Powerful prayer for protection (Short, powerful prayer to protect you from evil and harm)

In a world full of evil, we should always look up to God for protection. God is always calling us to dwell in His shelter to enjoy His divine protection.

This prayer will unlock divine presence in your life and protect you from harm.

Now, open your heart to the Lord, and let us pray.

Dear Heavenly Father,

You say that if I ask, I will receive. Today, I come before you, asking for protection from the evil one. Sometimes, I face a lot of temptations from the devil, and my heart is filled with fear.

Strengthen me in the power of Your might and dress me in Your armor so that I remain firm and overcome the strategies of the devil.

Just like David, I declare that you are my rock, my deliverer, and my savior in whom I find protection. Therefore, I will no longer be afraid of the evil one or my enemies because you have promised me that you will save me from the hands of the ones who hate me and will redeem me from the hands of my enemy.

Even during times of danger, I ask that you spread your protection over me and surround me with your shield of love. I get peace in knowing that you are my refuge and my source of safety.

I also trust in you and believe that you will rescue me from each trap and protect me from every disease.

I know that you are not only watching over me but also over my family because you say that you look down upon all mankind from your dwelling place and promise that you will never leave us nor forsake us.

Therefore, I find strength in knowing that I and my people are safe. May your presence always be with me, and may your face shine upon me even when I go through challenging situations in life.

I trust in you for protection because you assure me that you are near to those who call on you. I place my life in your able hands.

In Jesus’ name, I pray.


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