Spiritual Meaning of eyes (Meaning of different left and right eyes)

The other day, one of my oldest, most beautiful memories became one of the important moments of my career. I was thinking about the classic Dr. Seuss book, the Eye Book, and I suddenly started to think about the power of the eyes.

I think the idea that the eyes are the window to the soul is true, but thinking about eyes led me down the rabbit hole as I researched about eyes.

I quickly learned that eyes carry significant spiritual and symbolic meanings. I mentioned this to my fellow theology professor, who agreed with me and shared more book and article recommendations with more insights about eyes.

Last Sunday, our pastor spoke about the importance of eyes, and the discussion went on in our Bible study group. When asked about my thoughts, my research paid off well as I shared my knowledge.

So then, what’s the spiritual Meaning of eyes?

The eyes are the most important sensory organs believed to represent omniscience, clairvoyance, and most importantly, many people believe that the eyes are the gateway to the soul. Eyes are also believed to symbolize intelligence, moral conscience, vigilance, light, and the truth. Several world cultures attach different symbolisms to the eyes, and they often believe that the eyes signify the opening up of our souls, judgment, and authority and give clarity and different perspectives.

In this article, I’ll share more insights into the Meaning of eyes, their symbolism, biblical meanings, the spiritual meanings of eyes, as well as the myths and superstitious beliefs about eyes.

So, let’s get right into it!

What is the symbolic Meaning of eyes?

Spiritual Meaning of eyes
What is the symbolic Meaning of eyes? Image source: Pixabay

Different people attach different meanings to the eyes, but the most common symbolisms associated with the eyes include.

Mirrors to the soul

Several cultures of the world, like the Ancient Roman cultures, believe that eyes are not only mirrored to the soul, which helps in interpreting the mind or the pictures of the mind to the rest of the world.

The basic idea behind this is that they believe that the eyes are quite expressive, and without opening your mouth, they will help to tell others all that you could be feeling.

It’s also interesting to note that the whole idea of eyes being mirrors of the soul is not just metaphoric, but it could also be literal since the eyes of someone filled with sadness or worry look smaller, unlike those of a cheerful person, which is why happy individuals are often described as bright-eyed.

It’s also suggested that if you look close enough to the eyes of an individual, you can easily see or tell the emotions they feel. 

Symbol of identity

The eyes are also regarded as important symbols representing an individual’s identity. This suggestion comes from the fact the eyes represent the most unique features that distinguish different individuals.

Eyes are believed to be signs of individuality, so artists will use the eyes to capture and highlight individuality in different subjects.

The eyes are also believed to represent an individual’s personal journey and inner thoughts while also capturing the individual’s self-perception and unique identity. Different eye colors also help to identify people.

Spiritual Connectedness

Many cultural beliefs, religions, and folklore suggest that the eyes represent wisdom, mysticism, and knowledge. They are also regarded as organs that protect all kinds of evil.

According to some individuals, the eyes could also carry more important meanings by revealing the individual’s past karmic relationships and shared spiritual connections, especially when individuals look into each other’s eyes, because such shared moments could open up gateways to spiritual connectedness.

It’s also believed that closing the eyes of a deceased individual could be a way through which their souls are delivered peace. 


Eyes are believed to represent focus, whether mental or physical. According to some cultures, having spiritual eyes means that you can be focused on the things you are doing, and so, while meditating, it said that you might start remembering more details about the things that happened in your life.

It’s further suggested that spiritual eyes, just like normal eyes, are given to some individuals to encourage them to pay more attention to their daily activities.

The eyes are also believed to hold deep secrets, and for some people, they may help you understand your strengths and the weak areas that you may want to improve on.

In other word, spiritual people believe that the eyes symbolize a state of attentiveness to what is seen and what cannot be seen but would be revealed by the spirit.  

Smartness and Intelligence

In other cultures, having the spiritual eye makes an individual a one-of-a-kind person, and these individuals are believed to be wise but also loving and passionate.

It’s further believed that having spiritual eyes would mean that the individual turns into gold whatever they touch. 


It’s believed that because of the power of the eyes and the spiritual connotations attached to them, the spiritual eyes could increase your level of clarity, so you may have a better ability to identify and deal with the things that make you unhappy.

One of the most common spiritual beliefs is about the third eye, which is believed to have the power to make the individual more intuitive.

So, it’s said that if someone struggles to find their life purpose, for instance, it means that the third eye could help them fix the problem they are struggling with. 

