What do Mennonites look like (characteristics and physical attributes of Mennonites)?

I’ve Spent years in theology school studying the identities of various Christian denominations. None has intrigued me as much as the Mennonites. During the last semester, I met my first Asian Mennonite family. I was delightfully surprised because I thought most Mennonites were Caucasians from Europe. This Asian family invited me to their home in Pennsylvania, where I learned a lot about modern Mennonites’ physical and behavioral features. Last week during our online group discussion on unique Christian denominations, some members wondered how they could identify Mennonites. After living with the Asian Mennonites for three months, I was pleased to share what I learned about their physical attributes and other identifying factors. So, what do Mennonites look like?

Today, Mennonites come from all races in the world. There are Mennonites who live in African countries who are black. Asian Mennonites are typically brown, while the same goes for Latin American Mennonites. The most effective way to single them out of a crowd is to check their dress codes. Mennonites firmly believe in modesty. Therefore, Mennonites tend to cover up with long-sleeved tops and long dresses or skirts. Mennonite women rarely wear pants unless they are involved in rigorous athletic activities.

In this article, we will explore the various physical attributes of the Mennonites. Join me as we discover simple ways to spot a Mennonite in a crowd. Read along to learn about the race of Mennonites.

How can you tell if someone is Mennonite?

What do Mennonites look like?
How can you tell if someone is Mennonite? Image source: Pixabay

Before, one could easily identify Mennonites due to their fixation on simplicity in dressing. The women wore prayer veils on their heads and avoided jewelry and make-up. Today Mennonite women have eased up the strict dress code. However, they are easily identifiable because they still wear long dresses and skirts, and long-sleeved shirts for the sake of decency.

In the past, the Men in church leadership wore shirts with no collars and plain coats. Other Mennonite men took a minimalist approach to their dress codes by wearing plain clothes and a hat. Today Mennonites are hard to identify since the majority of them have adopted modern styles of dressing. Old Order Mennonite men still maintain long beards and hats similar to those worn by the Amish. Ultimately, the best way to determine if a family is Mennonite is to observe their interactions with modern facilities such as cars and telephones.

What are the characteristics of Mennonites?

Mennonites are pacifists who believe in the authority of the Bible more than anything else. Since they believe that God does not condone violence, they strive to avoid all forms of resistance and quarrel with other communities and among one another. They are also proponents of serving others, as Jesus demonstrated in the book of John 13:1-17. In this scripture, Jesus urges his followers to serve others with a glad heart. This doctrine is why Mennonites are heavily involved in charity work within and outside the community.

What race is Mennonite?

The very first group of Mennonites has central European roots. The first Mennonites originated from Dutch-speaking countries like Germany and moved to Prussia and Russia. These Mennonites trace their ancestry to German and Swiss-German roots after moving to south Russia to escape persecution. Today there are Mennonites of all races. The church has gained coverts all over the world. Consequently, you will find Mennonites who are Asian, Latin American, and African.

Physical appearance of Mennonites

What do Mennonites wear swimming?
Physical appearance of Mennonites. Image source: Pixabay

The first Mennonites had Caucasian features since most of them were European. Today, you can identify Mennonites from different races based on how they dress and carry themselves. Mennonites do not like to expose their bodies. They consider revealing clothing to be sinful. This is why you will find the majority dressed in full-coverage clothes.

What’s more, they don’t wear the typical swimming attire such as bikinis. Instead, they wear swim shirts and dresses to maintain decency. Overall, Mennonites have a conservative and subdued physical appearance.

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