Spiritual Meaning of itchy eyes (Meaning of left and right eyes itching)

As a theologian, I have never been one to look into superstitions and myths regarding things. This changed a few years ago when my eyes suddenly got really itchy.

The doctor mentioned it could be an allergic reaction. However, when I mentioned it to my friends, they brought up different spiritual meanings linked to itching eyes.

Though I do not believe in such theories, knowledge about them wouldn’t hurt. So, I embarked on a deep and extensive research journey to learn about the spiritual meanings and superstitions of itchy eyes.

Last Sunday, I joined a certain theology group, and a member randomly asked about the different spiritual meanings attached to itchy eyes.

Another member went further and asked about the Meaning of both the left and right eye itching. Because I had conducted extensive research on this topic, I was in a position to provide them with the answers they needed.

So, let’s look at the spiritual Meaning of itchy left and right eyes.

The Bible does not attach any meaning to itchy eyes. However, different cultures have different beliefs and interpretations about itchy eyes. According to some, an itchy left eye is believed to signify bad luck, whereas an itchy right eye is assumed to mean good luck.

Join me as I extensively unfold some fascinating facts about itchy eyes. Today I will be discussing superstitions and omens of itchy left and right eyes in different cultures, the causes of itchy eyes, and what it means when you itch your eyes. Are you curious to know this and more? Well, keep on reading.

What causes eyes to itch?

Spiritual Meaning of itchy eyes 
What causes eyes to itch? Image source: Pixabay

Itchy eyes can be a result of several reasons. Pollutants, allergies, infections, and some conditions affecting the eyes are a few of the reasons that cause your eye to itch.

Knowing the cause of itchy eyes is important since it helps in finding the right treatment. Here are some possible causes;


Medical practitioners explain that getting itchy eyes during a particular period of the year is an indicator of seasonal allergies. Such allergies are also accompanied by sneezing and difficulty breathing during the same season.

Your body will react by releasing Histamine (a compound released by the body to fight allergens), which causes dilation of the blood vessels around the eyes, thus causing irritation.

Furthermore, perennial allergies can cause eye itching. Dust, mould, and pets are examples of the most common perennial allergies that one can encounter all through the year.

In this case, seeing an allergist can help you find out the specific cause of itchy eyes at your home when environmental allergens are excluded. This will help one to reduce exposure to such allergens, thus minimizing eye itch.

Dry eye

Tears contain mucus, oil, and water, which are responsible for keeping your eyes moist. At some point in life, your eyes may not produce adequate tears to refresh and moisten your eyes.

This is common among the elderly, as a result causing eyes to be dry, which causes eye itching. Moreover, some diseases, like diabetes, can also cause eye dryness, leading to itching.


The eye is among the most sensitive parts of the human body and is vulnerable to fungal, bacterial, and viral infections. All these infections can cause the eye to itch, with conjunctivitis and uveitis being the most common eye infections.


If you are sensitive to diesel exhaust, certain perfumes, or smoke, it can be the reason why you experience itchy eyes. The simplest solution is avoiding exposure to such irritants.

Straining your eyes

Excessive use of electronic gadgets such as phones, computers, and television for a long time can strain your eyes, causing them to be itchy.

This can also happen if you try to study in a room with poor lighting, driving long distances at night, or when you are trying to be awake by forcing your eyes to remain open. It is advisable in case of such; you should consider sleeping.

What does it mean when your eyes itch?

According to medical experts, eye itching is mostly associated with allergic reactions. However, different cultures and religions have other beliefs and interpretations.

In some cultures, eye itching is believed to mean transformation, intuition, or divine messages. The eye is considered the window to the soul in many cultures. It reflects the true nature of a person, and it is a symbol of the inner vision.

Therefore, itchy eyes are thought to be a possible call to someone to wake up and look past the physical realm and use the wisdom from within.

