Biblical meaning of yellow flowers in a dream (Spiritual meaning of flowers in dreams)

A few months ago, I was conversing with a friend, and she popped an interesting question about a dream she had had severally. She believed I would guide her since I am a theologian.

In one dream, someone gifted her yellow flowers. In a second dream, she gifted someone yellow daisies. We spent the entire afternoon discussing her dreams and other yellow flowers’ dreams.

By the time we parted ways, she was contented with my interpretations. I felt it would be beneficial to put our discussion into writing, and therefore, I wrote this piece.

So, what is the biblical meaning of yellow flowers in a dream?

The Bible does not explicitly highlight the meaning of yellow flowers in dreams. However, Christian scholars suggest different meanings of such a dream. Most believe yellow flowers represent positive aspects such as happiness and joy. Others believe yellow flowers in a dream signify good fortune and luck.

Please join me in the article below as we discuss the Biblical meaning of yellow flowers in a dream. We will look at the spiritual and biblical meanings of yellow flowers.

Also, learn the meanings of different yellow flowers in dreams and the superstitions and omens worldwide about yellow flowers.

Read on to find out more about yellow flowers in dreams.

What do yellow flowers mean?

Most people associate the color yellow with the cheerfulness of the bright hue it exudes. When it comes to yellow flowers, people have various meanings.

For instance, some suggest yellow flowers are a symbol of signify loyalty and devotion.

Like people’s perception of yellow, most believe yellow flowers signify joy, cheerfulness, and happiness. An example is the sunflower, which people believe represents that one should seek light and face adversity.

Others suggest yellow flowers signify ambition and inspiration.

That’s not all; some believe yellow flowers signify healing, which explains why people gift their loved ones yellow flowers when they are ailing.

Most believe it symbolizes well wishes for healing over sickness. Also, it is thought that they signify peace and hope.

What does the yellow flower mean spiritually?

There are different spiritual interpretations of yellow flowers. Some believe yellow flowers signify spiritual awakening.

They think it is a sign of spiritual growth and enlightenment. Others associate yellow flowers with self-belief.

People believe that yellow flowers signify happiness and joy. They believe these flowers encourage positive emotions such as cheerfulness.

Others believe yellow is a good luck charm that brings good fortune, prosperity, and success.

Yellow flowers’ spiritual messages

Spiritual meaning of flowers in dreams
Yellow flowers’ spiritual messages. Image source: Pixabay

Moment of joy

Some are of the idea that yellow flowers symbolize happiness and joy. People believe that such a dream is a message for you to be happy despite everything going around.

New beginnings

Spiritually, people believe yellow flowers signify new paths, beginnings, and fresh start. Also, they think that yellow flowers are a message to be ready for good things coming your way.

Mainly because people believe yellow flowers bring good fortune and luck.

Spiritual awakening

People believe yellow flowers are a sign of spiritual awakening. They think that it shows enlightenment and renewal. Therefore, they believe one should be in touch with one’s spirituality and open to seeking and exploring it.


Others suggest that yellow flowers encourage self-confidence. They believe these flowers signify strength and resilience, which are good attributes for self-belief.

People suggest that yellow flowers encourage one to believe in one’s abilities.

Emotional balance

People believe they encourage mental and emotional stability. They suggest these flowers encourage one to remain emotionally strong through difficult situations.

Also, they think these flowers encourage you to control your emotions, have a calm mind, and not give in to pressure.

In addition, they suggest that these flowers promote inner strength.

Yellow flowers biblical meanings

The Bible does not give a direct meaning of yellow flowers. However, Christians use the scripture to guide their interpretations of yellow flowers.

Here are some believed biblical meanings of yellow flowers:

Blessings and abundance

The scripture mentions gold in different verses, symbolizing high status, royalty, abundance, and blessings.

Genesis 3:12 talks about Abraham’s richness, mentioning gold among his possessions: “And the man said, The woman whom thou gavest to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I did eat.”

In this context, Christians believe yellow flowers represent good fortune and prosperity.

God’s affection

People believe yellow signifies God’s love, which is beyond measure, and they equal it to gold, which has high value. In addition, they think it shows God’s sacrifice of His only son, which describes His love towards humankind.

They use this analogy to explain the meaning of yellow flowers in relationships and friendships. In this context, they believe, it signifies love, loyalty, and happiness.

Bad sign

There are many mentions of yellow color in the scripture, others in verses that talk of the Day of Judgment and end times.

