What does glass symbolize in the bible? (Symbolism and Meaning)?

During my bible study session with my church group, our leader mentioned that the term glass, used in the Bible, has a deeper meaning. It tends to signify something more profound about the context written. Being a frequent reader of the Bible, I aim to fully understand the context in all areas where the term “glass” was used. To satisfy my curiosity, I want to find an answer to the question, what does glass symbolise in the bible?

It is implied that the word glass is often used in the Bible as a symbol of purity, transparency, or to show that something is clear. In other instances, it can also symbolise Christ’s holiness or God’s righteousness. Lastly, it can be a symbol of fragility or brokenness.

In this article, I will examine the meaning and symbol of glass according to how it has been used in the Bible. I will explain its different meanings in relevance to its application in the scriptures in the Bible. Please read along if you would like to learn about these and more.

Two symbolic meanings of glass in the bible

The term glass oftenly appears in the bible and represents various principal notions. It commonly symbolises purity. The Bible suggests that the streets and gates of New Jerusalem are built of gold, and the city’s foundation is composed of many precious stones, including glass. The bible’s description of the glass implies that it is as clear as crystal, indicating its purity. This is seen in Revelation 21:18-21. When used to describe the river of the water of life in the same verse, the term “glass” still stands for purity. This river is thought to be crystal clear.

Glass is also used as a symbol of transparency in the bible because it reflects light. The verse 1 Corinthians 13:12, written by Apostle Paul, suggests that we will understand and see God’s ways someday in a clear way as our understanding towards God is currently limited. Glass can be viewed as a representation of the completeness and clarity of insight that we will have in the reign of God one day. The Bible mainly has two symbolic meanings for the term “ glass.”

Spiritual meaning of a glass

What does glass symbolize in the bible?
Spiritual meaning of a glass. Image source: Pixabay

The symbolic meanings of glass in spirituality are transformation, rebirth, fragility, integrity, and resilience. Because it can be recreated into a new, stronger glass even after breaking, symbolising rebirth, as an illustration, consider the transformation of broken glass into granules for use in producing new bottles. Rebirth symbolises our ability to grow and change into greater versions of ourselves.

Due to its lengthy history and outstanding quality, which make it resilient to force and pressure, glass symbolises resilience. It implies that old is gold. Glasses stand for integrity because they maintain visibility, which allows openness, transparency, and honesty. This can mean a person must exhibit the abovementioned characteristics to have integrity.

Glass is associated with transformation as it is made of limestone, soda ash, and sand. Each component appears far from being translucent and clear material when taken separately. The right procedure, timing, heat, and pressure make the transformation possible. It implies that no matter where you come from or your background, you can fully transform yourself by following the right steps.

Despite glasses being resilient, they are highly prone to breaking hence the representation of fragility. The symbol highlights the significance of one’s vision, allowing one to attach greater emphasis to the visualisation of their objectives.

What do dreams about a glass mean?

There are various interpretations of such dreams. A broken glass can indicate a lack of charge in your own life. It represents the need to change your life and let the past go. A glass wall represents security and a sense of peace. It suggests that an unknown force is protecting you. It is also a sign that you are trying to offer protection to someone in real life.

In your dream, a glass case implies that you build walls to avoid difficult circumstances. Dreams of glassware symbolise superiority. Broken glass represents unplanned joy and celebration. Glass shards in a dream represent potential professional success. A cracked glass on a watch denotes that something important, either in business or in love, has gotten away. A glass-washing dream suggests a swift resolution of family conflicts. When pregnant, having a dream about broken glass indicates a challenging birth.

What is the biblical meaning of broken glasses?

Broken glass can serve as a symbol of the healing power of forgiveness. Broken glass can also symbolise humility’s value and how it might keep us from becoming arrogant. Broken glass is a symbolic representation of how the pain of separation may break our hearts. It can also represent the difficulty of repair and the possibility of irreversible damage. It can stand for the ability of redemption and how something damaged can be repaired and made beautiful. Broken glass can also represent the harm that sin can do and its implications.

Is broken glass a bad omen?

Broken glass is regarded as bad luck or a bad omen in a spiritual sense. It’s because culture frequently links broken glass with bad omens. If the broken glass’s context is considered, it may also be a good omen.

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