Spiritual Meanings of Snow (Meaning and Symbolism)

As a theologian, I’ve always been fascinated by snow. That is because of the several interpretations and meanings of snow in the Bible. To satisfy my curiosity, I decided to research the matter.

For my research, I interviewed the local clergy for their opinions and read books about snow and its spiritual interpretations from a nearby public library.

The four-week research enabled me to form an informed opinion and draw educated conclusions about snow and its meaning biblically and from other schools of thought.

Recently, during a class in the local community college where I teach theology, there was a heated debate about snow and its spiritual meaning, if any. The class discussion was about natural phenomena and religion.

Some students argued that snow held a deep spiritual symbolic meaning, while others believed that snow was just snow, with no other meaning, biblically or otherwise.

The students turned to me to help settle the debate as the lecturer. Armed with the findings and conclusions from my earlier research about snow and its spiritual meaning, I knew I was the right person to educate the students.

So, what is the spiritual meaning of snow?

The Bible mentions snow and ice in several verses, some with different meanings, as Christians believe. In Isaiah 1:18, snow is believed to mean forgiveness of sins. In Job 38, God uses ice and frost (ice crystals) to describe His power.

I invite you to join me in this article as I discuss the Biblical interpretation and meaning of snow, the meaning of snow in dreams, and more. Keep reading for more information.

What does snow symbolize?

To ordinary people, snow symbolizes the start of winter. To others, it is the start of the holiday period. But some believe snow has a deeper symbolic meaning than foul weather or the onset of the holidays. For example:

  • Death. Some believe that snow represents death. That is because of the inactivity surrounding the winter period. For example, trees shed leaves, animals hibernate, people stay indoors, etc. Just like snow stops the normal order of things, death stops life hence the symbolism.
  • Pure and clean. Some believe snow represents a state of being clean and without blemish. Since the snow is clear, clean, and white, then to some people, white is pure.
  • Negative emotions. Just like how snow brings foul weather, then to some, this also represents many negative emotions like rage, jealousy, disappointment, pride, disgust, etc.
  • Peace. To some people, snow represents peace and calm. That is because winter is usually calm, and there is no natural movement, like the wind moving grass or tree branches. To these people, snow symbolizes a time to enjoy the peace and calmness present in your life.
  • Secrecy and mystery. Due to snow covering most winter surfaces, some people consider this a symbol of deep secrecy and mystery. Just like no one knows what snow has covered, you will not know people’s secrets unless they are exposed.
  • Happiness. To some people, snow brings memories of their younger years of playing in the snow. To these people, snow and winter mean happy times and periods of joy.

Biblical meaning of snow

Spiritual Meanings of Snow
Biblical meaning of snow. Image source: Pixabay

According to the Bible, snow is mentioned to express different meanings. The following are the believed meanings of snow in the Bible:

  • God’s forgiveness. When David fell into sin, he begged God for forgiveness. In Psalm 51:7, David says he will be whiter than snow after being washed by a hyssop. Here, it is believed that being whiter than snow means God will forgive him his sins and make him clean again. In Isaiah 1:18, God says although the people have committed great sins, He will make them as white as snow. This is believed to be a promise God makes to forgive their sins.
  • The glory and power of God. Snow is also believed to showcase both the glory and power of God. In Psalm: 148:8, snow and other occurrences of nature obey God. In Job 37:6, God is the one who makes it snow. In Job 38:22, God says He is the reason for everything, including snow. God also shows his power through the snow in Isaiah 55:10 when He says He sends down snow and rain to water the earth for our benefit.
  • God’s purity. Snow is also believed to show how God is pure, without blemish and sin. In Daniel 7:9, Daniel saw The Ancient of Days, which many believe to mean God, with snow-white garments. This is believed to be a depiction of the purity of God. In Mark 9:3, When Jesus is being Transfigured, His clothes become white like snow. Also, in Revelation 1:14, John describes the Son of Man (believed to mean Jesus) as one with white hair like snow. Both verses are believed to mean that Jesus was also pure and without sin.

