Can you do anything in Heaven? (Will there be rules in Heaven?)

As a theologian, I became intrigued by the afterlife in Heaven. I was especially concerned about what we will be doing in Heaven for all eternity and whether there will be rules. I decided to scourge every part of the New Testament to understand the concept of Heaven according to Jesus and consulted with clergies from different denominations to get different perspectives. My theology students recently had endless questions and ideas about Heaven. Some argued that we would only worship, while others thought it would be a new earth just like ours without the bad guys. Therefore, I set out to provide comprehensive answers to the question. Based on my intensive research on the topic, I put a rest to all the misconceptions. So, can you do anything in Heaven?

Luke 9:28-36 mentions that Christians in Heaven will have new bodies, implying that we will not do some things in Heaven. For instance, we won’t attend church, cry, see the moon or sun, and do evil. Luke 14:15-24 describes Heaven as a wedding feast, so people will be happy and joyful in Heaven.

So, join me as I discuss living in Heaven. I will reveal whether there are rules, whether there are fun activities, activities not allowed in Heaven, whether there are positions in Heaven, and whether your material possessions matter in Heaven. Read on to learn more.

Will we have rules in Heaven?

Some scriptures imply that there will be no rules in Heaven. Romans 2:12 says that man will live without sin in Heaven, so there will be no need for laws restraining people. Romans 2:12 also says that the people will have the law within them, and they won’t do wrong and harmful things. In Jeremiah 31:33-34, God addresses the new covenant. He says that he will put the law within his people, and it will be written in their hearts. He says that in the new covenant, the people will acknowledge him as God, and they shall be his people. The scriptures say that people will no longer need to teach each other the law, for they shall know it by heart.

Will God allow fun activities in Heaven?

Will there be rules in Heaven?
Will God allow fun activities in Heaven? Image source: Pixabay

Yes! There will be fun activities in Heaven. Luke 14:15-24 describes Heaven as a wedding feast and Matthew 22:1–14 as a great banquet. This means it will be a huge celebration going on all the time. Also, Matthew 18:18 says that whatever is forbidden on Earth will be forbidden in Heaven, and what is permitted on Earth will be permitted in Heaven. Therefore, fun activities permitted on Earth will also be allowed in Heaven.

What can we not do in Heaven?

There are things we cannot do in Heaven, like crying! Revelations 21:4 says there will be no tears in Heaven because there will be no things that upset or hurt us. Revelations 21:22 also says that we will not go to church to worship. God shall be in our presence all the time, and we will be able to worship him.

Additionally, we will not bask in the sun! Revelations 21:23 says heavens will have no moon or sun. In Heaven, we cannot speak bad words or do bad deeds because, according to Revelation 21:27, there will be no sin in Heaven.

Will we have positions in Heaven?

Yes. In Matthew 25:21, God commends a servant for being faithful with a few things, so He gives him a lot more to manage in Heaven. God says people will serve him according to how they served him on Earth. One who had less will get more, while one who had more few will be given. It means that there will be special positions in Heaven. God says in Revelation 22:3 that people who go to Heaven will serve him. But he also says that the work will not make people tired.

Can you wish for things in Heaven?

No. According to the scriptures, people will have spiritual bodies which are well suited to live with the Lord forever. Therefore, they will have no material desires or needs. Revelation 14:13 says that we will be perfectly at peace. Also, God communicates to us through Psalms 23:1, which says that the Lord is our shepherd and we will not want. This means that the desires of physical bodies are all curbed when God is in our presence.

Can you carry material possessions from Earth to Heaven?

Can you do anything in Heaven? 
Can you carry material possessions from Earth to Heaven? Image source: Pixabay

No, you cannot carry your material possessions to Heaven. In Matthew 19:21, Jesus told those who wanted to follow him to go and sell their belongings and follow him. He told them they would have treasure in Heaven so they could follow him without worry.

Luke 9:30 says our bodies will be transformed into spiritual bodies. Material things are only useful to physical bodies; therefore, we will not carry our material possessions from Earth to Heaven.

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