Spiritual meaning of hiccups (meaning and symbolism)

As a theologian, I take an interest in the spiritual beliefs that different cultures have concerning hiccups since I find hiccups quite strange. I was especially intrigued by the meaning and symbolism of hiccups after hearing someone say that hiccups are spiritual.

My curiosity made me conduct more research on this. I spent a week reading 25 Ways to Cure the Hiccups: Uncovering the Truth Behind 101 Common Myths and Misconceptions by Brian Udermann and learned a lot about hiccups and their meanings.

Last week, I was teaching a college class about spiritual meanings attached to various natural things. I mentioned hiccups and what other people believe it means.

My students asked me whether hiccups have any spiritual meaning. Another wanted to know the spiritual messages hiccups convey.

Having done in-depth research on this topic, I had all the right answers at my fingertips. So, what is the spiritual meaning of hiccup?

Though the Bible does not explain the spiritual meaning of hiccups, some people suggest that they symbolize fear, ill health of a loved one, desire to control others, energy of our bodies, hidden negative emotions, and loss of spiritual connection.

In this article, I invite you to join me as we delve into the spiritual meaning of hiccups. Keep reading to find out why we get hiccups, the spiritual messages you can get from hiccups, the superstition of hiccups in different cultures, and much more!

Reasons why you keep getting hiccups

Spiritual meaning of hiccups
Reasons why you keep getting hiccups. Image source: Freepik

Hiccups are sudden movements of the diagram that one cannot control. One of the key parts that play a significant role during breathing is the diaphragm.

This muscle separates the stomach from the chest area, and it moves upward as you breathe out and downward as you breathe in. Sometimes, a spasm in the diaphragm may cause the vocal cords to close suddenly.

This is what leads to the hic sound you make when you experience a hiccup.

When you hiccup, the diaphragm pulls down between the breaths and makes you suck in air. On the other hand, the space between the vocal cords, known as the glottis, closes to prevent more air from coming in.

These actions are believed to make the hic sound. Medical professionals believe that we get hiccups due to the following reasons.

  • Drinking or eating too fast
  • Eating too much
  • Drinking alcohol or carbonated beverages
  • Overstretching the neck
  • Going through chemotherapy
  • Experiencing stress,
  • Taking anxiety drugs
  • Sudden change in temperature
  • Smoking
  • Inhaling toxic fumes
  • Drinking a very cold or hot drink

Some medical experts reveal that hiccups could be a sign of a medical problem, especially when they occur for a long time. Therefore, if you experience hiccups for over 48 hours, consider consulting a doctor. They can give you certain medications to relax the diaphragm.

The spiritual symbolism of hiccups

Spiritual meaning of hiccups 
The spiritual symbolism of hiccups. Image source: Pixabay


According to some spiritual people, hiccups denote fear. They believe that you may begin hiccupping when you are too afraid of something like death, loss, or failure. People argue that hiccups could indicate a deep-rooted fear you have yet to address.

Therefore, if you keep on hiccupping, those who believe in its spiritual meaning suggest considering looking inward and thinking about what you may be afraid of. They suggest that addressing your fear can help you conquer hiccups and prevent them from coming back.

Poor health of beloved ones

Some spiritual people also argue that hiccupping could indicate that someone you are close to is probably ill or is going to get sick.

They suggest that the hiccup is a message from the angels to remind you to check up on your loved ones and encourage them to go to the hospital. It is said that doing so could save a loved one from getting too sick.

They symbolize the energy of your body

Spiritual experts suggest that the body gives us clues about what is happening in our bodies. Therefore, getting frequent hiccups is believed to be connected to your body’s energy. They argue that the muscle beneath your lungs is somehow connected to your solar plexus.

The solar plexus is believed to be the center of your gut feelings and energy. Therefore, based on this theory, hiccupping could remind you to breathe deeply, take some time off, connect with the present moment, or practice self-care.

Hidden negative emotions

According to some people, hiccupping could also symbolize that your body is trying to release some hidden negative emotion. For instance, it is said you could be holding onto emotions like anxiety, stress, or anger, which could make you hiccup.

Therefore, they suggest that if you experience frequent hiccups, you should take some time to reflect on your emotional state to try and identify what exactly could be causing them. After figuring this out, you should look for better ways to control negative emotions.

Progress in your spiritual journey

Some people also associate hiccups with positive things like spiritual growth. They speculate that if you have been working on your spiritual journey, a hiccup could indicate that your efforts are slowly paying off.

They further posit that hiccupping could mean that you are getting closer to your higher self and are about to experience a breakthrough in your spiritual journey.

Other spiritual people suggest that getting hiccups symbolizes that you could be acquiring clairvoyance. According to them, you could get the ability to see the future or the past. They also speculate that hiccups symbolize that you are developing more compassion and empathy towards others.

Loss of spiritual connection

Others are of the opposite opinion. They imply that frequent hiccups could symbolize losing your spiritual connection.

