How do Amish make coffee (Can Amish drink coffee)?

As a faithful Christian and coffee aficionado, I am interested in what other religious groups eat and drink for breakfast. I was especially fascinated by the Amish after discovering that they don’t use electricity and wondered how they make their coffee. I decided to visit an area where the Amish lived to conduct more research on their coffee-making techniques. Last week, as I was lecturing on what the Amish have for breakfast, one of my theology students asked if the Amish take coffee and where they get it from. Having lived among them, I had all the right answers at my fingertips. So, how do Amish make coffee?

The Amish make coffee using pour-over or French press technique. These two methods suit them since they do not require electricity. To make coffee with a French press, an Amish first grinds the coffee beans using a mortar and pestle. They heat the water on fire then transfer it into a cup containing the coffee. They leave the mixture to brew for a couple of minutes and then push down on the French press such that the ground coffee pushes to the bottom. And with that, coffee is ready to drink.

In this article, I invite you to join me as we look at how the Amish make coffee. Keep reading to find out how the Amish get coffee, if they are allowed to drink coffee, what kind of coffee they drink, and much more!

How do the Amish get coffee?

Coffee is grown in areas where the Amish live, such as Pennsylvania. Therefore, getting coffee is not challenging for this community. Some Amish also get coffee from local stores because this option is more economical. They prefer coffee from well-known brands. Though the Amish do not believe in using electricity in their homes, they use other methods to brew their coffee. Some of the popular methods used include pour-over and French press.

Can Amish drink coffee?

How do Amish make coffee
Can Amish drink coffee? Image source: Pixabay

Though some Amish churches forbid their members from caffeine, most Amish turn a blind eye to this since they love coffee. Coffee is the go-to drink in most Amish households, especially in the morning. Some Amish also like meeting their fellow church members at coffeehouses to interact as they enjoy a cup of this drink. The Amish churches that discourage their members from drinking caffeine do not like the stimulating effects of coffee.

What kind of coffee do Amish drink?

The Amish have different coffee preferences. While some prefer plain coffee with only water and coffee, others prefer coffee soup. Coffee soup is creamed coffee that comprises sugar, milk, and coffee, served in a bowl. Sugar is a common ingredient in most of their drinks and meals.

The Amish that like coffee soup keep on introducing different recipes to make it. Some enhance its flavor with spices like nutmeg and cinnamon. The Amish serve coffee soup with bread, ham, or eggs for breakfast.

What do Amish use to make their coffee?

The Amish make coffee using the French press or pour-over technique. The French press has existed for decades and enables the Amish to prepare delicious coffee. They also find this technique straightforward. Before using the French press, the Amish used mortar and pestle to grind the coffee beans. Though the pour-over technique takes more time, it helps the Amish enjoy their delicious cup without modern technology.

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