The spiritual meaning of snow

Many believe snow means different things under different circumstances or cultures, such as:

Snow on a celebration

Snow during celebrations may have a different meaning to different people. For example, South Koreans believe that couples who celebrate the snowy New Year together will remain together.

For other people, snow during a wedding is a sign that the couple will have peace and calm in their marriage.

Snow on your birthday

When it snows on your birthday, some people believe that:

  • You will be lucky.
  • Someone somewhere is thinking about you.
  • You will soon receive good news.
  • You should expect good changes.
  • You will live long.

Snow after death

Some believe that when it snows after death, it may be a sign to show how the deceased was innocent and pure. Still, some believe the deceased may have died an undeserving death, especially if it was over something that could have been avoided.

Snow in the Celtic culture

In the Celtic culture mythology, snow was a sign that death was coming. In the myth, there were two figures, King Holly representing death and King Oak representing happiness.

These people believed that snow started falling after Holly defeated Oak in battle. The Celts would hang holly tree leaves in the homes to avoid death and show respect to Holly.

The spiritual meaning of snow in a dream

Spiritual Meanings of Snow
The spiritual meaning of snow in a dream. Image source: Pixabay

Dreams about snow have been interpreted to mean several things in diverse cultures. The following are some of them:

Dreaming about a blizzard

Some people believe that dreaming about a blizzard is a sign that things are not going well in your life. It is a sign that you are experiencing trouble and problems with your relationships at work or personally.

It is said the blizzards represent the struggles you are going through trying to make things okay.

Dreaming about dirty snow

According to some people, dirty snow is a sign that there are people around you that are taking you for granted. It is said to be a warning that you should keep away from such kinds of people.

Just like the snow should remain clean, this is a warning that some of those close to you are taking advantage of you, making your life unbearable. It could also indicate that you should not trust those closest to you. They will betray your trust.

Dreaming about fluffy and clean snow

To some people, seeing fluffy and clean snow is a bad omen. It is a sign that your life is about to take a turn for the worse. Apparently, you will likely get sick or suffer other kinds of calamity.

It may also be a sign that your personal life will get worse. It is also said that close relationships around you will be ruined.

Dreaming about others in snow

Some people believe that seeing other people in the snow while dreaming is not a good sign as far as your relationship with those you see is concerned. It may indicate your hidden negative feelings about those in your dream.

These people may have done something wrong to you or against you, but you are yet to confront them about it. This dream is believed to be telling you it’s time to face those who have wronged you and talk about it.

Dreaming about playing in snow

According to some people, if you dream about playing in the snow, it could be a sign that you have been too serious with your life lately.

Just like playing in the snow is believed to be something done only by children, this dream may be reminding you that it is not bad sometimes to let go of the problems of the world or others and do what makes you happy.

It is said to be a reminder that you can’t solve everything and that it is time you take better care of yourself.

Dreaming about slipping in snow

To some people, dreaming about slipping in the snow means that your life is about to enter a period of challenges and problems. These problems may come into your personal life or at work.

The dream is also said to be reminding you of some bad choices you might have taken in the past that have led to your present situation.

But while trying to escape your sticky situation, it is advised to remember that your choices were not your fault. Apparently, you lacked better information or knowledge at the time.

Dreaming about snow melting

Some people believe that dreaming about melting snow is a reminder that even what appears as small problems in your life matter.

It is suggested that you should also take care of them, no matter how small they appear. According to these beliefs, this dream may also be trying to remind you that your relationship problems will soon end.

Apparently, all the disagreements with those close to you will soon be resolved.

Is it a good sign if it starts to snow?

Whenever it starts to snow, you should always remember that it is all part of God’s plan. Remember that God is in charge of whatever is happening and is doing it for our good.

Just like the Bible reminds us in Romans 8:28, if we love God, we are in His plans, including snow.

About the superstitions and beliefs surrounding snow, you should always trust God. Psalm 20:7 tells us that even though others may place their trust in other things, our trust will remain in the Lord.

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