When do Mennonites attend church (Do Mennonites have a church)?

As a devoted Christian, I take an interest in the religious practices of other denominational sects. I was especially intrigued by the Mennonites and decided to conduct more research on how they worship and their preferred places of worship. I moved to an area close to where the Mennonites lived to learn more about whether they attended church and got to interact with most of them. During one of my lectures last week, one of my theology students was curious to know when the Mennonites worship. Having lived among them, I had all the right answers at my fingertips. So, when do Mennonites attend church?

Mennonites attend church on Sundays. They set this day aside to meet for worship services, just like any other Christians. The Mennonites have churches where they conduct their services. They worship on Sunday since they follow the tradition of the Early Church and therefore consider this day the Sabbath.

In this article, I invite you to join me as we delve into how the Mennonites practice their faith. Keep reading to find out whether the Mennonites have a church, what religion they follow, and much more!

Do Mennonites have a church?

Yes. This denominational sect of Christianity has different churches throughout the world. The most popular Mennonite denomination is the Mennonite Church USA which has thousands of baptized members. There is also the Mennonite church of Canada and the Evangelical Mennonite.

While some of the progressive Mennonite churches are independent congregations, others are part of the moderate Mennonite denominations. Every Mennonite church has spiritual leaders.

What religion do Mennonites follow?

Do Mennonites have a church?
What religion do Mennonites follow? Image source: Pinterest

Mennonites are Anabaptists that follow the Christian religion. Though they share some beliefs with the Protestants and Catholics, theologians imply that Mennonites are not either of these denominations. They grew out of the 16th-century Radical Reformation. The Mennonites recognize their founder, Menno Simons, a Dutch priest who embraced Anabaptist theology.

What does the Mennonite church believe in?

The Mennonite church has similar beliefs as other Christian denominations. For instance, they believe that the Bible is the Holy Scriptures inspired by God. This church has also put Jesus as the center of their faith.

Though the Mennonite church does not believe in infant baptism, they practice adult baptism. According to this church, one should be baptized after believing in Christ and repenting of their sin. They also partake in communion since they believe that it is a symbol of their relationship with God. They believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ as outlined in the gospels (Matthew 27)

What to expect at a Mennonite church?

Mennonite churches conduct their services for about 75 minutes. You can expect reading the scripture, praying, singing, worship, offering, sharing time, Sunday school for children, and benediction. The sermon usually takes around 20 minutes, and the kind of songs they sing are hymns from popular songbooks. Mennonite churches usually have worship and song leaders of different ages that lead the congregation in the different segments of the services.

Do Mennonite churches have pastors?

When do Mennonites attend church?
Do Mennonite churches have pastors? Image source: Pixabay

Yes. Just like other churches, Mennonite churches have pastors. They believe that God must call a pastor. Additionally, the pastor must undergo training before leading the church. In the past, most Mennonite churches selected pastors from within their congregation. Though there was limited training then, pastors were given a lot of respect.

Mennonite churches believe that pastors who are called to lead the flock are accountable to the community of faith and God. Some of the responsibilities of pastors in the Mennonite churches include shaping ministries, teaching, and preaching.

What is worship like in a Mennonite church?

The style of worship varies in Mennonite churches. However, they all offer their worship to God. In Mennonite churches, a minister or worship leader leads the worship session. Almost all Mennonite churches also have congregational singing as part of worship. The song leader leads the singing, and the rest of the congregation follows. Mennonite churches also play musical instruments like piano during worship.

The Minister also leads prayers during worship, and people give testimonies. In the Mennonite church, everyone is welcome to join in worship. They avoid using titles during worship and greatly appreciate everyone’s gift.

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