According to these spiritual people, if you keep on hiccuping, it denotes that to get in touch with your higher self, you should stop allowing your lower self to take over.

Spiritual messages you can get from hiccups

Spiritual meaning of hiccups
Spiritual messages you can get from hiccups. Image source: Pixabay

Hiccups are believed to have messages from the spiritual realm. Some superstitious people imply that they are a way for our spirit guides to get our attention. Therefore, here are some of the spiritual messages you can get from hiccups.

True love

Some experts speculate hiccups could be sending you a message that you are about to fall in love. Since hiccups are believed to be contagious, some people posit that if you and a person you like hiccup at the same time, it could mean that you are destined to be together.

You are under a curse

Others suggest that sometimes hiccupping could carry a cautionary message. The hiccup could warn you that someone may have put an evil eye or a curse on you. If you suspect that this is the message, it is suggested to consider cutting off negative people from your life.

An angel is watching over you

Hiccups are also believed to remind us that we are not alone. According to some spiritual people, when you hiccup, your spiritual guide, who is an angel, could be watching over you and supporting you.

Something unexpected is about to happen

Some people also speculate that hiccupping could be sending you a spiritual message of unexpected events. Therefore, they imply that you should consider watching out for significant changes in your life.

The spiritual message could be encouraging you to get out of your comfort zone for you to experience a positive change.

Keep calm

According to spiritual people, hiccups are a reminder for you to be more aware of your feelings and thoughts. They, therefore, speculate that when you hiccup, the message could be that you need to acknowledge your thoughts and practice quiet reflection.

According to this interpretation, if you have frequent hiccups, consider meditating and staying calm for a few minutes.

Expect a visitor

Some cultures suggest that when you have hiccups, it could mean that you are about to receive a guest. It could be a family member or close friend. Therefore, they believe you should prepare for the guest since they are about to bring you happiness.

Superstitions about hiccups in different cultures

Based on Indian culture, when you have a hiccup, it denotes that someone is negatively thinking about you. According to an old wive’s tale, you have to guess the name of a person you think is talking about you in a negative way to get rid of the hiccup. They also believe that hiccups are a sign of bad luck and that the devil lives inside of you.

People in Ancient Greece had similar beliefs as Indians concerning hiccups. They believed that if you experienced hiccups, it meant that someone was complaining about you.

The Hungarians also share similar sentiments since they believe that hiccupping could mean that you are being gossiped about.

On the other hand, the Russians have a different superstition regarding hiccupping. They believe that when you get these spasms, it could indicate that you are popular.

That is why when a Russian starts hiccupping, they list off the names of people they know. They believe that when a hiccup suddenly disappears after a particular name, it denotes that person is probably missing you.

Some Russians also believe that holding your ears as you drink water can cure hiccups. They imply that this may work since it stimulates the vagus nerve that controls the diaphragm.

The Philippines speculate that evil spirits cause hiccups. Therefore when a person starts hiccupping in this region, they are encouraged to pray to drive away the evil spirits.

Most cultures view hiccups as bad omens. Some suggest that hiccups indicate that one is about to receive bad news. According to Japanese beliefs, hiccupping over 100 times in a row could lead to death.

On the other hand, Africans believe that hiccups could mean that someone is thinking about you.

Are hiccups good or bad spiritually?

Spiritual meaning of hiccups 
Are hiccups good or bad spiritually? Image source: Pixabay

Some suggest that hiccups are good spiritually since they can help you with your future sight. It is believed that hiccups could help you see the future and the past.

People who believe this further suggest that this is a good thing since it can help you be fully present at the moment. They could also help you connect more with the spirit world.

Those who view hiccups as good spiritually also posit that they remind you to pay more attention to your spiritual health and intuition.

On the other hand, some believe that hiccups could be bad spiritually since they can sometimes be a sign of negative energy. Those who believe this speculate that hiccups could indicate your life is out of balance. For instance, they could be a sign of a physical or emotional issue.

Many spiritual people speculate that hiccups symbolize the tension between our higher consciousness and physical bodies. They further argue that hiccups not only remind us that we are physical beings but also spiritual beings.

How do you know your hiccup has a spiritual message?

There is no sure way of knowing that a hiccup has a spiritual message. Some people suggest that it depends on how spiritual one is. This means that if you don’t believe in superstition, you may not know that your hiccup has a spiritual message.

Others imply that you can know your hiccup has a spiritual message by focusing on your life. They argue that when you get a hiccup, you should try to assess whether you are experiencing a physical or emotional issue.

This self-assessment is believed to help you determine whether the universe could be trying to send you a message through the hiccup.

With that said, the Bible tells us not to believe in mythology and superstitions. We can learn this from 1st Timothy 4:7, which reminds us not to have anything to do with irrelevant myths but instead train ourselves for godliness.

Additionally, Leviticus 19:31 says we should not turn to mediums or necromancers. Therefore, as much as we are fascinated by the spiritual meanings of hiccups, we should understand they are not biblical.

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