this simple powerful prayer)

After a tiresome and full day of activities, everyone deserves a rest. But before you end your day, take this time and request the Lord to make you safe during the nighttime.

Blessed are those who trust in the Lord for whose confidence is in Him.

Let us pray.

Dear Everlasting Father,

I come to You at this time to thank You for all You have done in my life. It is Your presence that will keep me safe from enemies this nighttime dear Lord.

I know You will surround me with Your holy blood and burn the evil spirits that are trying to attack me during the night. I pray that You send Your holy spirit to be there for me constantly by counseling and guiding me throughout the night dear God.

You are the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I trust my entire life in your hands on this night because You said I will be safe for you will be watching over me.

I praise You God for You have promised to shield me from harm and loneliness during this nighttime. Father, You keep me away from worries that may occupy and destroy my mind.

I leave this nighttime to Your hands because You said that I should not be worried about tomorrow because it has its things.

It is because of You that I will lie down in this night in peace and sleep for I know that You make me dwell in safety. You are my comfort, my shield, and my defense.

I know that when I am with You during this night period I cannot be afraid. Keep watching over me and my family and friends throughout this night so that we can be safe and wake up tomorrow to praise Your name for You are the highest.

I pray that You sustain me and keep me strong as I sleep. Shower me with Your blessings to face this period of night and destroy any obstacle that my enemies have planned for me.

Give me strength Father, the confidence to face this night and I will praise Your name because You are the greatest in the whole of the universe.

Look over me dear God during this nighttime and send Your son Jesus to protect me with His powerful rod for he is the greatest shepherd.

In Jesus’ name, I pray.


Sources of Inspiration for this Prayer

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