What is the biblical Meaning of a Hummingbird? (Spiritual and Biblical Significance)

As a Christian, being keen on the signs and symbols that God can use to communicate with me is paramount. I remember one time when I was going through so many challenges, and it drained me spiritually and mentally; a hummingbird kept coming to my window for three consecutive days. I would stare at it, making joyful and happy moves while chirping and smile a little. Later on, I came to learn that hummingbirds have a lot of biblical meanings. I researched and understood deeply the biblical meaning of a hummingbird.

Although the Hummingbird is not directly mentioned in the Bible, Christians often associate it with joy, hope, faith, happiness, and potential. The idea that it is a tiny bird that flies for long miles implies that it is a bird that has faith and hope. It can also be a reminder of God’s love and mercy and unmeasurable abilities.

So join me in today’s article as I delve into a hummingbird’s Biblical meaning and symbolism. I will also write about the messages a hummingbird could bring you. I won’t forget about the spiritual meaning of a hummingbird in different cultures. Read on to find out.

What do hummingbirds symbolize in the Bible?

Although Hummingbirds are not directly mentioned in the Bible, there are scriptures that have been used to determine their symbolism and relevance.

The Hummingbird could be a symbol of joy

The Hummingbird could symbolize joy because its presence makes the viewer happy. The beauty of the Hummingbird is believed to have an undeniable effect on the person who sees it. In the Bible, the book of Psalms 84 implies that Hummingbird is a symbol of joy.

The Hummingbird could also be a symbol of trust

The Hummingbird could be a symbol of trust because it is tiny, yet it flies. It symbolizes the need to trust the Lord even when things seem too impossible to work out. The book of Psalm 56:3-4 teaches us to trust in God even in the darkest times full of uncertainty which could be almost exactly what the Hummingbird does when it releases its tiny body into the air and flaps its wings trusting to fly.

It could also be a symbol of contentment

The Hummingbird is naturally a contented bird that is always at peace. In its small body and small wings, it is always happy and contented. This aspect helps in the conclusion that it could symbolize contentment that Christians need to practice.

Are Hummingbirds mentioned in the Bible?

What is the biblical Meaning of a Hummingbird?
Are Hummingbirds mentioned in the Bible? Image source: Pixabay

Hummingbirds are not directly mentioned in verse in the Bible because it is believed that most incidences in the Bible happened in places that were not habitats of the Hummingbirds. However, most Christians consider a hummingbird as a spiritual bird because, in the Bible, God communicated using birds like doves. After all, doves were present in most geographical areas covered in the Bible. It implies that God can possibly use hummingbirds to send a message to people.

What does the Bible say about Hummingbirds?

Most people believe and write that the bird mentioned in Samuel 17:1-51 is a hummingbird, although it is not proven. It is implied that the scripture talks about how a hummingbird feeds on nectar for strength. This bird’s strength from nectar is often connected to the strength that Christians can get from God.

Biblical meaning of seeing a Hummingbird

Seeing a hummingbird could biblically mean that you need to increase your faith. Having faith implies that you believe in yourself and God despite the situation. The book of Ephesians 6:16 implies that faith makes you courageous to pursue life even when temptations are overwhelming, just like the turbulence and the high atmosphere could be overwhelming to the tiny bird, but it still flies in faith.

What is the prophetic meaning of a hummingbird?

A hummingbird could have a prophetic meaning that signals you not to limit yourself because God does not work based on your limits. It is such a tiny bird but can fly for 805km alone, meaning it does not limit itself simply because it is small. This could be a prophetic message to Christians to trust in the miraculous workings of God in their lives. God will lead you into the future you deserve, and He has intended for you to have despite the challenges.

8 biblical messages a hummingbird is telling you

A hummingbird could tell you to stay happy and spread joy to the people around you.

A hummingbird’s movement could serve the purpose of sending a message of joy and happiness to you. When you watch a Hummingbird fly over flowers, its beauty and skills are a sight that makes you happy. The Hummingbird is always happy despite the weather and situation. It comes to you, a human being, to cheer you up, which implies that you can also be a reason for someone to be happy in this world.

A hummingbird could tell you to stay watchful and wise in your course.

It is believed that when you see a hummingbird, it could be a message from God for you to stay woke and pay attention to make wise moves. A hummingbird has characteristics that can be used to conclude that it is a wise bird. Since the birds feed on nectar, they have the sharpest memory to remember which flower they have already fed from and cannot feed on them twice, despite the flowers looking almost the same. Likewise, it could remind you to have a sharp memory and be wise when making decisions, especially when choices are almost the same.