Judgment for life events

Spiritual individuals believe that the spiritual eyes have the power to open up their dreams because it allows them to see things more clearly.

It’s believed further that the spiritual eyes make it possible for people to see exactly how the things and events in their lives are interconnected.

So, by having the spiritual, some people suggest that they’d have a better chance of dealing with life’s events with more confidence and ease.

In other words, it’s believed that having a spiritual eye allows an individual to gain deep insights into different events and why things happen to them the way they do. 

Improved Diet

In some cultures, it’s also suggested that the spiritual eye may give you insights into ways of improving your wellness through diet.

It could help you change your food and make you feel and look healthier. The spiritual eye is believed to have the power to guide you into eating healthier foods from natural ingredients.

What is the biblical Meaning of eyes?

Meaning of different left and right eyes
What is the biblical Meaning of eyes? Image source: Pixabay

The eyes are also believed to be important biblically because eyes appear in the Bible in both the Old and New Testaments.

But before we look at the biblical Meaning of eyes, it’s worth noting that the word eye is translated from the Hebrew word for flowing, and it’s believed that eyes mean a fountain. 

There are several instances where eyes are mentioned in the Bible, and they signify different things, including:


It’s mentioned in Zechariah 11:17 that the right eye signifies falsity, as is the left eye, which also represents falsity, which is also evil.

In this verse, arms and eyes are mentioned and are believed to denote the powers of the truth that would be applied in the confirmation of the power of evils.

In Matthew 5:29-30, Jesus was talking about sin and how to approach difficult situations, and he taught His followers that they could consider plucking out their right eye if it made them stumble.

It’s believed; however, the Meaning of these words shouldn’t be taken at face value; instead, believers should do their very best to avoid sinning.

Another warning about eyes and sinning is suggested in 1 John 2:16, which talks about the lust of the eyes that comes from the world rather than the Father.

Power of God

The Bible also uses the eyes and sight to represent the power of God and the great miracles He performed. It’s written in Acts 9:18 that after the scales fell off the eyes of Saul, he regained his sight, after which he stood up and was baptized. 

The eyes are also described as the vessel through which believers receive salvation, and so, Christians are encouraged to keep their eyes open for them to receive salvation by turning from the darkness to the light – Acts 26:18 and Psalm 119:18.

Mirror of the soul

According to Matthew 6:22-23, the eyes are described as the lamps for the souls, and it’s written that if the eyes are healthy, then it means that the whole body would be okay and filled with light.

The scriptures further mention that if the eyes are unhealthy, it could mean that the rest of the body would be full of darkness. 

It’s also worth noting that the eyes are believed to be the vessels through which humankind can choose to live in the ways of God or in a sinful way – Job 31:1.

Other mentions of eyes in the Bible include Genesis 27:1, Proverbs 20:12, Proverbs 27:20, Psalms 34:15, and Psalm 121:1.

The spiritual and symbolic Meaning of the right eye

The right is believed to have the following meanings:

  • In most cultures, the right eye is regarded as the symbol of protection, masculine energy, and good luck. So, mentions or associations with the right eye were believed to be tied to good elements. In other cultures, the right eye is associated with strength, courage, and power. 
  • The right eye is also believed to be a symbol of the sun, and with the power of the sun often associated with light – the sun’s bright light is necessary for life to thrive; the right eye is also believed to represent life.   
  • A window into the soul. In other cultures, the right eye is believed to have the power to give insights into what could be happening in an individual’s 

The spiritual and symbolic Meaning of the left eye

  • The left eye is also highly regarded spiritually, with several cultures believing that the left eye is the most spiritual of the eyes. Therefore, many people with such spiritual beliefs regard the left eye as the most powerful to be trusted and protected.
  • It’s suggested that the left eye is closely associated with the moon goddess, and it’s therefore seen as a symbol of femininity and feminine energy.
  • The left eye is also believed to be the center and source of creativity, intuition, and imagination. This belief is common across different cultures, where it is believed that the left eye is directly linked to the right side of the brain, which is regarded as the side of the brain responsible for the processing of emotions, and also the source of creativity. Additionally, the connection between the left eye and the right brain is believed to be why some people regard the left eye as the symbol of all emotions, as well as an individual’s intuition.
  • Some people also associate the left eye with protection. In some of the world’s cultures, it is believed that the left eye is spiritually charged to ward off evil spirits. Other cultures associate the left eye with the ability to protect people from negative energies.  
  • It’s worth noting that while the right eye is believed to be closely associated with the sun, the left eye is believed to be related to the moon. Therefore, while the right eye symbolizes the ability to see things more clearly, the left eye could represent an individual’s ability to see darkness or negativity. Also, while the right eye is believed to be masculine and a window to the soul, the left eye is believed to carry a feminine vibrational energy.

