What Does Heaven Sound Like? (What Does The Bible Say?)

At theology school, I developed an interest in different key Christian doctrines. I was particularly drawn to the Christian doctrine of Heaven, precisely the idea of what Heaven sounds like. During my research, I studied the scripture in depth and spent months talking to different religious teachers like priests, pastors, and even Rabbis. Last week, one of my college students asked for a descriptive explanation of what Heaven sounds like. Like the rest of the class, they were thinking about heavenly melodies and thunderous bellowing voices whenever God gave commands, but they wanted to really know what it sounded like. Based on my research, I could answer their questions in detail. So, what does Heaven sound like?

Heaven has different sounds. In Acts 2:2, Heaven sounded like a violently blowing wind coming down from Heaven on the day of Pentecost. During the baptism of Jesus Christ by John the Baptist, there was a booming voice from the heavens above proclaiming that Jesus Christ was His son, with whom he is proud. Heaven is also characterized by loud singing (Psalm 66:8), the loud shouting voice of God (Isaiah 42), and it sounds like gushing waters (Ezekiel 43). So, there really isn’t one specific kind of sound that Heaven is known for.

In this post, I’ll share more about what Heaven sounds like and the bible accounts of the sounds coming from Heaven. So, let’s dive right in!

What does the Bible say Heaven sounds like?

What Does The Bible Say?
What does the Bible say Heaven sounds like? Image source: Pixabay

Different verses throughout the Bible make it clear that God uses noise to declare His presence. Noises of various kinds are believed to symbolize Heaven or God communicating to people from Heaven.

Loud Gush of Wind

In Acts 2:1-4, for example, the Bible notes that on Pentecost Day, a sound came down from Heaven, and it sounded like violently bellowing wind, which alerted people to God’s presence, His Might, and also the fact that Jesus Christ is indeed the son of God. These verses also note that in addition to the sound of a rushing gust of wind that filled up the house, the disciples also started to speak in tongues as the Holy Spirit filled them.

Gushing Water

In Revelation 14:2, the Bible says that when the heavens opened up, it sounded like water gushing aggressively. The loud sound of thunder accompanied the sound of water gushing. After that came the melodious sounds of harpists playing the sweetest sounds on their harps in perfect harmony.

Loud invisible sound from the sky

In Deuteronomy 4:12, it says that there was a loud sound that came from an invisible source up in the sky. The sound was perceived to be from Heaven, and it was the sound of God, even though the people at Mount Sinai couldn’t see anyone or make out any shapes.

Chariots and neighing horses

According to 2 Kings 7:6, the Lord made the Arameans army hear the sound of chariots and horses, which is associated with the sound sent down from Heaven to give the army victory. This is also mentioned in Jeremiah 47:3, where the noise of galloping hooves and tumultuous chariots will remind them of God’s might.

Cherubim Wings

Heaven is also believed to sound like the wings of the Cherubim as outlined in Ezekiel 10:5, where it’s believed that the Cherubim wings’ sound that was heard in and out of the court sounded just like the voice of the Lord Almighty speaking to the people from Heaven.

Loud Thunderous Voice

Matthew 3:13-17 gives an account of what happened when John the Baptist baptized Jesus on the River Jordan. Here it’s recorded that after Jesus was baptized, the heavens opened up then a spirit of God descended to Earth in the form of a dove that settled on Jesus. Then a loud voice was heard, and the heavens could be heard saying that Jesus was his son, whom He was proud of.

Revelation 4:5 and 1 Samuel 7:10 also talk about Heaven’s loud, rumbling, and thunderous voice from Heaven. This sound is considered a sign of God’s authority and power.

Sounds of angels

The Bible further says that Heaven is filled with the sounds of angels shouting for (in) joy. According to Luke 2:13-14, the angels in Heaven sing gloriously to God and also pray for peace on Earth and good to all men. These angelic voices are said to be from countless angels that sing continuously – Revelation 5:11-12.

Other sounds that are associated with Heaven include the sound of trumpets and flutes – Psalm 150:3-4, 1 Samuel 10:5, and 1 Chronicles 16:6;42, harps (Psalm 33:2). Harps playing in Heaven are also mentioned in Revelation 15:2 and Revelation 5:8. These sounds have been described as amazing heavenly sounds. Though they can’t be heard daily on Earth, they point to the heavenly sounds being inexplicably good and inexpressible. It’s also why Heaven is often said to be full of praise – 2 Corinthians 12:3-4.

What sounds did Paul hear when he went to Heaven?

When Paul went to Heaven (the third Heaven), he heard words that had never been spoken of and words that he could not make sense of, so he couldn’t say exactly what was said in Heaven. However, this means that Paul communed with God in Heaven – 2 Corinthians 12:2-4. It is also written that when Paul took a similar journey to Heaven, he heard the angels singing hymns.

How does John describe the sound of Heaven in Revelations?

John describes the sounds of Heaven as being loud and thunderous. John notes that there were seven thunders followed by a voice that asked him not to say or write of the things spoken about by the thunders. Along with the thunderous voice, John also described the sound of Heaven as a roaring sound of rushing waters that was so loud. Revelation 14:2

In Revelation 1:10, John describes hearing a loud voice that sounded like a trumpet. He also heard a voice speaking to him, but he didn’t explain what this voice sounded like.

What does the music from Heaven sound like?

What Does Heaven Sound Like?
What does the music from Heaven sound like? Image source: Pixabay

The Bible describes the music that plays in Heaven as being glorious. The angels are said to sing and praise God continuously in the most beautiful harmonic sounds. They placed different instruments like harps and trumpets, and the music was transcendental in a heavenly (unearthly) harmony that could not be replicated on Earth.

It’s also believed that Heaven has a beautiful celestial choir composed of thousands (countless) angels whose sublime, beautiful, and angelic voices create the most exquisite heavenly harmonies. The music sounds like the sound of celestial harmony. Revelation 14:2, Revelation 18:22.

Are the sounds of Heaven pleasant?

Some of the sounds of Heaven described in the Bible are pleasant, but others are scary. The sound of Heaven that involve the harmonious music of the angels, the symphonies from the harps and trumpets, and the voice of God saying that He is proud of Jesus, His son, is pleasant.

On the other hand, the thunderous voice of God from Heaven and the sound of the gushing winds and water in Revelation 14:2 aren’t as pleasant. While they demonstrate God’s power and might, they also point to the fact that God can be harsh and will punish His enemies and the enemies of his people.

These sounds from Heaven overall point to God’s might and how, even when he lives in the spiritual realm, He’s still able to communicate with His people in different ways that can be pleasant to hear or scary.

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