5 Prayers for Strength during Difficult Times (Praying for Strength)

As a born-again Christian, born and raised in a family of pastors, I have always recognized God as my strength during good times and difficult times. When we are going through challenges, the devil tries to steal us away from God by making us doubt our Faith in Him. Therefore, these are the times we should pray more that God gives us the strength to conquer these times because they are part of our Temptations. Here are Prayers for Strength during difficult times.

An Example of a good prayer for strength during difficult times is; “Heavenly Father, I humbly come before you, praying for your strength during these difficult times. Walk with and hold my hand so I can’t fall. Be my refuge and strength when I am weak. I trust in your everlasting love and your powerful strength. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.” Show that you have Faith in God’s everlasting strength by praying this prayer. He will be with you and help you out of your difficult times.

I invite you to this article, where we will be going deeper into the topic of praying for strength. We will also uncover answers to questions like where in the Bible it says that we should pray for strength during difficult times and what is the best time to pray for strength during difficult times. Also, we will learn more prayers we can use during difficult times, so read till the end.

5 Prayers for Strength during Difficult Times

Prayers for Strength during Difficult Times
Prayers for Strength during Difficult Times. Image source: Pixabay

A Prayer for Strength When Weary

Merciful God, I am drained. I don’t have the energy or motivation to move on. I need you in my life to hold my hand and not let me fall. I need your strength in my body and soul to walk me to the right path. The Bible implies that the Joy of the Lord is my strength. Therefore, I need you to feel my body, mind, and soul with your joy so I can get the strength to continue with this journey of life.

Burdens in life sometimes make me weak and helpless to move forward. I feel like my legs are broken, and I am paralyzed to move to where I am supposed to go. Lord, be my hope and help me to not give up. Help me to always find strength in a safe place under your shadow of overwhelming love. I need you to give me the strength to say no to temptations that may draw me away from you.

I need your strength to keep my Faith in you intact even during these hardships. I need your strength to reach out to your hand that will hold me and not let me fall. I cannot do it alone. I don’t have all it takes to make it out of these challenges alone. I need you, Lord. You are my refuge and strength, and that is why I call upon you today, believing that you will take all these burdens from me, that you will give me the strength to face these temptations, and that you will help me continue having faith in you, and that you will feel me with your joy even when my heart aches.

I don’t want to be stuck in these difficult moments. I want to move past these moments and testify of your powerful deeds in my life. Take control and get me pats these times. These moments will not define me, for I know my only definitions are I am a warrior of God and a child loved by God’s everlasting love. Therefore, Just like you were with Jesus during the wilderness and helped him conquer the devil’s temptations, help me conquer these hardships too. I pray through Christ Jesus. Amen. – Inspired by Rebecca Barlow Jordan

According to Nehemiah 8:10, the Bible implies that the Joy of the Lord is our strength. Pray that God gives you his joy in weary times and strengthens you because he is our Rock, according to Psalms 18:2.

Prayer for strength during times you feel like giving up.

Almighty Father, I am facing very tough times, and I don’t know whether I can make it. I cannot depend on my own strength. Walk with me through these hardships and help me overcome them. Dear Father, I trust in you and know that you are in control. Keep me calm and still in you in these times.

I am facing problems that are attacking me in every way. They are too much for me, and I don’t know if I can move past them. You are the only one who can keep me strong enough to overcome this moment. Grant me the strength that I may not give up. Help me to be focused and trust in you at all times. God be with me, for I know that when you are with me, I am safe. Give me your Holy Spirit to guide and guard me. Let my Faith grow in you, and let me always trust in your knowledge and strength. Comfort me in these afflictions. Cover me with the blood of Jesus Christ. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen. – Inspired by Christianity.com

Pray this prayer to leave all your problems to God because sometimes difficult situations are too much for us to handle, and if we don’t rely on God, our bodies and soul can get tired and end up giving life. However, God wants us to call to Him and have Faith in him during these times.

Prayers for comfort and strength during hard times

Our Father in Heaven, I am lonely and tired, I cry in pain, and I toss and turn in my bed at night. I lack words to express how I feel and the pain I am going through. But I know that you know everything about me. I pray desperately for you to come through for me. I need your loving care in my life. I need you to refuge me from these hardships that torment my peace of mind. Replace them with your everlasting peace that is beyond human understanding. Give me the strength to face my fears. Help me boldly trust in you even when I feel like I am drowning. Comfort me, heal me, and bring me peace in these difficult times. Amen. – inspired by Mission Australia

According to Isaiah 41:10, the Bible implies that we should not fear or be dismayed, for God is with, and He will strengthen us during these times. Therefore, this prayer is good to pray for when you are facing difficult times and afraid you don’t have the strength to conquer these times.

