6 Spiritual meanings of a bird hitting on your window (meaning and symbolism of birds on a window)

Last week as I was seated in my study room, I got distracted by a strange sound coming from my window. I drew the curtain and found a beautiful bird that kept hitting on my window.

This intrigued me since the bird did not fly away. As a Christian, I started thinking about what this could mean and researched birds in the Bible.

So today, I will share the spiritual meanings of a bird hitting on your window.  

Though the Bible does not clearly explain the spiritual meaning of a bird hitting on your window, this occurrence is believed that it symbolizes change, an end to suffering, or it could be a message for heaven. Some people also believe that the bird is a sign that angels are watching over you or it is a warning sign. It could also symbolize financial stability.

In this article, I invite you to join me as we delve into the meanings and symbolism of birds hitting on a window. Read on to learn what it means when a bird hits your window and flies away and so much more!

What is the spiritual symbolism of birds?

Birds have a significant impact on our lives, and many people believe that they symbolize hope. Let’s look at the Bible story of Noah for a better understanding.

In Genesis 7 and 8, Noah sent a bird after the floods to look for dry land. Every time it returned to the ark, Noah knew that the land was not yet dry and trouble was looming.

But the moment the raven did not return, it was clear to him that the water had dried out. This gave him hope since it showed that leaving the ark was safe.

Christians believe that birds represent the hand of God in creation. This is because Genesis 1:21 suggests that God created every winged bird according to his kind and saw that it was good.

Another spiritual symbolism of some birds is uncleanliness. In Leviticus 11:13, God warned the Israelites from eating such birds of prey.

This verse says, “And these you shall detest among the birds, they shall not be eaten, they are detestable: the eagle, the bearded vulture, the black vulture.”

According to this verse, these birds are unclean since their work is to clean up decaying carcasses and were, therefore, unsafe for Israelites to consume.

Some people believe that some birds, such as eagles, symbolize strength. In Isiah 40:31, Hezekiah suggests that if our hope rests in God, we will find strength in him and soar on eagle’s wings.

According to the Bible, birds also symbolize provision, as explained in Luke 12:24. This verse says, “consider the ravens; they do not sow or reap, they have no storeroom or barn. Yet God feeds them. And how much more valuable you are than birds.”

This verse suggests that God is the provider of all his creations, including birds and mankind.

6 spiritual meanings of a bird hitting your window when it’s alive

Spiritual meanings of a bird hitting on your window
Meanings of a bird hitting your window. Image source: Pinterest

Though no Bible verse suggests that a bird hitting your window when it’s alive has spiritual meanings, people have different religious beliefs on this. Some of the spiritual meanings of this include the following.

Sent for protection and guidance

Some people believe that when a bird hits the window when it is still alive, it has been sent to protect or guide you. They associate this with an angel nearby watching over them and feel encouraged.

Different cultures have always associated birds with hope and inspiration. You may feel stuck or overwhelmed, but the bird may remind you that you can overcome your struggle.

Change is coming

Other Christians associate birds hitting the window when it’s alive with change. They view it as a good sign, especially if one is going through hardships.

The bird could mean that you need to be patient since a huge change may come your way. Life is always changing, and the bird could be a reminder from the universe, which can help you make some space for development and growth.

The Bible reminds us as Christians to be ready for change since there is a time for everything and every season in Ecclesiastes 3:1-8.

A message from above

Birds are some of the most fascinating creatures in the world due to their ability to fly across the earth’s surface and the heavens. People believe spiritual birds have an intermediary role in the connection between heaven and earth.

Many believe that when a bird hits the window and is still alive, it could communicate a message from heaven. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to this since it can help one understand the message of God.

The message could be a sign that God is always with you, even in dark times. We can draw strength and comfort in reading Deuteronomy 31:6, which tells us that God is always with us and does not forsake us.

Financial stability

If you have had financial worries and suddenly notice a bird that has hit your window and is still alive, some people interpret this as a sign of financial stability. The Bible often uses Birds to convey God’s ability to provide for us.

God says in Psalms 50:11 that he knows every bird in the mountain. The Bible also reminds Christians not to worry about what to eat or wear since God is our provider.

Therefore when you see the bird hitting on your window and is alive, it could mean that God is advising you to focus on financial matters. As you put trust in God’s power to provide for you, do not neglect the importance of managing your finances smartly.

Warning sign

Some people also believe that when a bird hits the window and is alive, angels are trying to warn you about something. They argue that the fact that the bird survived the hit is spiritual and should not be overlooked.

When this happens, you should reflect on your life and think of your current situation. You could be in a toxic relationship or job, and paying attention to the warning sign from the bird can help you look for ways to change your situation.

It could also mean that death is approaching. If someone close to you may be very sick, spend time with them.

End of Suffering

A bird hitting on a window and surviving is also interpreted as an end to suffering. If you have been going through certain challenges, the bird could be a good sign.

It may indicate that it is time to recover from an illness or grow in a certain aspect of your life. Therefore when this occurs, you should start looking at life more positively as you await the end of your suffering.

What is the spiritual message when a bird is tapping your window repeatedly?

meaning and symbolism of birds on a window
Spiritual message when a bird is tapping your window. Image source: Pixabay

When a bird hits the window once, it could be accidental, but when this happens repeatedly, people believe that it has a spiritual meaning.

Though the Bible does not give an explanation for this, many Christians believe that this is a sign of a good day, especially if it happens in the morning.

It could be a sign that God is about to resolve an issue you have been dealing with or you are about to experience positive change.

People believe that birds can communicate across the dimensions of space and time, and they view them as a symbol of deep understanding and truth.

