What does light symbolize in the Bible (Symbolism and Meaning)?

As a born-again Christian, I’ve participated in numerous discussions about light. Light is mentioned multiple times in the Bible, and as Christians, we are even urged to be the salt and light of the world. But what does light symbolize in the Bible?

The Bible makes multiple references to light. It is implied that light is a metaphor of God’s word, which is truth, as written in Psalm 119:105. It is believed to be instructions for living a God-pleasing life; it also provides us with direction in life as Christians. When light enters, darkness retreats, and we can see clearly. We can develop knowledge for life if we understand God’s word. The light or word of God has the power to cleanse us and change our minds, allowing us to live noble lives that please God.

Continue reading this article to learn more about what light symbolizes in the Bible, what light represents, what the spiritual importance of light is, and what it means to dream about light.

When does light first appear in the Bible?

Light initially appears in the Bible in the book of Genesis, at the start of everything that exists today. According to the gospel of John 1:1-5, there was light in the beginning, and the light was with God. Before the universe was created, the earth was desolate, a huge expanse of darkness. Because God recognized that this was not good, he made light through his word. He, therefore, named the light day and the darkness night. Genesis 1:1-5 captures this.

How is light used in the Bible?

What does light symbolize in the Bible- Symbolism and Meaning
How is light used in the Bible? Image source: Pixabay

Light has been mentioned multiple times to depict various images and conceptions of what light is. The Bible makes use of light in the following ways:

Light is used to represent Christ

Christ is described to be the light who will come to illuminate the world and save mankind from darkness in John 1:5-9. God’s essential nature is light, and Jesus Christ is light as well. Jesus Christ is the light of the world, and he will return to offer this light to people.

Light is utilized to direct and instruct

In Psalm 119:105, God’s word is described as a light and lamp that guides and instructs us on how to live pure lives. It is thus prudent to continue reading God’s word for advice on how to live holy lives that please God.

Light is used to show power over darkness

In John 1:5, the Bible says that the light has overcome darkness. This is to say that all children of the light have overcome the enemy, and they have the power and authority through Jesus Christ the light to wage war on the devil and win. The light has illuminated all evil and has overcome so people do not have to live in fear knowing that Jesus has overcome.

Christians as the light of the world

Christians have been urged to be the ambassadors of Christ here on earth by shinning the light they have gained because of following Christ. They can shine this light through their actions and how they choose to live their lives. Christians might be the only Bible that those who are in the dark read; therefore, they are implored to live righteous lives that are Christ-like and worth emulating.

Bible verses about light

1 Thessalonians 5:5

This verse emphasizes that whoever is born again and has confessed Jesus to be their personal savior is a child of the light. They are no longer subscribers of their past life in darkness, but that God recognizes them as His very own children, heirs together with Christ, children of the light.

Matthew 5:14-16

Christians have been given the mantle to be Christs representatives here on earth. This verse urges Christians to walk in a right manner as they are the only examples of Jesus on earth. They have been given the responsibility to bring those in darkness to the knowledge of light by living the Bible itself practically and applying its teachings with wisdom from the Lord.

John 3:19-21

Jesus came to the world; he was and is the light, but the people of the world rejected him and clung to their wayward ways and pleasures. This verse shows just how people disregarded Christ, but Christ urges everyone who comes to him to be firm and not to compromise due to pressures of the world. In this verse those who do evil hated the light because of fear that their evil actions would be exposed. But Jesus is a just God, and he is merciful when one comes to the light, he can forgive without condemnation.

John 1:5

Darkness has been overcome by light. This verse shows that God is above everything, he is sovereign, and he holds all the power. Nobody is like God. It encourages people not to fear, for God has already overcome the evil of this world and its vices. It also shows Christians that when they are in the light, they are also overcomers, and they can overcome all challenges that come their way through the help of God.

What does light represent in the Bible?

In the Bible, light is associated with hope, wisdom, knowledge of God’s truth, goodness, God’s revelation, and Holiness. When light is discussed, it is proved to remove darkness and evil activities on countless instances. It is what brightens all believers’ pathways and offers them hope for a better tomorrow. Light aids in clear vision and aids in locating lost or misplaced items, particularly in the dark, and this is the same light mentioned in the Bible. It illuminates all aspects of our lives, assisting us in discovering our purpose and having a feeling of direction and instruction in what we do and how we act.

5 symbolic meanings of light in the Bible

What does light symbolize in the Bible- Symbolism and Meaning
Symbolic meanings of light in the Bible. Image source: Pixabay

Light as a lamp

The Bible says in Psalms 119:105 that the word of God is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path. A lamp helps us see better in darkness; it also makes hidden things visible to us. The lamp is a symbol of direction and instruction that comes from the word of God for Christian believers.