For example, in Revelation 9:17-18 the scripture mentions brimstone, which burns yellow, while describing the fire and punishment that will befall sinners.

Also, through various chapters in the scripture, yellow was among the symptoms of sickness. For instance, in Leviticus 13:30-32, 36, yellowness was a sign of leprosy.

Also, some suggest it was a sign of uncleanness. Christians use this in their interpretation of yellow flowers, which they believe signifies misfortune.

Types of yellow flowers and their meaning in dreams

Spiritual meaning of flowers in dreams
Types of yellow flowers and their meaning in dreams. Image source: Pixabay

Yellow rose

Dream interpreters believe seeing yellow flowers in a dream signifies that those around you cherish and love you. They base this analysis on thinking yellow roses symbolize friendship and platonic love.

Apart from this, others suggest yellow roses in dreams signify that one has joy and happiness within them and is a sign of forthcoming good news.

Yellow daises

People believe yellow daisies signify innocence, purity, and free spirit. Interpreters base their judgment on the delicateness of a yellow daisy flower.

Others suggest yellow daisies represent well wishes and cheerfulness. In this regard, they believe having a dream about the yellow daisies signifies well wishes to a person who is ailing or is going through a trying period.

Yellow daffodils

Most people believe daffodils signify good luck, good news, and optimism. Dream interpreters believe yellow flowers in dreams signify new beginnings and rebirth.

They base their assumption on the resilient nature of yellow daffodils, which shows a promising future. Also, they say having such a dream signifies a happy future.

Others believe that yellow flowers in dreams represent internal development. They say it shows a person’s self-growth.

Some believe these flowers are a good sign for personal relationships, specifically love affairs.

Yellow lilies

People believe lilies symbolize purity, a sense of freshness, and renewal. In this regard, when they appear in dreams, some suggest it signifies new beginnings and transformation and that you are on the right path in achieving your plans.

Others believe that they are a symbol of happiness, joy, and enlightenment. Conversely, some suggest yellow lilies in dreams signify that you are passing through a vital transition.

Yellow dahlia

Yellow dahlias are bright, cheerful flowers that are eye-catching. In this context, interpreters believe yellow dahlias signify that you are happy.

They also insinuate that these flowers show you have inner strength, emotional well-being, confidence, and willpower to overcome obstacles.

Others believe that yellow dahlias in dreams suggest you are strengthening your friendship bonds and making new connections. Also, some suggest it shows you are on the path to finding happiness through life balance.

Yellow peony

Most people believe yellow peonies signify new beginnings. In agreement, interpreters believe when yellow peonies appear in dreams, they illustrate fresh starts and new chapters.

Others suggest dreaming about yellow peonies signifies that you will be prosperous and have success. In that line, they believe it is a sign of good fortune.

In addition, people believe these flowers symbolize positive change, growth, and optimism. They suggest they show yellow peony flowers in dreams and hope for the future.

Also, they believe it indicates that you will have good friendships, marriages, and other close relationships.

Yellow sunflowers

People believe sunflowers and their sun-tracking movements encourage us to lead a cheerful life full of positivity and joy. Dream interpreters have a similar interpretation when they appear in dreams.

They believe it signifies that one is open to receiving love. In addition, they suggest it means you are starting a new journey and ending previous chapters.

Conversely, others suggest yellow sunflowers in dreams signify that you will experience a joyful event. Some believe that it symbolizes a long life with positive opportunities.

Most people believe such a dream indicates good luck and economic prosperity.

Specific dream about yellow flowers and their meanings

Dreaming about receiving yellow flowers

There are various interpretations about receiving yellow flowers in a dream. Most people believe that such dreams have a positive sign.

They suggest receiving yellow roses in a dream is a sign of love from a friendship or platonic relationship. Others suggest they signify healing and strength to encourage you during a difficult season.

Some believe that receiving yellow flowers in a dream signifies you will receive opportunities and abundance. In this regard, most believe such a dream is a sign of good fortune.

Also, some suggest that having such a dream shows you are happy and enjoying your current situation.

Dreaming about giving someone yellow flowers

People believe when you give someone yellow flowers in a dream, it signifies that you are cheering someone up. In that, they suggest you are spreading happiness around.

Others think such a gesture in a dream means you appreciate the person and reward them.