Also, another characteristic of the Hummingbird is how watchful the tiny bird can be. In this sense, when you see the bird, it could remind you to be watchful as a Christian and be keen on each detail of your spiritual life as implied in 1st Corinthians 16:13 . Being watchful could lead to you being able to get more knowledge and being wiser.

In addition, the Hummingbird flies back and forth over the flowers as they observe the surroundings to be sure that they are safe. In this same manner, it implies that the message could be that you need to be aware of what people surround you with.

It could carry with it a message of spiritual elegance and beauty.

When you see a hummingbird, it could be a message to you to have a spiritual check of your heart and action so that you can cleanse and purify yourself. The physical appearance of the Hummingbird is attractive to the eye of almost everyone. They are beautiful and also able to move swiftly in a beautiful manner. This could imply that you have to check the way you live and change for the better so that you can be spiritually attractive, like the physical beauty of the Hummingbird. Also, it could be a message that once you are doing the right thing spiritually, your movements and actions could always fall in place, just like the movement of the Hummingbird seems perfect and beautiful. In essence, the key message is to pursue living a life that is beautiful in the eyes of the Lord and making moves and plans work will not be a hard thing for you to do.

It could bring a message that tells you to set yourself free from things that hold you back spiritually.

When you spot a hummingbird and you are mentally overwhelmed, it could be carrying a message of freedom and liberation. When you are mentally overloaded and worried about your problems, it could get in the way of your spiritual growth. It is often connected to the freedom that the Hummingbird has when it comes to going places. The Hummingbird flies to many places and leaves a family behind. Implying that even if it is your family that is coming in the way of your service to God, sometimes you have to let go and follow God. Also, let go of all the negative thoughts that affect your spiritual life.

It could carry a message of the unmeasurable capacity of God.

The message from a hummingbird could be that God’s wonders is beyond human understanding—magnificient God. This implies that God can create a way for you so that you stand out if the crowd, and everyone can marvel at the beauty of God through you. The Hummingbird can maintain balance in the air while flying back and forth and up and down, which also brings us to conclude that its message is that God has no limits.

Also, sometimes you might expect that God will move you upwards in your career and get shocked that you are fired. See, you were just up like the Hummingbird flies up, and suddenly you do not have a job; you are down like it flies down. However, God could shock you by moving you forward despite being jobless; you could start a business that will flourish or even choose to serve God full-time, which means spiritual growth. These movements of up, down, and back-forth resemble how God could be working for you.

It could be a message to you to count your blessings and be thankful.

Sometimes in life, things become so overwhelming that we forget that breathing and being a life is a blessing. The simple things in our lives are a blessing. Simple like the Hummingbird, so tiny, but so beautiful and so capable. The first step that makes us capable in this world is the fact that we breathe and we are alive—it could sound like a miracle so tiny, like the Hummingbird, but it is a huge blessing.

It could be a message of God’s speedy mercy toward us

The Hummingbird could have a message for you to turn back to God because of how quickly God can turn and be merciful and save you. It is often connected to how the tiny bird moves in speed and in different directions.

It could be carrying a message of love and optimism.

It is believed that the Hummingbird comes with a message of love and hope in its tiny wings. It implies that God could have used it to send a message of love, especially when you are feeling unloved. Times when your self-esteem is so low, you could spot a hummingbird, and the message for you seeing it at such a time could be that you need to remember that God loves you unconditionally.

What is the spiritual meaning of hummingbirds?

The spiritual meaning of a hummingbird could be the power of having faith. The fact that the Hummingbird is such a small bird and can still fly up and down, back and forth, and balance in the air even when there is wind, implies that faith can make the impossible happen. It is like the bird believes it will always fly no matter its size.

They could also symbolize spiritual loyalty and strength. Ever seen a hummingbird fight to protect what belongs to them? When you see them fighting with their beaks, you will be amazed by how courageous and strong it is. From the spiritual perspective, it could mean that you need to be strong and courageous during temptations and stand firm for your faith. You should not be swayed by temporary pains.

What do hummingbirds mean in different cultures?

Spiritual and Biblical Significance
What do hummingbirds mean in different cultures? Image source: Pixabay

Native America Culture

In places like Alaska, South America, and the Caribbean, the Hummingbird is a common bird that is said to have existed for some time in history, implying that there are so many meanings and symbolisms attached to the tiny beautiful bird. In the legendary stories in these areas, the Hummingbird mostly plays the role of a spirit guide, good luck bird, and messenger of different tribes. A common story from the Cherokee tribe is about a healer who turned into the Hummingbird to save a dying woman. The idea in this community is that a spirit of a good animal could locate you and help you. In this case, the spirit of the good luck bird showed up and turned the healer into its physical appearance for the woman to get healed by its presence.

