Things To Do in Amish Country PA (Activities that will make you enjoy visiting Amish Country Pennsylvania)

As a theologian, I take an interest in various religious doctrines. I was intrigued by the Amish people’s lifestyle after watching a movie about them and decided to visit Amish Country, PA. I spent a few weeks and enjoyed my stay to the fullest. Who would have thought such a place would be so much fun? Last week, I decided to teach my theology class about the Amish people in connection to my previous topic on humility and submission. The students were so intrigued about the Amish that they wanted to visit. I was delighted to narrate my encounters to give them a glimpse of what this fascinating place and the Amish culture is like. So, after class, we listed some of the things to do in Amish Country, Pennsylvania.

In Amish Country, Pennsylvania, you can take a buggy ride, take a scooter tour, visit Amish Farms, houses, and villages, Visit their central and retail markets, watch shows visit Kitchen Kettle Village, Dutch Wonderland, enjoy delicious meals and drinks at their restaurants and coffee shops, and so much more activities.

In the article, join me as I delve into everything Amish, where we will discuss the best time to visit, places to stay, and things to do in Amish Country, Pennsylvania. Keep reading along to find answers to all these questions.

What is the best time to Visit Amish Country, PA?

Activities that will make you enjoy visiting Amish Country Pennsylvania
What is the best time to Visit Amish Country, PA? Image source: Freepik

The best time to visit Amish Country, PA, is during the fall season, from September to November, especially in October. However, depending on your preferences, experience you want and budget, you can also visit in the spring, summer, or winter.

The fall (September to November)

Fall is the best time to visit Amish Country, PA, especially in October, which is usually the harvest season. You can visit farmer’s markets, pick apples, and enjoy a scenic landscape of fall colors like red, orange, and gold. You can also visit pumpkin patches and be lucky enough to experience the fall festivals and harvest and their traditional fall activities.

You can also enjoy indoor and outdoor activities like ziplining, swimming, hiking, or spelunking. If you do not want to pick apples or pumpkins, you can ride the pumpkin patch for that Halloween experience. However, remember always to pack a lot of layers as the climate is usually temperate; it varies with light rainfall. Moreover, plane tickets are cheaper than in summer.

Spring (March to May)

Spring is the second-best time to Visit the Amish Country. Spring is where the flowers bloom, and the landscapes are luscious green. Lodging is quite affordable, and you can attend events like the Art walk or Quilt show. You can engage in outdoor activities like hiking or a covered bridge bicycle tour. When it rains, you can visit their historical sites, Amish homes, museums, and chocolate and pretzel factories.

Summer (July to August)

Summer, especially in July, is one of the busiest months. So if you like being among crowds, this is the time for you. You can pack summer clothes and enjoy many outdoor activities. However, if you still want to visit in summer to escape the cold in your country but want to avoid the crowds, get off the main highways and go through back roads, which are more peaceful.

You can head to smaller towns like New Holland, Intercourse, Strasburg, or bird-in-hand. There you will see many Amish farms, and you can interact with the local Amish people to get that experience. However, it is essential to be aware that shops and hospitality businesses tend to raise their prices due to the huge numbers.

Winter (December to February)

Winter can be the best time to visit if you want a cheaper way to enjoy Amish Country, PA, and hate crowded tourist sites. First, going after the holidays in January will get you cheap flights. Secondly, the hospitality areas, eateries, and tourist attractions will reduce prices to entice tourists, making it cheaper. Compared to February, ” a Valentine’s Day” month, January is the best time if you want a quiet environment with little or no crowds.

In February, they host mud sale auctions where you can get affordable handmade products. You can also get affordable valentine-day specials. However, since it is winter, ensure to pack appropriately and account for snow.

What is the best place to stay when visiting Amish country, PA?

Activities that will make you enjoy visiting Amish Country Pennsylvania
The best place to stay when visiting Amish country, PA. Image source: Pinterest

The best place to stay when visiting Amish country, PA, is in Lancaster County. Lancaster County is known for its towns and villages like Lancaster, Bird-In-Hand, Strasburg, and Intercourse, among many tourists. Furthermore, Lancaster County offers a variety of lodging options for tourists and is located near popular attraction sites.


