What causes closed heaven? (what does close heaven mean?)

The first time I heard about closed heaven, as a Christian, I was deeply interested. When I was finally enrolled in theology school, I had a chance to study the things that cause a closed heaven. I got a chance to talk to experienced theologians and local clergy about this topic. They guided me and gave me applicable Bible verses that could help me understand more. So, last week I was reminded of the younger me in theology school when a member of our online Christian forum asked about the causes of closed heaven. Most people answered and realized that some were well-informed while others had conflicting knowledge. So, I answered the member and later decided to write a detailed article on the topic. So, what causes closed heaven?

Many theologians believe that the causes of closed heaven are human sin, pride, and disobedience to God. According to 1 Chronicles 7:13-14, when God closes Heaven to His people, He wants them to humble, obey, and turn from their sins.

Join me in this article as I write about the meaning of closed heaven. I will also tell you what you can do when heaven is close to you.

What does close heaven mean?

Closed heaven could mean being in a spiritual prison where God’s blessings cannot reach you. It means that there is a barrier between believers and heaven, God’s home. When there is a barrier and Christians are closed from accessing God, there is no way of connecting with Him. When heaven is closed, praying and getting answers from God is hard, and you cannot feel His presence in your life. Heaven gets closed because of disobedience and sin.

How do you know the heavens are closed?

what does close heaven mean?
How do you know the heavens are closed? Image source: Freepik

You can know that your heavens are closed by closely analyzing your life. If your life is full of hardships you cannot comprehend, it could be that the heavens are closed to you. Also, God’s Minister Olukoya says that if you are constantly going backward and your life is full of regression, the heavens could be closed to you.

Also, whenever you are vulnerable to evil spirits and succumb to their manipulation, it is believed that you are operating under closed heavens. In addition, if you are living in the darkness where you are so delusional, blind to the light and reality, it could be that the heavens are closed to you.

Also, you can check your life and analyze how peaceful you are. If you are constantly in so many disagreements, quarrels, and wars, it could mean the heavens are closed to you. In addition, whenever your heart feels so much hatred that you cannot even love yourself and your neighbors, it can be a sign of closed heavens. When you are not experiencing freedom in your life, you are like a slave; it can mean heaven is closed.

Most importantly, if you are praying and fasting yet you do not get any change or answers in your life, it could be a sign that heaven is closed. Furthermore, if you are trying to change your wordy perspective through prayer, yet you do not, no matter how hard you pray, it can be a sign that heaven is closed.

For a nation, the heavens might be closed when they experience famine, pestilence, diseases, hunger, and drought, according to 1 Kings 8:35-37.

What do you do when the heavens are closed?

What causes closed heaven?
What do you do when the heavens are closed? Image source: Pixabay


When the heavens are closed, you should repent from your sins. In most cases, the heavens could get closed due to sinfulness. According to Acts 3:19, when you repent and turn to God, He will forgive you.


Check your lifestyle and see if your actions are a way of obeying God. You should strive to obey God’s Commandment, and your heavens will be open. Isaiah 1:19 says yes that when you obey God, you will eat the Land’s good things. The Land’s good things could mean God’s blessings which you only receive when heaven is opened to you. In the same way that Jesus received the blessing of the Holy Spirit when He was baptized, and heaven was opened to Him. So, if you want to open your closed heaven, you better be obedient, and through that, you will receive blessings.

Stay humble

When heaven is closed, be humble and do what God wants. According to 2 Chronicles 7:13-14, God was talking to Solomon, telling Him about His acceptance of the temple that he had built. God also told him that whenever the heavens are closed, i.e. the people receive an epidemic, drought, and locusts sent to eat their crops, they are supposed to stay humble. They stay humble by praying to God and stop sinning, and God will listen to them. He will answer by forgiving them and blessing them with prosperity again—heaven is opened to them.

Does the bible talk about closed heaven?

Yes, the Bible talks about closed heaven on many occasions. However, it is only in a few instances that the phrase is mentioned explicitly. In the book of 1 Kings 8:35-37, it is mentioned that when the heavens close, there won’t be rain; there will be famine, hunger, pestilence, wounds, and diseases. However, this verse does not only describe a closed heaven, but also the King is telling God that whenever it happens that heaven is closed to His people, then God should listen to them when they pray and repent. Also, note that other versions of the Bible might not mention the phrase closed heaven; this is Wycliffe Bible.

Does it mean Heaven is closed to me if I keep praying, but my prayers go unanswered?

No, it doesn’t. If you are reaching out to God in prayer and maintaining a relationship with Him, then He is still within reach and is doing something in the background. 

When God wants to elevate us to the next level, He takes time to train us. Before the children of Israel reached the Promised Land, they went through the desert.

Before Job was elevated, he lost everything first, including his health. Before Jesus Christ began his 3-year Ministry, He went into the desert, where Satan tempted him.

After He overcame, His ministry was launched. It was not easy, but one thing remained consistent: God’s presence never left them.

The Grace to get through the dry season is always sufficient, even when we feel deserted. During this dry season, we may feel like Heaven is closed, but in reality, we are in the school of God.

Here we are pruned of all the hindrances that would come between us and God like pride, sin, hate, and carnality, among others. It could take weeks, days, or even years (2 Peter 3:8). 

But in the end, we enter a season of abundance, ready to handle the blessings that come with elevation. Please remain steadfast in prayer and remain right with God.

You will get to the Green Pastures, for we have a Good Shepherd.

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  1. I didn’t know that heaven can close. I just realized now after reading this that heaven closed on me..long ago. And i think it only opened 3x and ahut down again.This is exactly how my life goes. And still going on just like this.


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