Why don’t Mennonites dance (Mennonite rules for dancing)?

I have always had a burning desire to learn interesting facts about the Mennonites Christian community. As a theologian, I am always interested in learning about different Christian sects. I first interacted with the Mennonites when I relocated to India to further my studies. I discovered that this community still holds onto some practices of the old church, like matters of dancing. Recently, I formed an online group where we discussed different Christian sects, including the Mennonites. During one of our sessions, a member wanted to discover why the Mennonites don’t dance. Since I had interacted with the Mennonites and was well-informed about their way of life, it was easy to answer the question and explain in detail the Mennonite rules for dancing. So, why don’t Mennonites dance?

Mennonites believe dancing is a way of conforming to the ways of the world; thus, they shun away from dancing. Romans 12:1-2 reads that we should not conform to the patterns of this world. The Mennonites strongly agree with this verse; thus, they avoid ungodly dances.

Keep reading this article as I will broadly talk about why Mennonites don’t dance, if they play Music, whether they have parties, and if so, how they celebrate their parties. So, join me as we delve deeper into this topic.

Why do Mennonites not dance?

Why don’t Mennonites dance?
Why do Mennonites not dance? Image source: Pinterest

As mentioned above, Mennonites believe that dancing is of the world. They strictly follow the teachings of the scriptures, which according to 1st John 2:15, urges Christians not to love the world and the things of the world. The Mennonites consider dancing a form of worldly entertainment, and therefore, they shun away from dancing since it’s a world method of pleasure. They do so to obey and be in line with the scriptures.

Do Mennonites play Music?

Yes, Mennonites play and participate in making Music of various styles. However, the Mennonite Church is well known for a capella singing, which is a four-part singing, and it has been a long tradition in the Mennonite church. Some songs written by the Mennonites are embraced in their worship.

Do Mennonites have parties?

Yes, Mennonites have parties, although their parties are mostly religious. The Mennonite teachings and beliefs permit them to engage in activities that are bible oriented. Worldly parties are not something they are permitted to engage in. Examples of parties that existed in Mennonites are Christmas, Good Friday, and Easter.

How do Mennonites celebrate at their parties?

The Mennonites, just like most other Christian denominations, believe that Christ died for our sins; therefore, in parties such as Christmas, they participate in the celebrations. On such days, they will wake up and head to the church for the sermon; after this, they will come back home and share meals with friends and families as they thank God. They spend more time on such days dedicated to God, believing it is for Christ and not them. They value simplicity and will mostly spend the rest of the day reflecting on the importance of the birth of Jesus to their faith.

Do Mennonites sing and dance?

Mennonite rules for dancing
Do Mennonites sing and dance? Image source: Pinterest

Some Mennonite groups sing and dance. Although dancing is seen as a way of engaging in worldly pleasure, according to the Mennonite Christian sect, not all Mennonite groups shun dancing. In some Mennonites communities, liturgical dancers offer accompaniment to the special Music during Sunday morning service. Additionally, in some African Mennonites congregation, Music and dancing have been introduced into worship. Moreover, in Zairian Mennonites churches, the offering is brought while the congregation is singing, dancing, and clapping.

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