Is Heaven worth it? (is Heaven worth the wait?)

As a devout Christian, I spent a lot of time exploring the concept of Heaven. I was excited at the thought of getting to see my late brother and mother again. I still had many unanswered questions about Heaven. This is why I spent 6 months visiting different theology scholars to hear their Knowledge and personal opinions on the matter. I compiled these ideas in a paper that I shared with my colleagues during Bible study. During last week’s session, a new member of our bible study group wanted to know if Heaven is truly worth it. Owing to my 6-month long research on the afterlife and Heaven, I was ready to answer that question. So, is Heaven worth it?

Yes, various scriptures in the Bible confirm that heave is indeed worth the wait. It is a place where we believers will reunite with their maker, God. According to Revelations 22:12, Christians will also receive various rewards from Jesus, each person according to their life on earth.

In this article, we will delve deeper into the Biblical concept of Heaven. We will determine if this supernatural place is worth the wait. Keep reading to find out why the Bible insists that we should all pursue Heaven relentlessly.

Is Heaven worth the wait?

is Heaven worth the wait?
Is Heaven worth the wait? Image source: Freepik

Yes, Christian doctrine argues that Heaven is worth the wait. Colossians 3:1-2 urges Christians to focus on the “things above” where Jesus lives with his heavenly father. This scripture teaches believers to put their energy into fleeting, worldly things. The book of Matthew 6:19-21 echoes these words by encouraging Christians to store up their riches in Heaven where nothing can harm them. The thought of a divine world where Jesus is King is very comforting for many believers.

The Bible describes Heaven as a place of eternal bliss. If you find your enemy in Heaven, scripture teaches that it won’t bother you. This is because everyone who ends up in Heaven will have had their hearts changed by the love of Christ. The Bible explains this concept in 1st John 3:2. Therefore, there won’t be quarrels or enmity in Heaven as it is in the current world.

The earth is filled with temptations and trials. Jesus warned believers about this harsh reality in John 16:33. Christ assures believers that he has conquered evil. For many Christians, the idea of Heaven brings hope during hard times. Today, terminal illnesses such as cancer have destabilized families leaving them in financial and emotional turmoil. Once you got to heaven, sickness will not have power over you. The prophet Isaiah speaks about this in Isaiah 33:24.

The Bible speaks about judgment and rewards. During the time of the early church, many non-believers persecuted the apostles for their faith. Still, they maintained an unwavering faith and continued to spread the gospel as instructed by Jesus. Such Christians have all the reason to look forward to Heaven, as stated in Luke 6:23.

Are people happier in Heaven?

Based on the biblical descriptions of Heaven, many believe that human beings will find true happiness in Heaven. For starters, people won’t have to deal with the devil’s attacks in Heaven . In Job 1:13-20 we learn about the torture that Job endured at the hands of the enemy. The devil wanted to prove to God that Job was only faithful to God because he was blessed. Many believers continue to ensure such trials on earth, as mentioned earlier in John 16:33. However, when we reach Heaven, the Bible teaches that the enemy will not have access to us. Believers in Heaven will be in the presence of God. Psalms 16:11 says there is an overflow of joy in God’s presence.

People are happier in Heaven because there is no room for negativity. Luke 6:21 reminds believers that those who weep will get to laugh in Heaven. There are so many things that bring sorrow to human beings on earth. One of them is death. Death is one of the hardest things human beings have to deal with in their lives. In Revelations 21:4, we learn that Jesu intends to wipe the tears in our eyes once we get to Heaven. For those who mourn the death of their loved ones, this scripture reminds them that death will no longer be an issue in Heaven. These words assure Christians that there will be no pain or mourning in Heaven. This suggests that mental health issues such as depression will be non-existent in Heaven.

Biblical reasons why Heaven is worth pursuing

Is Heaven worth it?
Why Heaven is worth pursuing. Image source: Pixabay

At the beginning of time, God created a perfect ecosystem for the first human beings. Christians see the Garden of Eden as the paradise that humanity missed out on due to their disobedience. Today, Christians maintain hope for a perfect world known as Heaven. The following are reasons why Christians should strive to enter the kingdom of God or Heaven;

Family reunion

There’s nothing worse than the premature death of a loved one. Scripture teaches that people who die in Christ will rise up in Heaven. Many of us will also reunite with our dearly departed.The apostle Paul makes this assertion in 1st Thessalonians 4:17.

A beautiful city

Most people marvel at beautiful cities like Paris. The Bible tells us that the most scenic cities on Earth pale in comparison to the great city in Heaven. Heaven’s capital city Jerusalem is illustrated in the book of Revelations 21: 15-21. John describes the most beautiful city imaginable, with streets made of pure gold. In his vision, John saw that the city’s walls were decorated with different types of precious stones.

Lots of entertainment

In Revelations 14, John talks about the impressive heavenly worship team made up of 144,000 chosen Christians. John describes their melody as something the human ear has never experienced. Your favorite musicians cannot match the melodies played in Heaven.

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