Can Amish go on Vacation (Where Do the Amish Go for Vacation)?

I believe a vacation is necessary for the well-being of everyone because it rejuvenates the mind, body, and soul. So, early last year, I became interested in understanding how different Christian denominations do their vacations. As part of my theological research, I visited the Amish in Ohio as winter started and learned about their beliefs and practices regarding vacations. So last month, one of my theology students asked if Amish go on vacations given their simple lives. Many said no, stating that if they do not use modern technology, they is no way they can go on Vacation. Seeing the level of misinformation, I decided to cover this topic in detail. So, can Amish go on Vacation?

Yes, Amish go on Vacations. Their favorite destination is Pinecraft in Florida. They can use buses for plain people to get to their destinations.

Join me in this article as I delve into the places where they go for vacations and the forms of transport they use; read on to find out more.

Where do the Amish go for Vacation?

Amish go for Vacation in Pinecraft, in Sarasota, Florida. Pinecraft is their favorite destination because it is an Amish destination, and the Amish have a history with the place. In the 1920s, many Amish attempted to move to Sarasota to increase their Agricultural produce and profits from farming. However, when they arrived in Sarasota, they realized the soil did not favor their crops. So, some moved back to their places while others were drawn to live there. Most of them liked the warm weather and then started to visit the place to enjoy it.

These days, many Amish from different parts like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Minnesota travel to Pine Craft for Vacation. They mostly go on Vacation during winter.

Also, they enjoy nature and historical destinations and take vacations in places like Niagara Falls. You might also find them on beaches during their Vacation. Generally, they do not go to worldly places like theatres and theme parks.

Some Amish would love to go to their original homeland for Vacation, that is, Europe. Most Amish who go to Europe join a tour group and visit places like Germany, Switzerland, and France, where most of their Ancestors lived.

What do the Amish go for Vacation?

Where Do the Amish Go for Vacation?
What do the Amish go for Vacation? Image source: Pinterest

When the Amish go on Vacation, especially on beaches, they are believed to engage in non-Amish activities. They enjoy new food, and teenagers enjoy sunbathing in bikinis and socializing. They also do not restrict their access to and use of electricity like in their homes. It is suggested that that is why they say, “What happened in Pinecraft Stays in Pinecraft” However, other members only engage in what is acceptable to Amish.

How do the Amish travel long distances for Vacation?

Although Amish do not accept modern technology, some orders have to be flexible and accept modern forms of transport while going for a vacation. So they mostly use buses. The buses that Amish use for Vacation are mostly chartered for them— for ‘the plain people.’

They also board an Amish Taxi that is driven by a non-Amish driver. The taxi looks like a van and carries ship 15 people at a time. Therefore to avoid expenses, most Amish families combine and travel together to their chosen destination.

Also, they can opt to use a train. If they leave the US, like Mexico and Canada, the train is the best option for Amish. Lastly, they can travel by plane if they are going overseas. However, most Amish cannot travel by plane, and only a few from the New Order accept Planes.

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