Myths and superstitions about eyes in different cultures 


Islamic beliefs also teach about the evil eye as they believe that the evil eye (Al-‘Ayn) contains the power to bring him to people, objects, and animals.

Even in ancient Muslim beliefs, it was believed that the individuals with the evil eye were jealous of others and even brought misfortune. This is one of the belief systems that they believe in strongly.

Muslims also believe that the evil eye represents not only jealousy but also misfortune and a great deal of negativity from envy and jealousy.

The importance and weight carried by the Evil Eye for Muslims are said to have been testified about by the Prophet Muhammad, who urged the believers to seek refuge in Allah since He would protect them from evil.

The opposite is true, though, that they also believed in the existence of good people who would glance in an individual’s direction and bring them success. 


In ancient Egyptian beliefs, one of the things that stand out about their beliefs is that they strongly believed in the Eye of Horus, which they regarded as a symbol of health and protection.

The ancient Egyptians believed that Horus, the Egyptian God of the sky and war, went to battle with Set, the Egyptian God of war or violence, and in the process, Horus lost the left eye. His wife successfully fixed his vision, but later, Horus sacrificed his eye again to save his dad’s life.

This is one of the most popular myths in ancient Egypt, and it’s believed that the eye of Horus represented prosperity, protection, and healing.

Therefore, they believed that whoever wife the Eye of Horus would have an amulet that warded envy and evil.


According to Buddhist beliefs, one of the most important beliefs and teachings shared is about the divine eye or the Dibba cakkhu.

Through this belief, they believed that the divine eye was an interpreted version of the purified vision, which is believed to be very different from physical vision through the physical eyes.

In Buddhist teachings, it is suggested that the divine eyes could make it possible for an individual to see karmic destinations. In other words, they believed that the divine eye allowed them to have the power of clairvoyance.

These teachings also suggested that the individuals with the divine eye could see it all, the seen and unseen. 


In Hinduism, the eyes are essential organs that carry great Meaning and power. Hindus strongly believe in the power of the evil eye, and they also believe that babies are the most vulnerable to the evil eye because of their natural beauty.

As a result, parents will put in place efforts to deflect the effects of the evil eye. This is important for them because they associate the evil eye with the creation of blemishes that may affect the child for the rest of their lives.

Additionally, the people of Nepal are encouraged to eat a healthy amount of greens to improve their vision. They believe the zeaxanthin and lutein in the leafy greens will fight eye problems like macular degeneration.

Other than the evil eye, Hindu things also emphasize the element of the third eye, a concept that all Hindus believe in, as they believe that all humans have the evil eye.

According to their teachings, the two eyes on humans’ faces were the physical eyes that allowed people to see and experience the world, while the third eye represented an eye that allowed people to turn inward and focus on God.

Hindu teachings suggest that the third eye is located at the center of the forehead, where the Ajna Chakra is located, and they believe that this eye represents a higher level of intuition.

It’s also believed that the third eye represented Shiva’s third eye and that it stood for enlightenment. And so, the Hindus wore the bindi on their forehead because they believed that it helped them to remain connected with God and their inner selves. 


According to Mexican beliefs, there exists a strong connection between the eyes and God, and they believe in the never-ending state of this connection.

In Mexican cultures, they also believe that God has an eye called the ‘Ojo de Dios.’ But unlike our eyes, their myths suggest that God’s eye represents a spiritual object created by one of the indigenous Mexican groups, the Huichol.

This object, God’s eye, is believed to be woven out of yarn and then stretched out on a wooden cross. And so, in their beliefs, they held that the eye of God was a reflection of God’s ever-seeing power and providence and also the portal through which God sends them messages.

Therefore, the Mexicans are said to have used God’s eye to pray for their children, to ask for protection, a long life, and for abundance.

What does a dream about eyes mean spiritually?

Dreams involving the eyes often carry different meanings depending on what happens with the eyes. 

Dreaming about having an eye infection

If you have a dream where your eyes are sore or have an infection, people who believe in superstitions say that this may signify the fact that you could be stuck on certain problems in their lives. It could also mean that while you’re stuck and not moving on, you remain unhappy.

At the same time, some people suggest that the eye infection in the dream could mean receiving bad news or being unsure of your life’s direction.

