The Biblical Meaning of Seeing Green Grass in Dreams (Spiritual Meaning of Seeing Green Grass in Dreams)

While traveling to a conference sometime back, I sat beside a couple and a few minutes later, the lady began to narrate a dream she had to her husband. She dreamed of running in a field with freshly cut green grass.

When her husband failed to give her a conclusive answer, she turned to me and asked if I knew what her dream meant in the bible since she had seen me holding some Christian books and bibles.

Luckily, I had experienced a similar dream before, and as a theologian, I always document my dreams and carry out extensive research to uncover their meanings.

I gave her some possible spiritual and biblical meanings, backed with scriptures. Surprisingly, we realized the discussion had taken us an hour, and since the couple was alighting at the next train station, I promised them to write a detailed article regarding green grass dreams, and therefore, I came up with this post.

So, what is the biblical meaning of seeing green grass in dreams?

While the Bible does not give a specific dream about green grass, some believe that green grass in a dream implies growth and maturity. Others believe that it is a sign of a new beginning, while others still believe that it is a sign of productivity.

Come with me as I explore the meaning of seeing green grass in a dream. I will look at the biblical and spiritual meaning of seeing green grass in your dream.

I will also give you the way forward after having such dreams. Keep reading to learn more.

How Is Green Grass Represented and Referenced in The Bible?

The Bible has used green grass in several verses in different contexts to relate to the situations at that time.

In the book of Psalms 23:2, the Bible talks about The Lord being the shepherd, He makes the psalmist lie down on green pasture and restore his soul to rest.

Christians believe that the picture is that of comfort, a situation of peace. The green grass that David refers to is believed to show the level of comfort God, His shepherd, gives him.

It shows the freshness of the place that he is directed by God.

In the same book of Psalms 147:8, the bible talks of turning the mountains green with grass and feeding cattle and crows.

The verse describes the might of God and his power.

It pictures God as the provider. Believers take this to show provision, nourishment, and food to the living, in this case, the cattle and crows.

In the book of Isaiah 15:6, the Bible describes the desolate state of the greenness of the field: “The waters of Nimrim are dried up and the grass is withered; the vegetation is gone and nothing green is left.”

Believers argue that this shows the end of life, a sign of hopelessness.

Green grass, therefore, in this context, shows life, and its witheredness signifies the end of life. In general view, green grass has several meanings in the Bible depending on the context in which it has been used.

What is the Symbolic Meaning of Green Grass in a Dream?

In the Bible, we do not see anyone dreaming of green grass. However, some theologians have done studies about the symbolic meaning of green grass in dreams.

Green grass in a dream has been explained to be spiritual nourishment of the soul by feeding on the word of God.

It also implies peace, calmness, and rest. Dreaming with green grass is believed to be a sign that there is a kind of peace, calmness, and rest that is coming.

Other symbolic meanings of green grass in a dream include; hope, productivity/fruitfulness, life, growth, abundance, the faithfulness of God, and transition from one level to another.

Spiritual reasons for seeing green grass in a dream

Some people believe that dreaming of green grass is triggered by several reasons. They argue that when the dreamer has been stagnating spiritually, the dreamer sees green grass in their dreams as a spiritual awakening call.

A Christian is expected to experience growth over time, from the time they get born again and moving forward. Now, when this does not happen, it is believed that they may have this dream of green grass to show there is growth that is coming into them.

Secondly, the green grass dream is believed to come as a sign of good health or healing. When someone has been ill, green grass shows a sign of a healthy life.

Others believe that another reason for this kind of dream is distress. Green grass dream may come to a person who has had a tough time, and therefore, the dream comes as an assurance that there is peace, calmness, and rest ahead.

On the same note, when the dreamer has been yearning for prosperity in life, green grass is believed to be a sign of wealth and riches, giving the dreamer a clue that there is wealth that awaits ahead.

Biblical Meaning of Seeing Green Grass in Your Dream

Spiritual Meaning of Seeing Green Grass in Dreams
Biblical Meaning of Seeing Green Grass in Your Dream. Image source: Pixabay

Biblically, there is no specific green grass dream that has been given that we can refer directly to. However, studies have been done to explain this dream and the meaning that the Bible gives about green grass.

Insights drawn from the meaning of green grass in the Bible have been used to explain what it means when a person dreams of green grass.

To begin with, the green grass dream has been taken to means transition to another level. Grass has a short life but is recurrent. It is seasonal, and in one season, it is green, and in the other, it is brown.

Some Christians believe that the green season means life, perhaps the dreamer has had a tough life and now is in the process of rising again.

In the book of 1 Peter 1:24-25,, the verse compares the flesh (human being) to grass to show how short-lived it is and to show the permanence of the word of God.