However, it is important to seek a doctor’s help if you see some alarming signs such as redness, swelling, or burning sensation in your eyes.

Left and Right Eye Itching Superstition in Different Cultures and Countries

Chinese culture

The Chinese culture’s beliefs about itchy eyes contradict those of Western culture. Chinese culture suggests that left eye itching indicates good luck while the right eye means bad luck.

This is because in China, words such as left are associated with ‘money’ in Mandarin, and right is linked to ‘disaster.’ The Western culture holds an opposite meaning, where they associate the right eye with good luck and the left with bad luck.


Texts of Nepal in India attach meaning to itchy eyes based on gender. If a woman has her left eye itching, some believe that it is an indication of greatness and success.

On the contrary, left eye itchiness is thought to mean trouble, and vice versa. This belief is still held onto and passed to generations.

African culture

Africa has various interpretations of itchy eyes. If the upper eyelids of either of the eye itch, it is believed that an unexpected guest will be arriving soon.

And if the lower eyelid itches, it is interpreted as a sign of a bad omen. If we narrow down and specifically look at Nigeria, a scratchy left eye is perceived as bad luck.


In Egyptian mythology, eyes are sacred. The right eye represents the Sun god Ra, and the left eye is a representation of the Moon-god Horus.

Therefore, an itchy right eye is seen as an impending metamorphosis, either physical, emotional, or spiritual. In addition, some cultures in Egypt believe that an itchy right eye means good luck and the left one misfortune.

Hawaiian culture

In Hawaiian culture, an itchy left eye is perceived to mean the arrival of a stranger. It is also it is believed to mean that a family member probably is going to pass away.

The right eye itching is believed to be a sign of the upcoming birth of a baby if a member of a family has been pregnant recently.

Spiritual meanings and superstitions about Right Eye itching

Spiritual Meaning of itchy eyes 
Spiritual meanings and superstitions about Right Eye itching. Image source: Pixabay

Here are several spiritual meanings and superstitions surrounding an itching right eye;

Anticipation of Good News

Itching the right eye is assumed to mean that you will receive good news. The nature of the news can come in different forms and can be about anything.

Compliments from others

According to some cultures, when you have an itchy right eye, it is likely that someone somewhere is speaking highly of you. Although it is not possible to determine who the specific person is.

You will see a friend

If you have stayed for long without seeing a close friend, itching of the eye may be interpreted to mean that very soon you are going to meet them. However, the time and date cannot be known.

Spiritual meanings and superstitions about Left Eye Itching

Here are some superstitions linked to an itching left eye;


Some people suggest that if your left eye itches, someone is probably talking about you in a bad way. There is a superstition that if you mention the name of your friends, the itching will stop upon mentioning the name of the gossiper.

Hidden Secrets

Others believe that if your left eye is itching, a friend is keeping something away from you and probably does not want you to find out.

The reason can be they fear you might disapprove of their suggestion or idea. Therefore, sometimes it is good to be a good listener and also allow others to make decisions.

Trouble with loved ones

Sometimes, people we love often go through some hard times and experience some difficulties in life. Therefore, the universe might find a way of passing such a message to us.

Some cultures perceive an itchy left eye to mean that there is a chance that your friend is in trouble, and soon you may find out.

What day of the week is your right eye Itchy?

Right eye itchiness can occur any day during the cost of the week. Therefore, there is no specific day on which the right eye will each more. However, there are some possible explanations for what it means if it itches during the week.

Monday- It is generally believed that you will make yourself a new enemy. But just in case you didn’t involve yourself in any conflict the previous day, it is presumed that you will receive some good news.

Others interpret itching your right eye on a Monday to mean that all you plan is likely to be successful.

Tuesday- Itchy right eye on Tuesday is interpreted to mean there is the possibility that it is going to be a bad day. You should prepare yourself to face fights and bad moods.

Wednesday- When you itch your right eye on a Wednesday, it is often thought that you are going on a trip; it can be a business trip, and mostly, it might be impromptu.

