Spiritual Meaning Of Waxing And Waning Crescent Moon (Significance Of The Crescent Moon)

At theology school, I developed an interest in different Christian beliefs. I was particularly drawn to Christian Anthropology studies and the concept of the Crescent Moon and its significance.

During my research, I pored through multiple books and articles, spoke to professionals and experts in Anthropology and astrology, and even discussed the subject with my theology colleagues and church pastors.

Last week, my college theology students asked me to explain if the crescent moon was of any significance. Most were thinking of the effects of the moon on personalities or how the moon influences things like vampires.

Based on my research, I was able to provide them with comprehensive answers. So, what is the spiritual meaning of the waning and waxing crescent moons?

In addition to the crescent moon symbolizing the night sky and the waning and waxing phases of the moon’s lunar cycle, the crescent moon is spiritually believed to be a sign of new possibilities on the horizon, optimism, and the opportunity to make changes in life. The waxing crescent moon is regarded as a time for tapping into feminine energies and using that energy to manifest one’s goals and intentions. In contrast, the waning crescent is interpreted as a sign from the universe asking individuals to release the things and energies that no longer serve them, even as they prepare for new opportunities.

In this post, I’ll share more about the spiritual significance of the crescent moon, the effects of the waxing and waning moon phases, its spiritual significance, and personality traits associated with the crescent moon phases. So, let’s dive right into it!

Spiritual Significance of the Crescent Moon

Spiritual Meaning Of Waxing And Waning Crescent Moon
Spiritual Significance of the Crescent Moon. Image source: Pixabay

Sign to stay positive

According to different spiritual individuals, the crescent moon is believed to carry an immense amount of positive energy that inspires them to remain positive.

And with the positive energy from the crescent moon, the crescent moon shining down is interpreted as being rightly positioned to attract good luck and positivity in life. 

The positivity associated with the crescent moon is also believed to have the power to open the mind making it possible to see the great possibilities in even the most difficult situations.

There is also a belief that the crescent moon’s energy has the potential to get someone out of a depressive state or funk, and it changes things around for individuals feeling sad.

As a result, most individuals associate the crescent moon phase with the universe, asking them to remain positive.

Reminder to keep taking action

The crescent moon is also associated with spiritual motivation, and this phase of the moon is considered an inspiring sign for the universe to always take action that would lead to growth and progress in the right direction.

In astrology and across different spiritual communities, seeing the crescent moon is associated with some kind of spiritual motivation in which the universe provides the necessary energy and inspiration needed to keep going, even when tired, failing, or when faced with uncertainty.

Feminine Energy

In different spiritual beliefs and patterns, the crescent moon represents femininity, as it’s often associated with the feminine goddess.

This feminine energy is associated with psychic abilities, intuition, creativity, and the power of fertility.

In some cultures, the crescent moon’s waxing and waning phases are associated with childbirth or the womb. The moon is also viewed as a spiritual guide that plays an important role in guiding a woman’s life cycle from childbirth to menstruation and menopause. 

Spiritual growth and enlightenment

Many cultures of the world associate the crescent moon with spiritual enlightenment and growth. The waxing wane is suggested to represent the processes of setting the right intentions and planting seeds that would encourage spiritual transformation and positive changes. 

Time for change

Spiritual individuals and believers of astrology also suggest that the crescent moon’s sighting is a sign to make changes and that whenever the crescent moon makes an appearance, it’s suggested that it may be a sign that the universe could be trying to correct the individual.

So, while change is inevitable, the crescent moon is suggested to be a reminder of the changes that happen in life and how, even with the challenges faced in life. The changes that may be faced are associated with decision-making, action, and relationships. 

Sign of Joy

The crescent moon is also interpreted as a sign of joy from within, specifically, the kind of joy that provides strength regardless of the things going on in life.

It’s suggested that the joy from the crescent moon is the kind of joy that would give you the strength to power through life.

Time to rebuild strong, solid relationships

People who believe in astrology suggest that the crescent moon is a sign to start building stronger and solid relationships.

In some Asian communities, the crescent moon is suggested to have the power to bring in the perfect atmosphere for true relationships and romance.

The crescent moon is associated with the universe encouraging people to build solid relationships or to surround themselves with supportive and inspiring friendships. 

Dreams coming true

Some people strongly associate the crescent moon with the ability to deal with challenges or problems easily. And because they also believed that the waxing and waning moon phases come with a heightened sense of connection to the spiritual realm, this connection means the ability to align things in the desired direction.

Need for change

The crescent moon is also suggested to represent the potential need for change. Some people believe that the crescent moon’s power alerts them about what may be happening in their lives.