A Prayer for Strength When You’re At Your Weakest

Lord Jesus, Your word that you give power to the faint and renew strength to wait up to you. This is why I come to you, praying that you may remember me in these difficult moments. I am waiting upon you, Lord to give me the strength to overcome these hardships. Let me run and not be tired, let me walk and not faint, and let me mount up like an eagle. I cling to the promise that you gave your children. Lord, make me strong in my weakness. Amen. – Inspired by Isaiah 40:29-31

It is God’s strength that enabled Jesus to overcome the devil’s Temptations when he was in the Wilderness in the book of Matthew 4:1-11. Therefore, God’s strength is powerful, and this prayer asks for that kind of strength.

Renew My Soul in these difficult times

Almighty Father, Calamities come to our life to tempt our Faith in you. However, you are always by our side through this calamities to give us strength. I cling to the promise that you will be my strength during this season of hardships. Be by my side, Lord. Give me your wisdom as I make decisions and strength to overcome these difficult times. Give me your Holy Spirit to deliver me from these discouraging times and let my Faith grow more in you. Renew my soul through your Holy Spirit and let my mind and heart know that you are God, and I should be calm because you have a good reason for this. Amen. – Inspired by Connect Us

From the story of Job’s Temptation in the Book of Job, we learn that God is always with his people during hard times, and he will strengthen them when they continue trusting in him. Pray this prayer to ask God that he may renew your soul, strengthen you, and let your trust grow more in him even during these difficult times.

Where in the Bible does it say to pray for strength during difficult times?

Praying for Strength
Praying for strength during difficult times. Image source: Freepik

Many verses and stories in the Bible show that God is our strength during difficult times, and we should pray and ask for Him to strengthen us. One such verse is; Philippians 4:6Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.” This verse implies that we should not worry even during difficult times. Instead, we should pray to God. This is because God gives strength to those who pray for his strength.

Another verse is Psalm 46:1, which reads, “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” This verse implies that God is our strength and will help us during difficult times. However, you have to show that you believe He is your strength by praying for his help. When you pray, it shows that you have Faith in God’s strength, and he will strengthen you and be by your side during these difficult times.

Another verse is Psalm 34:4. It says, “I sought the LORD, and He heard me and delivered me from all my fears.” These are the words of David assuring us that when he was going through difficult times that made him have fear, He called upon the Lord, and God answered him and helped him out of the situation. God gave David the strength to conquer the challenges that made him fearful. Just like he heard David and strengthened him, God will also answer when you call upon him and give you the strength to get out of the situation.

A story that shows God is our strength and that we should pray for his strength during difficult times is the Story of Moses and the Israelites in the book of Exodus. When Moses was helping the Israelites out of Slavery by the Egyptians, they faced a lot of difficult times like, the pharaoh refusing to let go of the Israelites, Crossing the Red Sea, and lack of food and water in the wilderness. However, Moses always prayed for God to give them strength and get them out of difficult situations. God always heard Moses and strengthened them. This story teaches that we should also pray for God’s strength during difficult times because he will always hear us. Just like God gave the Israelites strength throughout their Exodus, he will also strengthen you in your difficult times.

What is the best time to pray for strength during difficult times?

There is no certain time set that you should pray for strength during difficult times. You can pray at any time because God will listen to your prayer at all times, no matter the hour, minute or second. According to Psalms 121:4, The Bible implies that God never slumbers. God will never be tired to listen to your prayer. He is always ready to hear from you; hence you can pray at any time of the day or night without worrying whether God will hear you.

God wants you to pray continually for strength during difficult times. 1 Thessalonians 5:17-18 “pray without ceasing, 18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” It is God’s will that we pray at all times. You don’t have to kneel and bow your head all day and night praying. You can simply pray at all times by having a conversation with God in your head, quietly asking him for his strength to get you through the difficult times. All that God wants is for you to have Faith as you pray to Him. Hebrews 11:6 reads, “And without faith, it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him.” God will only answer the prayers that are offered in Faith. Therefore, first, have Faith that God can strengthen you and get you out of your difficult times, and then pray constantly so he can answer you.

Can I say these prayers for anyone else?

Yes, you can use these prayers for other people. These prayers are helpful to everyone facing difficult times because they enable God to give these people the strength they need. According to 1 Timothy 2:1, the Bible implies that God wants us to pray for everyone and bring their petitions to him on all occasions. Therefore, you can also dedicate others to the Lord using these prayers.

Someone may feel comfortable enough to share their worry with you, but you may lack a way to help them. However, you can pray that God helps them because he always knows what to do. These are some of the best prayers that you can use to pray for them. Ask God to be in control of their life and give them joy which is their strength, so they can overcome the difficult times they are going through. This is what God wants from us and what Jesus meant when he said that we should love one another as he loves us in the book of John 13:34.

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