Some cultures even advise you to consider going as they believe it will impact your life positively. On the other hand, such an action is perceived to can signify that a friend wants to meet you.

Thursday- Many tend to believe that you might have a good mood for the day, and there is a chance that you will have fun with friends and relatives.

Friday- Some people believe that if you itch your right eye on a Friday, you are going to get what you lost. However, they believe that this could be of no benefit or little importance.

Weekends- When you itch your right eye on a Saturday, it is believed that you are going to enjoy yourself with your partner, maybe on a romantic date or even a nature walk.

If it is on a Sunday, some hold the view that you might meet your soulmate, which some posit might lead to a serious relationship.

What day of the week is your left eye Itchy?

The left eye, just like the right eye, can itch any day of the week. Here are some interpretations of why the left eye itches on different days of the week;

Monday- It is perceived to mean that good things are on the way coming, and there is a chance that it will happen in your family, friends, and your partner.

Tuesday- Some people believe that if your left eye itches on this day, you should not give up on whatever you are up to because what you are probably doing is going to be a success.

Wednesday- Many assume that the chances and possibilities of you meeting your soul mate are very high if your left eye feels itchy on this day. They mostly associate this with if you are still single and you are searching for a life partner.

Thursday- Many tend to believe that it is a sign of a hectic day, and you might shade tears. However, the root cause cannot be determined.

Other cultures posit that if you itch your left eye on a Thursday and you are driving on such a day, it is good to be cautious and take precautions.

Friday- Some people believe that if your left eye is itchy on a Friday, you will likely reconnect with a loved one. If this happens on weekends, it is believed that you will soon experience a steady financial flow.

Superstitions about itchy left and right eyes for males and females

Meaning of left and right eyes itching
Superstitions about itchy left and right eyes for males and females. Image source: Pixabay

Female right eye itching

According to some cultures, if you are a woman and you are frequently experiencing an itch in your right eye, it is a way of the universe possibly suggesting that the future holds bad luck for you and things are about to get messy.

Therefore, you should be sensitive and prepare for such events when they take place.

Female left eye itching

This is said to signify that luck is on the woman’s side, and it is only a matter of time before greatness is revealed.

This action is also believed to indicate either life is getting good; you will see an old friend, you might be receiving a baby, or someone is saying good things about you.

Male right eye itching

Most people in different cultures believe that when a man’s right eye itch, it is believed to signify success, and most likely if you had lent out money, those who owe you money are likely to repay you soon.

The male left eye itching

Well, as a man, if you feel itchy in your left eye, some cultures advise that it is time to really be cautious and take precautions. It is assumed that things are not aligning well in your life.

It is believed that someone you know is likely to be harmed, and it is only a matter of time before it happens and probably someone who is very close to you is going to pass on.

Superstitions and omens of itchy left and right eye itching in different cultures

Omen basically means future prediction, whereas superstitions are assumed to govern people’s way of life in their culture. Most African cultures interpret an itchy left eye to indicate a bad omen.

This is because the mostly left side is mostly associated with negativity. However, in some cultures, the left eye is the symbol of the moon.

Therefore, it goes without saying that they interpret an itching right eye to signify a good omen.

How can you tell if your eyes itching is a spiritual sign?

There are not enough resources that educate on how one can determine if itching eyes is a spiritual sign. However, this often depends on your beliefs and traditions; if you believe in spiritual signs, then it might be easy for you to rule out itching eyes as a spiritual sign.

However, knowing what the Bible says regarding such beliefs, traditions, myths, and superstitions is key. The scripture is clear that we should not ascribe to such things.

The book of 1 Timothy 4:7 is clear that we should have nothing to do with ungodly myths but rather train ourselves to lead godly lives.

Therefore, as Christians, we should seek to know what God says about our happenings in life rather than seeking wisdom in myths and superstitions.

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