Will there be a new earth after heaven? (what are they?)

Being a devout Christian, I have always wondered about existence after death. The Bible mentions several instances of how the earth will cease to exist, particularly in Revelation 21, when John narrates how he saw a new heaven and earth where God would come down and dwell among the people in his visions. As a theology professor, I did extensive research for my following lecture visiting various churches and discussing the topic with the clergy. I learned what the Bible and various denominations teach about the new heaven and earth. On our weekly bible study, one member was curious about death on the new earth. I later learned the member had a terminally ill brother and wondered if there would be suffering on the new earth. Due to my research, I was able to give a comprehensive response. So, will there be a new earth after heaven?

Yes. According to Isaiah 65:17, the prophet Isaiah records the promises God makes of creating new heavens and a new earth. The scripture further suggests that no one will remember the events of the current earth, and there will be no more death, weeping, and crying.

This article will delve into what the Bible says about the new earth, what it will look like, and who will be there. Keep reading to learn the answers and more.

What does the Bible say about a new heaven and new earth?

Will there be a new earth after heaven?
What does the Bible say about a new heaven? Image source: Pixabay

According to Revelation 21:5, God instructs John to write down that He will make everything new. John writes about how God will wipe tears from people’s eyes, and there will be no more tears, mourning, and pain because the new earth will not function as the present world does.

We also see in Peter’s letter, 2 Peter 11, where he encourages people to live godly lives as God will come down on earth and destroy all its elements with fire. He implies that the Lord will keep his promise of the new world where only righteousness will be.

Isaiah 65:17 also talks about how we will have no memory of the previous earth while in the new one, and it will be a delight to the people. There will be joy because there will be no suffering and death. It continues to say how people will build their own houses and live in them and how the Lord will bless them and their descendants.

What are the new heaven and new earth?

The new heaven and earth are believed to be the final dwelling place for believers. John mentions the new heaven and earth as a New Jerusalem, a Holy City. The Bible mentions that only the righteous will inherit the new heaven and earth, and they will become children of God according to Revelation 21.

Jesus tells his followers that the present heaven and earth will pass, and only his words will remain. Some biblical scholars believe that the new heaven and earth will be a renewal from the current world as the present earth will be destroyed by fire, 2 Peter 3:7.

What Will the New Heaven and New Earth Look Like?

In Revelation 21:2, John describes the new heaven and earth as the New Jerusalem, a new Holy City. He describes the New Jerusalem as shining with the glory of God with a high wall. It has twelve gates representing the twelve tribes of Israel. The gates are divided into three in four directions; north, south, east, and west. The Holy City’s wall has twelve foundations with the names of the twelve apostles, Revelation 21:11-23.

The walls of the throne are made of Jasper, and the City with gold pure as glass. Precious stones decorate the city walls with the first being jasper, following sapphire, emerald, onyx, ruby, chrysolite, beryl, topaz, turquoise, jacinth, and amethyst to represent the twelve tribes. A single pearl makes the twelve gates and the streets of pure gold.

The Holy City lacked a temple because the Lord and the Lamb were its temple. He also mentioned the City did not have a sun or moon because light would come from the glory of God and the lamp of the Lamb. He goes on further and says that an angel showed him the river of the water of life that flows down the center of the City’s main street.

Who will be in the new heaven and the new earth?

According to Revelation 21:27, only the people In the Book of Life shall enter. People who are deceitful, corrupt, faithless, murderous, and practicing magic will burn in sulfur. The scripture says there will be no impurity that will enter the City, and in Matthew 19:28, Jesus tells the people only those who will follow him will sit on the twelve thrones.

Will we live in heaven or on the new earth?

Will there be a new earth after heaven? 
Will we live in heaven or on the new earth? Image source: Pixabay

John says he saw the Holy City coming down from heaven, and God said, He will dwell among the people. This implies that we will live in the new earth. The Old Testament also anticipates that we will live in a city made by God, according to Hebrews 11:10.

When Jesus died on the cross, he told one of the thieves that he would join him in paradise, Luke 23:43. It does not say whether paradise refers to heaven or the new earth. But Jesus told his followers that they would sit on the twelve thrones, which John describes in Revelation 21, as part of the new Holy City where God will dwell with his people.

What will happen to the old heaven and earth?

Peter writes in his second letter that fire will destroy the present world during judgment day along with the godless. He says the heavens will pass away and all the elements of heaven and earth will dissolve by fire, 2 Peter 3:7-13.

Many biblical Scholars believe that it implies that God will use the ashes of the old world to make the new earth which will be the eternal resting place for the believers. Isaiah 65:17 talks about how nothing from the old world will be remembered. John also says that the sea will no longer exist, Revelation 21:1.

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