Light as the word of God

The light is believed to be truth, and truth is the word of God which, when we come to the knowledge of, we are transformed to be Christ-like. The word comes in and illuminates’ darkness saving us from the bondage of sin Light is seen to be Gods own word that changes us to walk in His ways and reveals to us truths about God we did not know before.

Light as God Himself

The light is also used as a symbol of God to showcase that God is holy and righteous without sin. God is blameless, and no sin, unjust nature, or evil can be found in Him. He is righteous and pure with no mixture of evil.

Light as a picture of good works

Christians are urged to let their light shine so others can see and emulate. This is by the works they do on earth as representatives of Christ. Light is used as a symbol of the great works done to help others and to walk with them like Jesus did. This works, in turn, influence those who are in the dark to come to the light.

Light as righteousness and Holiness

Light is a metaphor that directly contrasts darkness. Light is used to symbolize purity, Holiness, blamelessness, and righteousness before God. It shows a clear separation between what is considered good and that which is considered wrong or evil.

What does it mean that God is light?

According to John 1:5-9, the Bible shows us clearly that light is the essence of who God is. Light is the contrast of darkness. Darkness indicated sin, impurity, and evil. God is light is simply the opposite, meaning that there is no mixture of evil and light. It means that God is completely devoid of sin, impurity, and injustice. God is Holy, and no sin can be found in Him.

What is the spiritual significance of light?

Light is very significant when it comes to spiritual matters. Many people associate light with everything nice and good luck. Light is spiritually important because:

Light is love and life

Light is critical to animal and plant existence. It is essential for their health, development, and well-being. Light is essential in our existence. Jesus is light, and when we let him in, he can help us grow and become better people. He exhibited this by the sacrifice on the cross, where he demonstrated his love by dying for us while we were still in sin. He gave us a chance and life, and he died for everyone, so when we embrace Him, we get a new life, the old us dies, and we are born again.

Light is Hope

Light, as suggested by numerous spiritual beliefs, represents hope. Life has been utilized by many religions to demonstrate salvation from darkness, evil, and sin. Those who hold this idea believe that light provides hope for a better tomorrow and the required transformation. We are also informed that light has power over darkness, that darkness cannot extinguish light. Therefore we have faith in God, who is the light.

Light is wisdom

Earlier in the article, we associated light with the word of God. The word of God is the mind of God. It is wisdom for us when we understand it. As Christians, when you read the word of God, you are enlightened, you get instruction and direction. You are rebuked and corrected, which is all necessary for growth. It is believed that light is wisdom, the knowledge of God that we acquire from reading his word. That is why many people often say that they can see or perceive things in a new light.

What does it mean when you dream about light?

What does light symbolize in the Bible- Symbolism and Meaning
What does it mean when you dream about light? Image source: Pixabay

Dreaming about light can have many different meanings based on the type of light. These are not Biblical connotations but rather meanings created by relating our contemporary reality with light and our dream life. Some of the dreams that people may have are mentioned below, along with their meanings.

Dream about a white bright light

It is believed that this dream is a symbol of spiritual growth. It could mean that you will grow spiritually especially in your understanding of Gods word and knowledge of God, or grow in your spiritual practices such as meditating on the word more, praying consistently, fasting, and even in reading the word of God. The word, which is truth, is said to then illuminate and remove all darkness in one, thus cleansing and purifying them. One can live a life that is aligned to Gods word without compromising on the lusts of the world.

Dream about turning on the light

This dream could mean that one will land on some information that will help them get through a difficult time. The dream shows that what was not visible will now become visible to the person as light will eliminate any blurred vision or any form of clogged view. It is implied that the dream shows that one will discover some new way of doing things that will enable them to overcome their challenges.

Dream about sunlight

If you dream about sunlight, it is suggested that you will have good luck in all that you do. Sunlight supports the growth of plants, and dreaming of it could mean that you will receive great support in all that you do, be it financially, emotionally, or mentally. The dream is also believed to mean that you will have favorable prospects. Thus, wherever you cast your net, you should be sure to catch some big fish.

Dream about bright light

Bright lights in a dream are speculated to be a symbol of success in business, higher income, good fortune, positive changes, and getting some new useful information that will propel you to a new level. Bright lights are thought to be indicative of good tidings that will last. However, other people believe that bright light could mean unexpected bad news or the collapse of a project or venture that one had begun.

Dream about blurred or dim light

This dream is speculated to mean that one is in a season of weakness. It can be in their health, work or business, or any area of their lives where they are not able to see clearly or make level headed decisions, but that a time will come when they can overcome their challenges, their vision will become clearer. The light will brighten because seasons change even in the real world they do not remain permanent.

Dream about switching off the light

It could indicate the end of an undertaking or pursuit. It is usually assumed to suggest that one should stop seeking something and give up on it because it will only lead to failure, loss, and heartbreak. It is also considered to represent the beginning of a new chapter because the old chapter has ended, and the individual must now take steps to begin their new chapter.

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