Some people interpret this as a warning regarding going in the wrong direction but also making them aware of the existence of a silver lining at the end of it all.

The crescent moon is also associated with the universe reminding people that they should accept the changes that may happen in their lives, whether with their families, relationships, finances, career, or health.

Beginning of a new phase in your life

Since the crescent moon is also associated with the moon’s final phase before it phases into the new moon phase, it’s suggested that noticing the crescent moon suggests the end of the current phase of life and the start of the next phase.

The new phase of the moon is associated with prosperity and good luck, as well as the desires of the heart coming to pass. 

Sign to trust themselves and to do whatever they think

Some people suggest that the crescent moon period is a sign that the universe is whispering to them to act and act on the things they have been thinking about.

The crescent moon is also interpreted as a holder of positive thoughts, and through it, it’s possible to manifest the positive thoughts in the mind.

The crescent moon phase is also regarded as a period during which the universe reminds individuals of their power to overcome doubts, illnesses, or failure. 

Time to share happiness

Some people believe that when you see the crescent moon, it is a sign that they might receive a great deal of happiness.

This message is believed to be important when someone is going through a hard time, and it’s also a reminder that the universe wants you to be happy. 

Biblical meaning of the crescent moon 

Significance Of The Crescent Moon
Biblical meaning of the crescent moon. Image source: Pixabay

It’s believed that the crescent moon has biblical connotations, with the waning and waxing crescent moons associated with different cosmic events, the ephemeral nature of human history and life, and divine epiphanies.

The crescent moon is mentioned in Revelation 21:23, Isaiah 60:19, and Isaiah 30:26. Biblically and in the patristic times, the three phases of the moon classified into the waning, waxing, and full moon phases are believed to represent the dying phase, generating, and the giving birth phases that represent the Church of Christ.

  • In this regard, Ecclesia represents the virginal and dying concerning encounters with Jesus Christ, also referred to as the bridegroom. Ecclesia, the church or Mary the Mother of Christ, is regarded as maternal and life-giving in their relation with the redeemer, who is regarded as being resplendent in her grace-filled existence.
  • Mary, also called the God-Bearer, is also regarded as Ecclesia, and is described as standing on the waning moon, which, as mentioned above, represents the fact that the synagogues and the Old Testament teachings are the main foundations of the church. It’s worth noting that the lunar motifs are rather old and were used as an old attribute to the church rather than Mary. These images of the church, Mary the Apocalyptic Woman, and the crescent moon, as well as the stars, are all visual elements said to have been borrowed from Revelation 12:1
  • Additionally, John the Baptist is also said to be connected to the waning moon in his role as the last prophet from the waning times of the Old Testament and the promise of the New Testament.
  • The contrast of the moon with the sun is regarded as a symbol of the fulfillment of the Old Testament prophesies through Jesus Christ. Note that Jesus Christ is often identified as a symbol of the waning moon.

Waxing Crescent Moon Spiritual Meanings

Before we look at the spiritual meanings associated with the waxing crescent moon, let’s first look at the basics of the lunar cycle.

The lunar cycle comes about because of the positioning of the full moon and the new moon opposite each other. In between these two points of the moon phases, the moon has to wax or grow fuller, and then it wanes, growing simmer until it becomes invisible.

This cycle repeats pretty much every month, and whenever this happens, individuals that believe in astrology and other spiritual beliefs, some people experience internal changes. 

It’s suggested that whenever the moon waxes, the cosmos sends some not-so-subtle signs pushing people towards action.

In this phase, the moon progresses towards its complete fullness, and astrologists believe this would be an ideal time to complete goals previously put in place.

The waxing moon phase is suggested as a time of reflection and analysis where individuals evaluate what’s happening in their lives and then take the necessary action.

Astrology believers note that the waxing crescent moon carries an incredible amount of energy fueling action and progress. 

So, what are some spiritual meanings attached to when the moon gets bigger (waxing)?

New beginnings

The waxing crescent moon is associated with new beginnings and growth, and when the moon starts waxing as it starts growing big, it’s suggested that it’s the time to set new intentions and plant seeds for the kind of life you’d wish to manifest. 

Increased Fertility

Many people who believe in astrology associate the waxing crescent moon phase with fertility because of the association of this moon’s phase with expansion and growth.

It’s considered the right time to focus on creating a new life or starting something new.

High Activity and Energy

The waxing crescent is also associated with higher energy and increased activity. With the high energy level, it’s suggested that the waxing moon phase is the time to tackle or embark on any new endeavors. 

Higher level of intuitiveness

Some people associate the waxing crescent moon with a heightened sense of intuition and also a heightened level of psychic abilities.

The waxing moon period is also suggested to be the time to trust your intuition and pay more attention to your dreams. 

