What do Mennonites wear swimming (what do Mennonites wear to the beach)?

As a theologian and a surfer, I take an interest in the swimwear of different religious groups. While some have zero restrictions, some groups are conservative, even on the beach. I was especially intrigued by the Mennonites since I know that they dress modestly and wondered what they wear to the beach. I decided to stay near a beach close to a Mennonite community to conduct more research on this and interacted with so many of them. Last week, in my online Christian forum, one of my colleagues asked whether the Mennonites wear bikinis or swimsuits. Having lived among them, I had the right answers at my fingertips. So, what do Mennonites wear swimming?

Mennonite men wear swimming trunks and simple t-shirts, while the women wear swimsuits, swim skirts, and matching dresses or cape dresses with full skirts. Other women also wear tunic tops and leggings called burkinis. Even during swimming, they must always uphold modesty.

In this article, I invite you to join me as we look at how the Mennonites dress as they go swimming. Keep reading to discover whether Mennonites wear bikinis or swimsuits, what their children wear to the beach, and much more!

Do Mennonites wear swimsuits or bikinis?

Mennonites wear swimsuits rather than bikinis. They believe in dressing conservatively and avoid swimwear that exposes too much skin, like bikinis. They do not wear bikinis since they believe that these are tempting to the opposite sex and avoid any form of sexual appeal.

Additionally, they also avoid wearing bikinis at the beach since they believe it promotes vanity. This is against what the Bible teaches about promoting vanity in Jeremiah 4:30. Though this verse does not state what one should wear at the beach, it warns against adorning oneself in vain. According to the Mennonites, swimsuits do not promote vanity.

What do Mennonite women wear to the beach?

what do Mennonites wear to the beach?
What do Mennonite women wear to the beach? Image source: Pixabay

The Mennonite mode of dressing at the beach sometimes varies based on the precise group one belongs to. While some Mennonite women wear one-piece swimsuits, others prefer two-piece swimsuits. The one-piece swimsuits feature long hemlines, short sleeves, and high necklines that cover major parts.

Other Mennonite women prefer wearing swim skirts that cover the waist downward with a matching top. Some also wear cape dresses with full skirts to appear modest at the beach. Others also wear burkinis which comprise leggings and a tunic top that allows them to move more freely in the water.

What do Mennonite children wear to the beach?

Children yet to go through baptism are free to wear more modern swimwear than Mennonite adults since the children are not considered official church members. The young girls from the Mennonite community can wear one-piece suits to the beach. On the other hand, most young boys wear swimming trunks with simple T-shirts. Some even wear swimming trunks without shirts at the beach, depending on who else is present.

Are there rules on beachwear for Mennonites?

What do Mennonites wear swimming?
Are there rules on beachwear for Mennonites? Image source: Pixabay

In most Mennonite communities, no specific rules are set on beach wear. However, all of them encourage their church members to always remain modest, even when going to the beach. One thing that shows that there are no specific rules on beach wear for this religious sect is the diverse choice of swimwear among its members. If a Mennonite does not expose too much skin, they can wear their preferred swimsuits. Additionally, no standard swimwear is specified for the Mennonite group to wear to the beach.

Do Mennonites swim in public pools?

Some Mennonites swim in public pools, while others do not. Though during the 20th century, most Mennonites condemned worldly amusements like swimming in public areas; their perspective has changed with time.

The Mennonites discourage mixed-gender swimming. Therefore, they prefer swinging in more secluded areas rather than public beaches. According to most Mennonite churches, separating swimming activities based on gender discourages physical contact that can lead to lust.

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