Therefore, it’s believed that the dream could be there to nudge you to become more confident and honest about what’s happening in your life, hence the chance to possibly have a brighter outlook. 

That said, it’s also possible that the eye infection in the dream could also mean that you could have an actual eye infection. 

Dreaming about losing your left eye

In some cultures, it’s believed that dreaming about losing your left eye means that you may have lost your perspective. It could also symbolize the loss is self-strength and confidence.

Therefore, if you have such a dream, it is said to be a sign from the universe asking you to listen and pay attention to what’s happening within your soul.

Dreaming about losing your right eye

Some people suggest that a dream about losing your right eye could be a sign that you could be becoming blind in some areas of your life.

This may have to do with your emotions, yourself, or even your relationship. So, this dream is interpreted as a sign to realign your goals and focus on the things that matter the most to you.

Loss of the right eye is also believed to be associated with the loss of someone’s rational side because of the suggestion that the right side of the body is associated with logic.  

Dreaming about losing both eyes

A dream about losing both eyes is said to represent how you could feel about yourself in the eyes of others. This suggestion is shared across different cultures, and it is believed to be a way through which the universe reminds you to stand in your power rather than being or feeling helpless.

This dream is also interpreted to mean that you have been feeling helpless or worthless. 

Dreaming about not being able to open your eyes

It’s suggested that if you have a dream in which you’re unable to open your eyes, it could be a sign of how you may be feeling – out of control, helpless, and unable to take care of someone who you care about.

It is also said that you’re feeling lost about a situation, anxious about something, or doing your best to safeguard yourself from any discomfort. 

Different colors of eyes and their spiritual meanings 

Spiritual Meaning of eyes
Different colors of eyes and their spiritual meanings. Image source: Pixabay

Amber eyes

Amber is regarded as one color that carries a lot of meaning spiritually. Still, among other interpretations, the rare hues of the color amber are believed to represent the radiance and the warm embrace of love.

Since this is a rare color for most humans, other meanings attached to it include the fact that it may represent someone who is the center of attention, mysterious, and friendly. The person could also have spiritual powers. 

Black eyes

In most cultures, black is associated with mystery, darkness, and the unknown, and this color could represent death, the cycle of life, and power or strength.

So, many people suggest that if you have black eyes, it could be a sign of a higher level of intuition and inner wisdom, having a protective energy, grief, or even the presence of darkness in your psyche.

Black eyes could also mean that you have a lot of power and are authoritative while pointing to your creative side.

Blue eyes

Across different cultures, it’s believed that children born with blue eyes naturally possess positive and strong observation abilities, and as adults, they become more attuned to the world.

Brown eyes 

Brown is the most popular color in the world, and it’s suggested that individuals with brown eyes are headstrong, competitive, and confident.

If you have brown eyes, it is often said that you may be principled and known to follow through on anything you strongly feel about. 

People with brown eyes are also said to be kind, approachable, friendly, humble, and honest. Having brown eyes may also indicate that you are stable, strong, and compassionate. 

Golden/yellow eyes

If you have yellow or golden eyes, it’s believed that your eyes could be a sign that you are easy to love and full of joy.

But then, it could mean illness, so if your eyes turn yellow out of the blue and you feel sick, you should see a doctor immediately. That aside, naturally, yellow or golden eyes are associated with strength and divine wisdom.

Green eyes

If you have green eyes, a color that represents the earth and nature, it is believed in some cultures that you could be levelheaded, wise, and calm. You may also experience good luck; your green eyes could bring wealth and fertility. 

Grey eyes 

People with grey eyes are often seen as intriguing and mysterious, but they are also believed to be reflective, intelligent, knowledgeable, and understanding.

However, grey is also associated with loneliness and sadness. If you have grey eyes, you should also know that some beliefs associate grey eyes with wisdom and a sense of peace and comfort.

Hazel eyes

Hazel eyes feature a mix of green and brown, and this color combination is said to be common with people who are unpredictable and indecisive.

On the flip side, hazel eyes are also seen as sings that you’re creative, unique, strong, determined, and someone who enjoys good health. 

Purple/violet eyes

In most cultures, purple eyes are often associated with evil, but it’s also suggested that having yellow eyes could mean that you’re spiritual, creative, aligned, and balanced.

It’s also believed that having purple eyes or seeing them in dreams could be a sign of being spiritually aligned. 

Red eyes

It is believed that people with red eyes are not only aggressive but also dangerous. They are also seen as fiery and passionate, strong, and powerful.

However, people with red eyes are also said to have a lot of anger and rage. 

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