Higher level of creativity

It’s also believed that the waxing crescent moon phase is a time of creativity and the time to engage in different creative pursuits.

The waxing crescent moon is also associated with new projects or goals, setting new intentions or plans for the future, and this phase is also viewed as a phase that teaches the importance of faith or trusting the universe. 

Spiritual Meanings of Waning Crescent Moon

The waning crescent moon period, on the other hand, represents that period in the lunar cycle when the moon starts to recede as the moon approaches the new moon phase.

So, in this phase, the crescent moon grows small and starts disappearing. It’s suggested that while in the waxing moon, the universe encourages people to become more outgoing and expansive in their actions, the waning moon represents a period of downsizing or taking things slow or letting go of the things that no longer serve you.

Ending or Completion

The waning crescent moon period is associated with endings or completions, and some people associate the waning crescent moon with things ending, or perhaps, a time to reflect on what’s already accomplished and letting go of the things that are no longer helpful.

Lowered energy levels or activity 

The waning moon period is further suggested to involve a lower energy level and time for recharging and resting rather than taking on new projects.

Increased Introspection 

 Some people associate the waning moon period with introspection and a heightened need for self-reflection. Many suggest that this period is ideal for turning inwards and examining one’s feelings and thoughts.

A higher level of emotional sensitivity

The waning period of the crescent moon is thought to represent a time of high emotional sensitivity, so it may be safe to pay more attention to one’s emotional state and the need to take care of oneself.

Higher Level of Psychic Awareness

Some people suggest that when the moon is in the waning phase, their level of psychic awareness increases, and individuals are better able to tap into the universe’s powers for spiritual guidance and divination. 

The waning crescent moon is also viewed as a symbol to let go of negative emotions, attachments, shedding old thoughts, or all the things that block evolution or growth. It’s also an invitation to surrender to the universe’s wisdom and trust that everything happens for the greater good. 

Personality traits of people born under the waning crescent moon 

Spiritual Meaning Of Waxing And Waning Crescent Moon 
Personality traits of people born under the waning crescent moon. Image source: Pixabay

Individuals born under the waning moon have the following characteristics:

Analytical, Introspective, and understanding

Individuals born under the waning moon are believed to be analytical and reflective regarding their desires and motivations.

However, these individuals don’t usually get as excited or warm up to people quickly, but they tend to use their conscience and have strong values and belief systems that guide them when making decisions.

In group settings, these individuals are considered ‘wise,’ and they are also reserved or restrained, with an artistic side. On the flip side, when they aren’t seen as artistic, individuals born during the waning moon aren’t deemed wise, but rebels – some have been described as being the personification of the devil.

While they seem to have it all together, these individuals tend to be haunted by the feeling of not being enough or complete, and they often feel like they are missing something.

With these feelings of inadequacy, these people turn into true warriors championing the good of others and themselves. They also tend to be interested in astrology, magic, esotericism, or spirituality.


Individuals born during the waning crescent moon phase are said to be rebellious souls with a wide spectrum of emotions. They often love passionately and enjoy absolute freedom but also tend to obsess and become addicted.

They tend to be explorative, but they may come off as too open. They depend on power games and manipulation to spice up their relationships and tend to confuse love with pleasure and passion. 

Strong mindset

They don’t shy away from challenges, have a strong entrepreneurial sense, and can be overly ambitious. They are also said to have ingenious minds and may go to extra lengths to meet their ambitions and goals. 

Personality traits of people born under the waxing crescent moon 

  • Some of the characteristics of people born under the waxing crescent moon include an adventurous spirit, a curious mind, and a natural sense of overflowing joy.
  • At the same time, these individuals tend to be conservative and timid when taking on new challenges or trying new things. They tend to be stuck in their comfort zones. 
  • They also tend to cling to their past and have a relatively low amount of energy because they instinctively do everything they can to ensure their security. 
  • The individuals born under the waxing crescent moon are courageous and independent but also embrace awkwardness, struggle, and discomfort.
  • Also, people born under the waxing crescent moon tend to have a strong natural sense of positivity, and they believe that they can easily get through difficult times through faith. The waxing crescent moon individuals are highly motivated, although they feel pressured to create and do more. 

Does the crescent moon bring good or bad luck?

For the longest time, the crescent moon has been associated with magic and mystery, mainly with good luck and good fortune.

The crescent moon is not just associated with good luck but also positivity, new beginnings, dreams coming true, building solid relationships, joy, and happiness.

And though the phases of the moon also reflect change, most people associate the phases of the crescent moon with positive changes in different areas of life. 

However, Christians do not believe in good or bad luck. They also do not associate the crescent moon with superstitions. To them, this is just one phase of the moon.

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