Tribe of Mojave Culture

The Mojave tribe associates the Hummingbird with a guide and even suggests that it brought people into the universe. The story behind this belief is that long ago, the universe was empty of human beings. They lived underneath the earth’s surface in the darkness, and one day a tiny colorful, and happy bird came to them and brought them to the surface of the earth. It guided them from underneath to the surface and continued being their guide as they lived on earth.

Meaning of the Hummingbird in Aztec Culture

People from Aztec culture have deep respect for the Hummingbird. It is believed that in the ancient world, Aztec people had a god of sun and war who was powerfully connected to the Hummingbird. His name implied that he was a wizard who controlled the Hummingbird—Huitzilopochtli. This made the Hummingbird a sacred bird, and only chosen people could touch and use its feathers. Also, they believed that the soldiers who went to war and never came back died and became hummingbirds that protected the community.

Pueblo and Navajo Tribe culture

Pueblo and Navajo are Native American tribes that have clans that are referred to as hummingbird clans. It is believed that the Hummingbird could be the messenger between the people and the mother of the soil.

Hopi and Zuni cultures

In these cultures, the Hummingbird is connected to land fertility. In their legendary stories, the Hummingbird happened to save people from hunger. When there was famine, the parents of two children had gone away to look for food and left them alone. One of the children created a hummingbird statue out of wood, and they threw it in the air to play with it. It turned into a bird and flew around, playing with them. The bird was intelligent enough to notice that the children were hungry, so it flew away to bring them seeds for food. However, the bird realized that it couldn’t survive on a few seeds forever, so it flew up to the middle of the universe and prayed to the God of fertility to bring rain for plants to grow. It is implied that the God heard the bird and brought rain to increase land fertility.

Caribbean Taino People Culture

In the Taino nation, people associate the Hummingbird with rebirth and fierce hearts. In this culture, they believed that the Hummingbird was formed from flies by the God of the sun. Also, they believed that the bird was tiny but full of a heart that resembled the eagle. To them, when they spot a hummingbird, they associate it with being chosen and warrior strength. They called their warriors hummingbird warriors.

Is there a connection between hummingbirds and death?

What is the biblical Meaning of a Hummingbird?
Connection between hummingbirds and death. Image source: Pixabay

There could be a connection between Hummingbird and death in the sense that it is believed to be a messenger of the dead. Some communities believe that when you see a hummingbird a few days after the death of a loved one, it could be a message from them that they are at peace and you should be strong. Just like the Hummingbird flaps its wings strongly, the deceased could be telling you to continue with life and be strong because they could be watching you.

What does it mean when you see a dead hummingbird?

Hummingbirds are connected to death in the sense that they could symbolize mortality when you see the carcass. Spotting a dead hummingbird could imply that some beautiful things could be coming to an end. Also, it could mean that there is something in the past that you might not have completely finished, so it could be haunting you.

Some cultures associate a dead hummingbird with the beginning of joy. They suggest that the spirit of the bird could be hovering around to spread the joy that comes with the ending of one thing. It could be the end of a challenging journey in life, maybe career-wise or health-wise.

It could also signal growth, according to some communities. When they spot a dead hummingbird, they connect it to growth that must occur at all costs. The fact that a joyful bird had to die to show them how important they need to grow and let go of the past is, it implies that they should be ready to commit to growth.

What does it mean when you see a hummingbird in a dream?

It is believed that when you see a hummingbird in dreams, it could mean that you need to start living in joy so that good things locate you. Hummingbirds are happy birds that are known to bring joy to the world. Its presence in the dream could imply that your life has been a little sad, and you need to try and be positive so that all the beauties of life locate you.

Also, it could mean that the spirit world wants you to be motivated and stay focused on your ideas. A hummingbird could be seen as a symbol of small ideas that have a heavy impact on the world. Therefore such a dream could be a signal to you to give your ideas much importance.

Are hummingbirds a good or bad omen?

Hummingbirds are often connected to good omens because most cultures associate them with joy, love, beauty, and hope. Even in moments of pain, the Hummingbird could be a symbol of hope and peace. Also, its death could be a symbol of positive things like growth, change, and a necessary ending.

They are also associated with good luck and freedom because of their free movement. Most people believe that when they see a hummingbird, they would experience unexpected growth in their careers and business.

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