The green grass dream has also been interpreted to mean prolificacy. The Bible describes the land of Canaan as the land of profuse vegetation and green pastures, Numbers 13.

This was an indication that the land was productive and luxurious to inhabit. When a dreamer sees green grass in their dream, it is believed to mean that their way is productive.

Others hold that it means the faithfulness of God, hope, growth and maturity, fresh start, and restoration.

Specific dreams about green grass and their biblical meaning

The Biblical Meaning of Seeing Green Grass in Dreams
Specific dreams about green grass and meaning. Image source: Pixabay

Dreaming of walking on green grass

Some believers have it that green grass signifies positive change. They argue that it shows gain, there is life, and there is productivity.

Therefore, when someone dreams of walking on green grass, it implies that the person is overcoming the challenges that they might be going through.

They also believe that it shows progression, moving from one place to another. The dreamer is moving from their current situation to a better situation that will give them joy.

It also signifies walking to freedom. The dreamer may be living in a kind of bondage and, therefore, must be set free.

Dreaming of someone cutting the grass

Some believe cutting grass is a way of improving the environment to make it beautiful. It gives the owner a feeling of freshness and satisfaction.

Dreaming of someone cutting the grass is believed that you need a hand to handle a problem that you are going through.

Some challenges come in life that need more strength than the dreamer has, and so they need help to overcome them.

Dreaming of green grass suddenly drying

While green grass is believed to signify prosperity, dry grass is believed to mean hardship, hopelessness, or regression.

The positive impact implied by green grass is reversed to show negative change to keep the dreamer alert and ready to deal with whatever comes.

Dreaming of tall green grass

Some scholars have explained this dream to mean that the dreamer needs to talk to someone about their problem. They argue that the dreamer has deep secrets they have not shared with anyone and, therefore, needs to share with someone.

Dreaming of lying on green grass

According to the book of Psalms 23:2, as quoted earlier, lying on green grass means getting rest, comfort, and care. David shows his pride in the position that God keeps him in.

He says the lord is his shepherd, and he shall not want. Psalms 23:2 states, “He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.”

Dreaming of seeing green grass in strange places

Some believers believe that seeing green grass in a strange place shows openness to new opportunities. It shows that there is something good that is beyond the dreamer’s expectations.

In the Bible, before the Israelites went to Canaan, Moses sent twelve spies to the land of Canaan. They came back with a report way better than they expected in Numbers 13.

This is an illustration of such a dream of green grass in a strange place.

Superstitions and omens about seeing green grass in a dream

Strong beliefs about dreaming of green grass are closely connected to the explanation given by scholars. It is believed that green grass in a dream comes as good luck. It is an indication to the dreamer that things will be well.

Green grass is taken to imply fertility, prosperity, wealth, and life. Green grass serves as food for livestock, and livestock is considered wealth.

Seeing green grass in your dream, some people argue that there is a life that sprouts and flourishes just like the grass.

They also say that it foretells a happy tomorrow. This particular dream is seen as a sign of growth and success.

Meaning of seeing green grass in different cultures and religions

Different cultures and religions have different meanings of dreams. In Christianity, green grass in a dream is believed to show prosperity, the faithfulness of God, growth, productivity, rest and care, protection, a fresh beginning, and transition to another level.

It is an indication of good news that is to come.

In Islamic interpretation, green grass in a dream means a long life, good health, paradise, or a good life. However, the Islamic belief explains that it depends on where the grass grows in that dream. If it is growing in unusual places, it has a different meaning.

Ibn Sirin explains that if green grass is on your hand in a dream, it means wealth is coming your way. If the grass grows on the hand of someone else, that is a bad omen.

It means that there is death that is coming. On the same note, if green grass is seen growing inside a house or mosque, it means there will be a wedding.

When you see green grass growing on your palm, in Islam, it means that you will catch your wife cheating on you with another man.

In Hinduism, dreaming of green grass also has a sacred meaning. They believe it is an illusion from their God, which means there is good fortune in the future, a blessing from the gods.

It is a sign of blessings and prosperity. When you dream of green grass, you have good luck awaiting.

In the Chinese culture, dreaming of green grass symbolizes a good omen. They believe that there is success coming, a financial breakthrough. When you dream of cutting green grass in a dream, in Chinese culture, it is interpreted as taking care of your business.

What to do when you see green grass in your dream

A dream of green grass leaves you with questions in your mind, and what you need so much is the answer to the puzzle. You should consider some of these ways to understand the meaning of the dream:

  • Examine your current situation.
  • Pray that God reveals to you the meaning of the dream.
  • Look for the meaning in the Bible by looking at whether the Bible addresses the dream and the related cases.
  • Be keen on the symbols in the dream, the places, the status of the grass, the environment, and the activity you do in that dream.

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