A deep prayer for a boyfriend (Cover your boyfriend in God’s grace with this powerful prayer)

Praying for our loved ones is crucial because it offers them protection, providence, and guidance. It also gives you peace, knowing that the almighty God is looking after you when you can’t.

Praying for your boyfriend is a unique way to express your love and good wishes.

Now, open your heart to God, and let us pray.

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for the great love in my life through which you taught me to love my boyfriend. I also thank you for the gift of those close to me, especially my boyfriend.

He is a precious gift from you, and I surrender him back to you because you understand and can care for and protect him more than I could ever do.

I pray for your protection upon his life. The Bible says you are our refuge and fortress; hence, we can find shelter and safety when we run to you.

You promise to uphold us with your precious hand, which assures me of your security. I pray that you will keep my boyfriend under your wings as a hen puts its chick, that the enemy will never find him.

Let accidents and evil people never reach him.

I also pray that you may keep him in perfect peace. Jesus, you are the prince of peace, and you desire that we may have peace, just like you prayed for your disciples before ascension.

I pray that the worries and troubles of this life will not deny him of your great peace. Let it reign in his heart and make him an ambassador of peace.

Dear lord, I cannot forget to pray for your providence. The Bible says that everything good comes from you. I pray you will provide for his bread, shelter, and clothing.

Let his storehouse never lack for his satisfaction and to give to neighbors and strangers. Help him not to trust in his efforts but always to realize that without you, his efforts are nothing.

Finally, I pray for good health and long days. You are the God that heals all our diseases. I pray that you will continuously save him from the afflictions of illnesses and pain.

Let his eyes be filled with joy as he rejoices from the many demons you will deliver him from. As you do this, let all glory and honor be unto you.

In Jesus’s name, I pray.


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