What are Heavenly Treasures in the Bible? (Meaning of Matthew 6:19-21)

As a long-time Christian intrigued by the possibilities of the afterlife, I always desire to have much more in eternity. I have always been especially passionate about knowing how to have treasures in Heaven. During an ecumenical conference at theology school, I was thrilled when I got the opportunity to interact with renowned Biblical scholars and ministers. I had noteworthy engagements with them and acquired a good understanding of what heavenly treasures are from a Biblical standpoint. Last Sunday, one member of our online Christian forum posted an inquiry that sought to understand what heavenly treasures are and the meaning of Matthew 6:19-21. Thanks to my experience networking with sundry scholars and clerics with a vast wealth of knowledge revolving around the subject matter, I was on the front line and well-versed in providing the answers from a theological point of view. So, what are heavenly treasures in the Bible?

Heavenly treasures refer to eternal valuables that can never perish or experience corrosion. They are contrasted to riches in the world, which are transient and corruptible.

I warmly invite you to take a comfortable seat, relax, and let us delve into this interesting subject matter together as we explore what treasures in Heaven are and so much more.

What did Jesus teach about the treasures in Heaven?

Jesus taught about the treasures in Heaven in Matthew 6:19-21 where He told His congregation to stockpile their wealth in Heaven rather than this world. He taught that when people hoard their riches in this world, they risk having them damaged by rust and moths or thieves breaking into plunder. Rather, people were given the counsel to accumulate wealth for themselves in Heaven, where neither rust nor moth can ruin, and thieves have no access to steal from them. He further stated that a person’s heart will forever be invested in where his wealth is stored.

How do you gather treasure in Heaven?

What are Heavenly Treasures in the Bible?
How do you gather treasure in Heaven? Image source: Pixabay

You can gather treasure in Heaven in several ways by virtue of living the Christian life. For instance, according to Matthew 5:11-12, 2 Timothy 4:8, and 2 Corinthians 4:16-18, Christians are promised treasures in Heaven when they endure persecution. Similarly, believers are promised to be rewarded by God in Heaven, as illustrated in Matthew 6:5-6 when they pray in secret. In addition, according to 1 Corinthians 3:8, Matthew 10:41-42, and Hebrews 6:10, people are promised rewards in Heaven when they serve the Lord and His people.

Christ advised his followers to sell their belonging and give to the poor, as portrayed in Luke 12:32-33 so that they can gather treasure in Heaven. Likewise, according to Luke 14:13-14, Christ asked people to provide to others who are not in any position to repay them so that they can receive their reward in Heaven.

Are the heavenly treasures symbolic or literal?

The heavenly treasures are symbolic. Heavenly treasures refer to valuables in the spiritual realm, such as eternal crowns, eternal life, heavenly rewards and blessings, wisdom, forgiveness of all wrongdoing, etcetera.

What does it mean to store up treasure in Heaven?

To store up treasure in Heaven means securing spiritual treasures that are of eternal worth and value in Heaven. These treasures never perish because they will last forever as opposed to the literal and physical riches of the world, which only last in this lifetime. According to Matthew 6:19-21, Jesus told His congregation to store up for themselves treasures in Heaven so that the people could invest their time, energy, talent, and resources in matters that have eternal significance. He taught people to concentrate on things that will last for all eternity and to not get derailed by the temporary things of this life.

When Jesus described Heaven to be a place where rust and moth can never damage their treasure, He was giving a reference to the extraordinary spiritual realm where the consequences of time or elements will not have an effect to their eternal wealth. Jesus contrasted this to the physical world, which is not invincible to experiencing destructions from the external forces of life. Additionally, Jesus addressed that amassing their treasures in Heaven was wise because they would never be stolen or lost. This meant that they are eternally safe in Heaven as opposed to material things in the world, which are prone to theft.

What are the ways Christians store up treasures in Heaven?

What are Heavenly Treasures in the Bible?
Ways Christians store up treasures in Heaven. Image source: Pixabay

There are several ways in which Christians can store up treasures in Heaven. They are instructed to have a new and transformed heart that desires the kingdom of Heaven more than the possessions of this world, as illustrated in Colossians 3:2. Christians can also store up treasures in Heaven by aiding the poor and the needy as how the early church did in Acts 2:45. Additionally, they are advised to take risks that honor God similar to the widow in Mark 12:41-44 who surrendered all she had despite being poor.

Christians are counseled to live a simple life, as illustrated in Luke 12:15, and not be covetous of the riches in this life. They are taught to seek first the Kingdom of God, as described in Matthew 6:33, so that they can store up their treasure in Heaven which is their destination.

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