In real life, people gift each other bouquets of yellow flowers to comfort them during difficult situations. In this regard, when you have such a dream, they believe it shows your empathy, well wishes, and message of condolences.

Do yellow flowers represent death?

Mostly, people give yellow flowers positive meanings. However, some have associated yellow flowers with death, which we are yet to certify.

For instance, some cultures in different parts of the World, such as Mexico, honor the dead through yellow flowers.

In other cultures, they place yellow flowers on the graves of their loved ones. Some believe that putting a bouquet of yellow flowers on the graves beckons the loved ones’ spirits who join them.

Others believe that yellow flowers signify a dying love or relationship.

Superstitions and omens around yellow flowers in different parts of the World

Despite the cheerful appearance of yellow flowers, different cultures have superstitions and omens around yellow flowers. For example, in Russia, they believe yellow flowers are a bad omen.

They believe yellow flowers bring bad luck to a romantic relationship, causing infidelity and separation. Apart from that, they say yellow flowers symbolize death.

Among the Chinese, they believe yellow flowers signify sacredness. In the Chinese culture, yellow flowers bloom around New Year’s, which they think is a good omen and brings good fortune and wealth.

In addition, they suggest yellow flowers symbolize wisdom and victory.

They highly regard ‘Cassia fistula’ in Thailand, also called Ratchapruek. It produces golden flowers, which they believe signify royalty and symbolizes God’s perfect light.

In addition, they believe these flowers symbolize harmony, unity, and glory. Not forgetting, they believe Cassia Fistula flowers signify abundance. Also, they associate yellow flowers with Buddhism, which is primarily practiced in the country.

In Mexican culture, they have a unique celebration of the dead where they give a specific function to the Mexican Marigold, which is yellow.

They place the flowers at the altars of the dead, which they believe will usher the souls from burial places to their homes.

In Victorian England, they believed yellow flowers had a negative symbolization. They were of the idea that they symbolize betrayal or jealousy. During that era, a person would accuse their partner of infidelity by giving them yellow flowers.

What do yellow flowers mean in a relationship?

People have several interpretations of yellow flowers regarding relationships. Some believe they signify friendships and platonic relationships.

For this reason, friends gift each other yellow roses. Others believe that yellow flowers are a symbol of loyalty in a relationship.

For a long time, there have been beliefs that yellow flowers are a bad omen in romantic relationships.

Some advice against gifting your partner yellow flowers as they believe it will attract bad luck into the relationship. Also, they believe these flowers symbolize infidelity, betrayal, separation, break-up, or divorce.

Some distance themselves from such beliefs and have different meanings. They believe yellow flowers are a positive sign in a relationship.

Also, they think it symbolizes happiness and optimism.

What do yellow flowers mean in marriage?

There are different beliefs about yellow flowers in a marriage. Some believe yellow flowers symbolize prosperity and bring good fortune to the relationship.

Others believe yellow flowers bring misfortune to a relationship. They say it may lead to divorce or separation. Some believe when a partner wants to separate from the other, they give them yellow flowers as a sign.

In the Victorian era, yellow flowers were a sign of infidelity. They base their arguments on a mythical story of a man who tested his woman’s loyalty.

Under an angel’s guidance, she was asked to throw red roses in a river; if they turned yellow, it signified her infidelity, which they did. Since then, people have associated yellow flowers with bad signs in marriage.

Are yellow flowers a good sign in your dreams?

Most people believe yellow flowers are a good sign in dreams. In the scripture, the color signifies loyalty, blessings, and abundance.

For instance, Genesis 13:2 talks about the richness of Abraham, stating gold: “And Abram was very rich in cattle, in silver, and in gold.”

Jobs 37:22 talks about God’s appearance, describing it as golden splendor: “Fair weather cometh out of the north: with God is terrible majesty.”

Reading through these and other verses, you learn that yellow color refers to majestic, precious, and valued items. Some suggest that when you dream about yellow flowers, it is a positive symbol.

Furthermore, many interpreters believe yellow flowers signify good fortune, new beginnings, cheerfulness, rebirth, happiness, abundance, and optimism.

However, we cannot sideline beliefs that yellow flowers in dreams are a negative sign. Therefore, looking further into your dream would be best, leading you to its meaning.

As a Christian, you can rely on the belief that God cares and has good plans, as mentioned in Jeremiah 29:11.

Therefore, as Proverbs 3:5-6 says, trust and submit all your concerns regarding the dream to him.

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