You can find the oldest Amish communities in Lancaster. Lancaster offers a bit of everything for different types of tourists and a tranquil getaway. You can visit their county stores, rooftop bars, farmlands, theatres, museums, and central markets, to name a few. You can also enjoy their Amish cuisine. Some of the places you can stay in Lancaster are:


Strasburg is an excellent place to stay as it is located near many tourist attractions and has many festivals and activities. You can explore this town known for its trains like the Strasburg Railroad, The Railroad Museum, the red caboose Motel and restaurant where you sleep and eat in refurbished train cars. It is basically a paradise for train lovers. You can also experience farm life, shop for antiques and attend the whoopie pie festival held annually, where you try over 100 whoopie pie flavors, and the Strasburg ghost tour.

You can Lodge in many Strasburg places that offer unique, traditional, or historical themes. Some of these places are:


This village is perfect during autumn. Farmlands surround Bird-In-Hand, and you can experience Amish culture and visit various restaurants, shops, and attraction sites like buggy rides, for instance, the famous Aaron and Jessica’s Buggy rides. Moreover, you can do a bird’s eye tour to get a bird’s eye view of the village and get country and farm tours. It is next to other popular attraction sites in Lancaster County, like Dutch Wonderland and Sight and Sounds.

The best places you can stay in Bird-in-hand are:


Many tourists visit this tiny town of Intercourse for a day trip because of its intriguing name and the Amish Community. You can begin your day trip with a buggy rid and get a farm tour to see authentic Amish Life, buy handmade items like furniture, visit their quilt shop, famous restaurants, and many other activities.

If you want to be close to these attractions, these are some of the best places to stay in Intercourse:

10 Things to Do in Amish Country Pennsylvania for the Best Amish Experience

Things To Do in Amish Country PA
Things to Do in Amish Country Pennsylvania. Image source: Pinterest

For the best Amish experience in Amish Country, you can tour Amish homes and farms, visit the central market, take a buggy ride, visit Kitchen Kettle Village, Dutch Wonderland, and watch shows in amazing theatres. These six activities can help you give the whole Amish experience, from their culture, way of life, and food, to the landscape.

Amish home and Farm tour

Visiting Amish homes and farms is an excellent way to learn about their way of life, culture, traditions, and lifestyle. You can take a buggy ride to the farms and houses for an authentic experience on the back roads. You can also use a scooter through the countryside or take a bus ride for a ride along. You will then see Amish houses and farms at attractions like Amish Farm and House or the Amish Village. In these attractions, you will be able to see how their home or one-room school house looks and can understand the lifestyle of Amish people while learning their customs and traditions.

Lancaster Central Market

The Lancaster Central Market is known as one of the country’s oldest operating farmers’ markets. It is usually open on Tuesday and Friday, and Saturday. However, you can find other similar markets open on other days. You can see various cultures and cuisines and buy locally grown produce, meats, cheeses, and fresh baked goods to enjoy at home. You can also find many coffee and retail shops and restaurants.

Still on the topic of food, because why not? You can enjoy traditional Pennsylvania Dutch food in various restaurants in Lancaster, like whoopie pie, sauerkraut, chicken pot pie, shoofly pie, and pork. Some of these restaurants are; The Imperial, Citronelle, Gems Food, Hershey Farm, and Inn Restaurant.

Kitchen Kettle Village

The Kitchen Kettle Village is a shopping zone with two restaurants, a hotel, and 42 shops. The village is known for its bakery shops, jams, and jellies. You can also watch them make the item they are about to can for the day. There is also a Christmas shop, olive oil store, coffee shop, pretzel shop, pottery store, and fudge shop where you can sample, and yes, it is fantastic! They also provide buggy rides, sell arts and crafts, local produce, and cuisine.

Dutch Wonderland

Dutch Wonderland is a kid-friendly amusement park, an excellent place to have a fun family day out. Dutch Wonderland offers 35 rides and shows. You can take your children to Exploration Island, where they can see 20 life-like dinosaurs, Dino Dig, where you can dig for fossils, or take a Gondola cruise around the island. There is everything for everyone, kids and adults. There is a water section, a roller coaster, and bumper cars. It becomes like a winter wonderland in December, and children can meet Santa and take pictures.

Buggy ride

You can take a traditional buggy ride with a local guide through Amish farms, who can explain Amish tradition, and you can see how the farm is worked with horses alone, no machinery, the traditional way.

Watch shows

You cannot visit Amish Country, PA, in Lancaster County without watching shows in theatres like the Sight and Sound Theatre. This theatre is faith-based, so they bring the Bible to life. Sight and sound theatre will give you an incredible experience and show you what theatre is all about. They bring these bible characters and events to life as they have state-of-the-art technology and Live animals. Imagine that! If you are not into spiritual acts, you can still watch musical, drama, and comedic performances in several theatres, like the Fulton Theatre.

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