Since birds are believed to help humans connect with the spiritual realm, you should not ignore the spiritual message of one tapping your window repeatedly.

When a bird keeps on tapping your window, it could be attempting to get your attention to give you a message from the spiritual realm.

Type of bird hitting your window and the meaning

Some people associate different types of birds with various spiritual meanings. If a bird hits your window, you should assess the kind of bird it is and try to interpret its meaning.

Here are some of the birds and what they mean when they hit windows.


Spiritual meaning


This bird symbolizes hope for humanity and the holy spirit. John 1:32 talks of the Holy spirit descending from heaven like a dove and remaining on Jesus. So if a dove hits your window, you should feel hopeful


People associate the swallow with good luck. According to Christians, the swallow is also a symbol of new life, as explained in Psalm 84:3. This verse talks of the bird finding a nest to lay her young. So if a swallow hits your window, it could mean that something new is about to come your way.

Red Cardinal

The red cardinal is believed to be a symbol of happiness. If this bird hits your window, it could mean that you will receive a special guest or gift.


The spiritual meaning of this bird is willingness and generosity. So if a sparrow hits your window, it could mean that you are about to meet a kind person.


The owl is believed to be a symbol of insight, knowledge or wisdom. So if this bird hits on your window, it could mean that you are about to gain more wisdom.


This bird is believed to be a bad omen. It can represent bad things such as unhappiness or ill health. So if you see this bird hit on your window, you should be vigilant.


These birds are famous for their strong wings, even in the Bible. They use their wings to communicate, so if a hawk hits your window, it could be trying to tell you something.

What does it mean when a bird hits your window and flies away?

Birds use different ways to communicate and express their feelings through their songs and actions. This is what leads to the common belief that when a bird hits a window and flies, it is trying to tell you something.

Though not many people have psychic abilities to interpret this action from a bird, some believe that when a bird does this, it could be trying to make you aware of your distraction.

You may not be paying attention to something important, and the bird could simply be a reminder of this.

Others interpret this action to mean that a loved one wants to be more committed to you. It could also mean that you are about to receive good luck or achieve something significant.

A bird hitting a window and flying away is also considered a symbol of positive change. The change could be related to overcoming challenges.

Some people are also of the opinion that this is a bad sign, especially if the bird that hits the window and flies away is a blackbird. They argue that it could signify death.

This bird appears several times in the Bible in a negative light. For instance, in the Book of Job, this bird is described as a creature that feeds on carrion.

What does it mean when a bird flies into your window and dies?

Spiritual meanings of a bird hitting on your window 
Meaning when a bird flies into your window. Image source: Pixabay

People have different interpretations of this occurrence. Some view it as a bad omen and believe that it symbolizes bad luck.

They argue that birds are creatures that represent the soul, and if they die after hitting a window, it could mean that something bad is about to happen.

Some are also of the opinion that it could symbolize the disruption of a person’s spiritual journey. If you believe this, try paying more attention to your spiritual journey and assess whether you are on the right path.

Rather than taking this occurrence negatively, some people try to understand what could have caused the death of the bird. It could be that it was disoriented, sick or startled and therefore died after hitting the window.

There is also a group that believes that when a bird flies into a window and dies, it represents positive change. Despite the varying opinions, you should avoid fearing the occurrence.

Even the Bible encourages us not to fear in Isaiah 41:10, where God says that we should not fear or be dismayed since he is our God.

Should I be spiritually concerned if birds keep hitting my window?

If you believe that a bird hitting your window is a sign of spiritual guidance, you may be spiritually concerned. If birds keep on hitting your window, assess your spiritual journey to try and interpret the meaning.

If you believe that the bird is trying to relay an important message to you, write down the date and exact time that it happened and think carefully about what that date means to you.

However, it is also important to comprehend that sometimes birds can hit the window accidentally. Sometimes a bird may hit the window due to confusion from a glass window reflection.

This tends to occur at night when birds cannot easily recognize the window in front of them.

Research shows that birds also confuse their reflection in a window for competitors. Therefore a bird may repeatedly attack its own reflection mistaking it for its opponent.

Additionally, a bird can fly into a window after seeing indoor plants or after being drawn to light at night. Therefore, do not always assume that a bird hitting your window must have a spiritual meaning.

If you have noticed a risk of injury from a bird that keeps on hitting the window, you can look for ways to prevent it, like placing stickers on the windows or metals that reflect light.

Do birds symbolize good or bad luck?

Superstitions regarding birds have existed since early mankind. Some birds are believed to symbolize good luck, while others are associated with bad luck.

Some people believe that when a bird taps on a window, it is a sign of something good about to happen or a sign of prosperity.

For instance, Magpie is one of the birds that is associated with good luck. People believe that this intelligent bird symbolizes good fortune and happiness.

On the other hand, one bird that is believed to bring bad luck is the crow. Christians believe that the crow is a reminder of the death of Jesus Christ on the cross.

Others argue that if this bird crosses your path, especially in the morning, you will experience bad luck throughout the day.

Some people also argue that a bird can be good or bad luck, depending on the occurrence. For instance, if a bird hits on a window and is alive, they associate it with good luck.

On the other hand, they believe that if a bird hits on a window and dies, it is bad luck.

However, the Bible warns us against believing in superstitions. It encourages us to rely on God alone, as explained in Psalms 62:5.

This verse says, “I depend on God alone, and I put my hope in him. It reminds us to always rely on God and not be superstitious.”

Therefore, as Christians, we should not focus so much on the luck that birds are said to bring but put our faith and hope in God alone.

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